Milan-Destro: Berlusconi gives the go-ahead but Pazzini needs to leave first

Roma's forward Mattia Destro (C) vies with AC Milan's defender from France Philippe Mexes during Serie A football match in Rome's Olympic Stadium on December 20, 2014. AFP PHOTO / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE        (Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)
Destro vies with Mexes during Roma-Milan on December 20, 2014. (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Mattia Destro appears to be a real target of Milan but first they need to sell Giampaolo Pazzini, it’s reported in the Italian press today.

Filippo Inzaghi kept Fernando Torres on the bench in favor of playing Jeremy Menez as a striker but it appears that Pippo wants to bolster his attack with a more traditional number 9 and Mattia Destro of Roma has been identified as the number one target.

Galliani has reportedly already been in contract with Roma’s Sabatini and with Destro’s agent but the deal is far from being completed at this point.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Silvio Berlusconi met with Inzaghi and Galliani yesterday at Milanello and he gave the green light to try to sign Destro on loan with option to buy. It’s worth saying that Berlusconi didn’t make the regular jokes and statements during his visit to the training center on Friday, as he’s angry with the team’s 2-1 defeat to Sassuolo on Tuesday afternoon.

Gazzetta claims that Inzaghi has asked for Destro but the economic condition of the club doesn’t allow them to make a big investment in January so they are trying to get him on loan first. The first offer was a loan with option to buy in exchange for the loan of Pazzini (contract expires in June). Roma, on their part, want a mandatory buy-out clause and are also not 100% convinced by Pazzini, who would like to get a contract for 18 months instead of 6 months if he were to join Roma.

In any case, if Pazzini doesn’t go to Roma, Milan will have to sell Pazzini before moving forward with Destro. The pink newspaper claims that Garcia, who has esteem that hasn’t been translated into a lot of playing time for Destro, doesn’t want to let go of the player before finding an adequate replacement and the Giallorossi are considering to buy Luis Adriano from Shakhtar Donetsk.

GENOA, ITALY - NOVEMBER 18:  Mattia Destro of Italy #22 in action during the International Friendly match between Italy and Albania at Luigi Ferraris on November 18, 2014 in Genoa, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Destro in action during the International Friendly match between Italy and Albania at Luigi Ferraris on November 18, 2014 in Genoa, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“I can confirm that I had a meeting with Roma and Sabatini, but I have not spoken to Galliani,” Destro’s agent Claudio Vigorelli told Sportitalia. “Milan? We’ll talk about it after the derby, but I repeat there are no new developments on that front. Destro will remain at Roma and his rapport with Garcia is excellent.”

Sky meanwhile claims that Milan have offered Roma a loan deal with an optional buy-out clause set at €20 million. The net league games will be decisive to determine Destro’s agent. The saga begins.

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Roma’s not stupid,they will sell Destro cause they can get better,less-limited striker


Destro is a right player for Milan and surely better than Pazzini. We need a player that can score the easy goal, a poacher and he seems as he can do this job


Lol.. 20m for destro… Like 160rm already told, if destro is worth something, Roma wouldnt sell him… They want to improve squad, and destro is not even a starting player for them.. so, we are again picking up scrap from other teams… Just great… invest money for the future… Damn, juve bought zaza and berardi, send them on loan… Two great young talents… And we buy washed up players… That someone other testet, they werent good, so they decides to sell it.. And players which need to get their chance like mastour (too young, but still, last 5 minutes of… Read more »


Except Destro has 23 or 24 goals in 50 appearances for Roma and is young. He isn’t a scrap or washup. He is 23 years old for crying out loud. If we were to sign Klose or Osvaldo you would have a point…

Man I don’t get some people. You want a wash up? Look at Pazzini. Not a guy who scores in nearly half the games he played for Roma. Seems like Destro is more of a proficient scorer than any of our strikers.


I partly agree with you, he is young, has potential… But for 20m Milan can get striker in TOP form… Who is ready to play now, this moment… Not someone who has potential to become TOP striker… Destro would be great buy for 7-8m… Maximum… You understand now what i want to say?
If we had money to spend like some clubs, I would say go ahead, but we would buy him and next fer years he would be exuse for all spending… Look at inter, damn, they got shaquiri for what, 15m? Lol.. what a buy…


I will only be posting under “Giancarlo”, not “GiancarloC”. Except that’s not quite right either. Sorry. He has more than just “potential”. He is in top form but has disagreements with the manager. He is 23 and is the real product right now. We’re not talking about some 19 or 20 year old like Niang who may never live to his so called potential. How do I know he’s the real deal? Look at his stats for Roma. He has scored in half of his games and has a better goal scoring ratio than any of our strikers. Our strikers… Read more »


Yes, that is our problem, and yes, tou are right again, but I still think that 20m is waaay too much money for him… I am open for loan with option to first buy at 15m, so try him, if he really is what you say he is, then buy, otherwise terminate loan and buy someone better :)


Luiz Adriano then. He’s off contract soon. Perhaps people are right he is the better option.


He’s the last thing milan need right now or any other striker for that matter, it’s as obvious as the nose on your face that we need a proper creative midfielder to feed the strikers we already have not another one to stand upfront and feed of ridiculous cross field and long hopeful balls played up by muntari and co, if the only thing we do this January is get de Jong and abati to sign new contracts then it’s better than adding more players for inzagi to play out of position and then wonder why all the sh*t teams… Read more »

Alan Turrel

Buying destro would be good in moving Menes into the left wing or having SES there and moving jack into midfield with monty and de Jong.


