Inzaghi: “The criticisms don’t affect me, Cerci didn’t surprise me, we’re happy to progress”

Filippo Inzaghi during the game against Sassuolo at Stadio San Siro (
Filippo Inzaghi during the game against Sassuolo at Stadio San Siro (

Filippo Inzaghi saw his Milan getting back to winning ways in the Coppa Italia but the coach claims they have to other ways to win they play badly.

After losing to Sassuolo and drawing Torino in Serie A, Milan got their ‘Champions League’ of this season – the Coppa Italia – and managed to get a win despite yet another unconvincing (yet better than recently) performance.

Giampaolo Pazzini scored first, Nicola Sansose equalized through a rather dubious penalty but Nigel De Jong scored in the final moments of the game to win Milan the 2-1 win.

“We deserved to win,” Inzaghi told the Milan Channel at the end of the match yesterday. “It’s hard to react after conceding a penalty like the one they awarded against us. We dealt with it well and found the winning goal. We’re happy to progress but let’s now think about Atalanta.

“The second half against Sassuolo and first half against Torino weren’t up to the standard of our expectations. Big sides have to know how to win even playing badly. When we play well, we win well. Oppositely, if we don’t play well we’re often not able to get a result. It’s not always easy to play well, we have to win in other ways. This is what we have to improve on.

“Pazzini? I know his value. We’re in abundance in attack with Alessio Cerci, Jeremy Menez, Stephan El Shaarawy, Pazzini, Giacomo Bonaventura and M’Baye Niang and I am happy. I hope that we can prepare the match against Atalanta in a relaxed manner and play well and entertain our fans.” 

The team warming up yesterday (
The team warming up yesterday (

Inzaghi also spoke to Rai TV: “We had 16 shots on goal, 13 inside the area, hit the post and hit the bar. And then there was the penalty… I didn’t see us in difficulty. We didn’t suffer in the first half and we scored a goal. They all did well upfront, otherwise they wouldn’t have created so much.

“Against Torino it was hard because of De Sciglio being sent off and Muntari’s yellow card. The squad must get back to how it was before the winter break. I’m more balanced than the opinions that are made in Italy. Every so often the side falls back into its fears. I asked the team to play football & enjoy themselves.

“I know I can rely on Pazzini. I also have Menez in that role, we have lots of options. El Shaarawy ran hard. I try and use the attacking strengths of the side when I can. Menez and Pazzini have different characteristics. Menez has played a lot. I would have liked to have played Pazzini more. If Pazzini gives these kind of performances, I will always keep him in consideration.”

Inzaghi yesterday (
Inzaghi yesterday (

Pippo held a post-match presser: “The penalty was a blow, but the team did well after the penalty and showed character and reacted after 10 difficult days. Against Torino it was a hard match, but in the team’s growth there will also be negative days. I never got ahead of myself and I won’t get down now.

“We now have to recover our energy for Sunday. It’s important to me to have lots of quality in attack. Unfortunately I cannot play all of them and I will have to choose on each occasion who to play. To have all of this choice is definitely an advantage.

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 13:  Simone Missiroli of US Sassuolo Calcio competes for the ball with Giampaolo Pazzini of AC Milan during the TIM Cup match between AC Milan and US Sassuolo Calcio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 13, 2015 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Pazzini and Missiroli of competes for the ball during the Coppa match between Milan and Sassuolo at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 13, 2015. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“The criticisms don’t affect me. It’s disappointing to read fabrications, but we will move forwards. I have always said that to remain at a certain level we must always give our all.  We’ve had a tough week. We weren’t Milan for various reasons which we’ve analyzed. Players are now coming back and I think as of tonight we already saw some important signs.

“This side has always played with character. In 10 men against Torino we showed great character. Today was the Milan that we saw before the winter break. Let’s hope it’s a good sign ahead of the next match. We played 2 months without our international full-backs. Ignazio is a player that when he’s fit is an international. He is back after 2 months out injured and did very well just like the rest of the squad.

