Official: Cerci joins Milan on an 18-month loan deal

Alessio Cerci signing the contract with Milan earlier today
Alessio Cerci signing the contract with Milan earlier today

The contract has been deposited and Alessio Cerci is officially a player of Milan, who can already use him tomorrow against Sassuolo.

Milan have completed the transfer of Cerci on Monday afternoon, as soon as the January mercato opened in Italy.

“All the necessary documentation has been registered and Alessio Cerci is now officially a Milan player. Cerci joins on loan until the 30th of June 2016,” the Rossoneri announced on their website.

At first it was believed that Cerci will only be available for next week’s encounter with Torino but Cerci will in fact be available for selection already for tomorrow’s match, as il Diavolo managed to speed up the bureaucracy. “Milan thanks the FIGC for their promptness in helping to complete the transfer of Cerci from Atletico Madrid as well as the Spanish club for their professionalism and collaboration,” Milan also wrote on their site today.

Cerci, 27, will be wearing the #22 shirt while playing for Milan. It’s believed that Atletico Madrid can sell the Italian international in the summer if they receive an offer (Milan will be able to counter it). The La Liga Champions will keep paying Cerci’s gross salary while Milan will keep paying Torres’.

Torres, who left Milan after just a few months, wrote a thank you post to Milan: “Thank-you for everything. I am sorry to leave like this, but it’s better for everyone. Best of luck from the heart. You are a great group and I am now an extra fan of yours. It’s been a pleasure to play with you. Forza Milan!”

Cerci visited the Milan museum today and already had his first training session with his new mates.

Welcome to Milan, Alessio!

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@least he shaved his beards


Abate-rami-alex (mexes)-mds

A good starting lineup if alle the players play up to the level we know they can preform on!


I agree with you, thats a good line up. too bad inzaghi will NEVER feild that line up as long as poli essien and muntari is there. inzaghi not playing poli? hes having a heart attack already


So by adding Poli to that midfield suddenly makes it a bad line-up? Because of one player? Who is actually good and works hard for the team? Amazing logics!!


I can blind foolded bring you 80 players that promise you and milan to give their all everytime, and work his ass off of the team, lets fill the team with those players. Doesnt matter if the can handle a BALL right? That isnt important, it doesnt matter if poli dont have any football skills what so ever? Just working hard for the team makes room for him? You only have 11 players, you cant afford having a player in the pitch JUST because hes a gentleman, you cant have a player on the pitch JUST because hes a hard… Read more »


Thats the thing, he has good technique, you clearly know nothing about him 🙂 so ill just leave it at that.


Are you describing Poli? Because it seems like you’re describing Mesbah. Mesbah no longer plays with Milan… so maybe you should update your definitions a bit. Poli can pass very well, and he isn’t about scoring. Oh and he defends decently but the best part is he is very good in connecting the midfield to the attack.


Jack can’t play in both directions,so we need to look for that man in midfield who’ll play with Montolivo and De Jong,Brozović could be that man


so we are paying 4 million to having cerci, while the captain of our team earns 2.5 m . something in milan isn right


Inzaghi has played that formation though… without Cerci. Essien only plays if De Jong is out. Muntari no longer players.


We aren’t paying 4 million to having Cerci. And we didn’t pay a transfer fee. So everything balances out just fine.


Welcome Alessio!! Finally you’re a Milan player, love the italian core we are building. I hope he can be a pillar for this team and this adds more depth to our team as Honda will improve with Abate back. Hopefully Cerci will build on his Torino form and become even greater!
Benvenuto e buona Fortuna!

uslar ses

The 4million is torres salary we re paying nd they are paying cerci salary 2million….dat means cerci is earning 2million a year with milan not paying him 4million @sheva…please this is a good news for us Milanistas let’s not cause any confussion…..

——————-Diego Lopez—————-


——- De jong———Monty——

Cerci——— Bonaventura——-SES92——

———– Menez————-


This kind of fans is the reason why berlusconi can mess with us, b&g really thinks all milan fans are stupid.
We are STILL paying 4 million for torres, so basicly we are paying 4 million to having cerci on the team


Muntari in place of jack and jack in place of cerci is much more likely, tho, ii would prefer we lineup as suggested since we’re not playing against a formidable team with all due respect to sasullo


Exactly, finaly a brightheaded guy. They really think inzaghi going to play bonaventura in midfield. Lmao.

Inzaghi thinks every player who is fast and creative is a striker lmao. No wonder midfield selection only defensive hard working players. All other is labled striker for inzaghi


Bonaventura has played many times in midfield this season. Poli isn’t a DMF.


We saw him in midfield against Cagliari, so what else you got? Now with monto healthy he plays de jong and montolivo and then with Poli or Munta as the third midfielder, where is essien muntari and poli the starters? When have they been? Please. I doubt you watch the games, all you have is criticism. Inzaghi is doing an amazing job. And YOU are the one is brainwashed and blinded by your very own ignorance. The progress we are making is evident for everyone with some sense and a footballing brain.


Muntari shouldn’t even be called up. Pure waste of space


Sheva is very correct in his analysis, it would have been better if we’re paying cerci’s 2milliion and athletic is paying torres’s 4million

rosso neri

Well come cercci have a gud lucky

Cuore Rosso

The only reason we were able to make this deal was if we paid Torres Salary since Atletico have a salary roof, I will not complain this is if no one bids for him inte the summer the best think that could happen.

In the summer we almost spent a 10-18 million or whatever it was don’t remember now we loan him under the peak of his career

Im so happy with this deal


Great deal.. Our wings are gonna be deadly..


Bad news:

seems de Jong (30 yrs old) will not renew his contract at milan and we will replace him with Thiago Motta (32 yrs old)…..WHat the %$#&!!!!!!!

Good news is we are in a poll position to sign Destro, 5m for 6 month loan now and 15 m at the end of the season, for a total of 20 m ( overpriced)

also seems Suso will sign a 4 year deal with us at the end of the season for free


Motta’s also good,Suso will be jackpot,15m can be better used than destro


Yeah but if you have been watching Ligue 1 then you would have noticed that Motta is a shadow of his self from last year and age is catching up with him!

If De Jong were to leave, i’d prefer him to leave for free, so that we would have him the whole season. Then in the summer I would buy Gonalons from Olympic Lyon (IF they don’t make the Champions league and we do!) for around 15 m.

So maybe next year our team would look something like this
Abate—Rami–Alex/Mexes/new CB–MDS


Rumors, rumors, rumors. Aside from Suso, none of that is confirmed. Thiago Motta? That’s a rumor.

Destro? Another rumor.


actually, Thiago Motta’s agent conformed talks with Milan, saying “I received many phone calls, including from his former Coaches. Milan are particularly receptive, especially considering their own doubts over the future of Nigel de Jong. I won’t say there is something concrete in this, but there is certainly a lot of interest.”

AC Milan News , a very credible source claimed that the deal could happen.


I’m glad for Suso… That’s a big miss for Liverpool


Quick question to everyone

If you had 25 m to spend on players next season if we got into the Champions league, who would it be?

15 m on Gonalons
8m on Paletta assuming Parma get relegated
2m + Niang Loan on Antonelli
Suso for Free
Schone for Free
Luiz Adriano for free