Trust me inzaghi just like Allegri will always find a way to play a lumberjack midfield.


Amen brother. People not seeing this is scary, very scary. Its like your car doesnt move and you dont realise a tire is missing, you think its something wrong with the fuelpipes…

ZERO creativity in midfield will always be our issiue with Inzaghi and Galliani, we are back to Allegri


Everybody demands a creative midfielder but we don’t play 4-3-1-2, nor should we. We need a proper striker. And in 4-3-1-2 I remember us being beaten too… All they would have to do is neutralize our creative midfielder. We need new midfielders, like Witsel, Brozovic… Guys who can pass and string players together. Baselli is another option.

And Destro isn’t a wash up at 23. He has scored in half of his appearances for Roma… 23 goals in like 50 appearances.


BTW, why do people bring up Shaqiri and at the same time say “we don’t need any more wingers”! Do you realize what position Shaqiri plays in? He’s not an AMF. And Shaqiri won’t fix Inter’s broken defense.


What milan needs is a creative midfielder like Taarabt, and if pippo fails to get Taarabt and another italian team gets taarabt,milan will rue the day they chose not to him,Tevez is an example,is better to have an attacking team than a defensive,inzaghi should have realized this by now!!!


Taarabt is like 25-27 kg overweight last I heard and doesn’t even train right lol. He’s not a creative midfielder either.


I would rather go straight for Luiz Adriano personally, rather than letting him go to Roma and us getting Destro. Destro is a fine poacher, but I cant see him becoming a truly great striker, L. Adriano has much more drive and skills, Milan needs something more than just a no. 9 who waits in the box for tap ins


We’ve been linked to Luiz Adriano. He’s a solid striker… for sure. I think his contract is expiring too. Could certainly cost a lot less than Destro.


My question is why my ACM always looking for players that struggle to play in their teams. Milan needs to after Bantake with those 20 m .get player who play regular in their teams


I see destro as a good player. I dont know why are you guys complaining. He is not a top striker in top form but we cannot spend 60m for a top striker


I think Milan’s real target is Luiz Adriano. At least i hope so. Destro is a good player but for 20m We should get someone world class. It makes more sense to me for Milan to get L. Adriano. He will be much cheaper, possibly free and he is better in my opinion. But then again we have seen Galliani sign Matri for 12m. And buy over the hill players like Essien and renew horrible players contract like Muntari. So any crazy thing can happen. Galliani doesn’t know how to build a team. He buys foolishly just to get a… Read more »


We cut salaries, and signed great players on free transfer like Menez and Lopez.

Matri… yeah that was a mistake.

Buys foolishly just to get a bargain? Huh?

Alan Turrel

Just saying matri the flop has 6 goals and 5 assists so far this season. A d he doesn’t take genoas pks.


Matri is a horrific striker who would never make it a big team. He failed at Milan and he failed at Fiorentina too.


Out of topic: still haven’t seen any magic from the dead-ball training speacialist we signed,or am i the only one?:0


You guys aren’t following the news that much. The only main reason why Milan are after Destro then Luis Adriano is because he’s Italian. Berlusconi said 3838 time that he wants an Italian team in milan as simple as that. Enough said


That explains Menez, Diego Lopez, Rami, Armero… how many Italian players did we sign last summer? Just one (not counting Agazzi as he never plays lol).

Never say never ;)


milan definitely dont need destro, at least at the moment. they need a box to box midfielder and a left back. if galliani spends 20m then better get khedira, baselli and antonelli or santon. i’m sick and tired of this giancarlo guy. he acts like he knows football better than everyone. pazzini has been given zero chance. if torres can get 9 match with 1 goal why not pazzini??? and pazzini is always scoring in training, friendly etc. his performance wasnt bad either. if our midfield dont provide any ball to final third, how do you expect anyone to score.… Read more »


Pazzini is way past his best. Way over the hill. He has been given chances and just doens’t produce. Pazzini had one good season with us and that was it. We should sign Luiz Adriano if we want to be economical… his contract is almost up.


We need 3 players, and they are: Khedira, coentrao, and pastore (also taarabt if possible), if we can get these players and offload muntari, essien, maybe zapata and pazzini, loan out niang and saponara, Then we can call this transfer window a success. Forza Milan!


Why did people rate my Taarabt comment down? Even Redknapp said he could outrun Taarabt. that guy has a bad attitude and put on at least over 20kg.

Taarabt is a winger too. Don’t need anymore wingers.


Destro is a very good player.


Comment:we need luiz Adriano……brozovic/witsel….nastasic…..coentrao…….rid of muntari..essein…saponara..pazini……
abate nastasic rami coentrao
monty dejong broz/wit/bona
menez/Honda ses/bona


What we really need to do is get rid of as many players as we can… Heck get rid of muntari, zapata, essien, saponara, pazzini, niang, armero, and save up all that money to invest in some real quality players.. Leave enough space on our bench for people like Mastour and other players from our youth club


destro is players better than pazzini. but i don’t think we need him. even pazzini (also torres) doesn’t play much under inzaghi. that means this kind of players doesn’t suit inzaghi scheme. why would we buy another if we won’t use them.