“Cerci? He didn’t surprise me. I’ve been asking the club for him since June. The objective was to give him 30 minutes against Torino and play him from the start tonight. I struggled to take him off because I saw he was running well and was doing well. He arrived here with humility and I like this.

“De Sciglio was playing very well and he had a problem again with the sole of his foot. Let’s hope it isn’t anything serious. Muntari’s calf injury? He will have a scan on Wednesday.” 

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what is happening to muntari, the calf injury a cover up for the fine he was supposed to be handed for throwing our shirt to the floor?


After this, he should be sold, never let him wear our colors again… I dont care if anybody is like pele, ronaldo, messi… If you dont respect the club you must go.


Id put him on the market if i could. nobody is bigger than the club.

Pa ibra

Recently haven’t been watching football matches that much but it seems that things havent been happening for milan even against small clubs with small players like genoa and torino. milan should be able to beat those teams with ease but don’t know why they are having problems doing so.

Shams Arafat

I look at inter, Lazio, Napoli, sampdoria, even Torino, sassulo, Genoa playing some serious football. If you watched the last 2/3 matches of inter, you’ll see how they completely dominated. Just show you how a experience coach turns thing around, even with a broken squad. Milan lacks a coach

Hamid Tavakoli

Inzaghi is aware of Pazzini? liar, talking s**t as usual. How many games has he started? blah blah blah. Pippo you were a legend on the pitch (in my top 5 players of all time) but as a coach you are BLIND. Constantly fals9!!! sick of it already. Lets see next match its back to the usual BS with Menez up front and Pazzo on the bench AGAIN!!! So we have a menez who constantly drifts left (leaving no space for El92 to do anything) and no one in the box for anyonw to cross to. Here’s an idea… How… Read more »


it will be interesting to see if he field pazzini in the next match. what do you guys think?

Hamid Tavakoli

I would say there is a 1% chance at best. Problem is Menez has a good goal to game ratio (most of em penalties??) but the team (or I should say the attack – since the defense is already dead) lives and dies by him. EVEN worst like Balotelli he stops El Shaaraway from playing well and developing as he is constantly NOT in the striker role and drifting out wide left. Inzaghi should try Menez out on the wing with Pazzo up front but this wont happen. I don’t think he has the balls to do that. Just like… Read more »


wow. typical milan fans.. pazzini missed 250 open goals then score one, wow we have a new ronaldo, why is he on the bench.

typical milan fans.. galliani sign 250 useless players and pay them 3 millions a year then sign 1 average player, wow we are lucky to have a transfer guru.

Official: Milan have the most stupid fans in the world, and trust me berlusconi knows about it


Inzaghi is the worst coach after allegri in milan history already. All he do is talk and yell and make up excauses just like Allegri. Inzaghi will drag us even further down the grave. His 433 is so disgusting i want to puke, I respect inzaghi as a player, but i NEVER liked him. Even in his last days as player we was like a child, he was 39 years old and act like a 14 years old. I never liked any of his goals, never liked anything about him. He was just a joker for me to laugh at.… Read more »


Off topic,galliani should sign taarabt and sell essein and muntari pronto,inzaghi truly suck,cant read games cant select a starting XL, pippo is just fixated with selfish menez, football is all about team work!!!


I remember when Inzaghi fought with Allegri when he was Milan coach during a primera milan match. What was inzaghi thinking already then? He wanted to take allegri’s job so he could do EXACTLY the same?

Same 433
Same midfield
Same defence error??

When Inzaghi tried to take allegris job i was happy, i thought inzaghi wanted to CHANGE something in milan, wow i was wrong. Inzaghi is copying allegri in every detail, hell with inzaghi


You simply rushed into a job that needs alot of experience. Nesta is studying now.


Torres has great match vs madrid!!!
How stupid inzaghi!