Report: Milan and Atletico Madrid agree deal over Torres-Cerci swap

Torres takes a shot during the match Milan-Fiorentina on October 26, 2014 at San Siro. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Fernando Torres will leave Milan in January with Alessio Cerci coming on a 18-month loan, the two clubs have agreed, it’s reported.

Milan chased after Cerci in the summer but failed in their pursue with the Italian forward joining Atletico Madrid. However, Alessio hasn’t managed to find success in Spain and is reportedly going to replace at Milan a Spaniard who has failed to make an impact in Italy – Fernando Torres.

The Rossoneri signed Torres on a two-season loan deal from Chelsea but Filippo Inzaghi seems to have lost faith in the striker who produced just one goal until January and the former Liverpool man looks set to return to the place where he became a star – Atletico Madrid.

As reported this evening by Sky Sport Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano, the two clubs have agreed on swapping Cerci and Torres on an 18-month loan deal, which is until Torres’ contract with Milan (and Chelsea) expires.

The final details will be ironed out after the Christmas break and will the personal terms. The Milan Channel also confirmed negotiations are well underway and are at an advanced stage.

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We need a striker. We should get Destro.


de Jong – Monty – Bonaventura
Cerci – Menez – EL92


Abate – Alex – Mexes – MDS
de Jong – Monty – Bonaventura
Cerci – Menez – EL92

I’m excited..


You gotta admit, Galliani is genius at times.


Don’t mention Cerci if he was good At Madrid will never let him go


He didn’t actually get any chances to show that he is good.


According to Cerci will most likely be at Milan for only a 6 month loan spell. Galliani is not a genius at transfers but a genius at temporary solutions. I personally feel Torres was not given a proper chance, Inzaghi would start him one game and then drop him the next three in favour of his bias choice in Menez. That’s not to say Torres should have started every game ahead of him but he deserved a proper chance which imo he didn’t get.


Actually I read the loan will be 18 months, the remaining amount on Torres’ contract


I’ve seen both reports actually unless i misunderstood that we would only have cerci for 6 months and they would keep Torres for the 18 months


Wrong! Cerci is coming for 18 months. Some didn’t read the article.


I read the article I just use other sources to get my news and sometimes they contradict one another


I don’t know what source that is, but Cerci is coming for 18 months if the deal goes through as expected. This is confirmed all over Italian media.


I’m not disagreeing with you lol….


I agree, torres was not given a real chance in Milan. But i think this is good for milan and him.


Who is the only man who will convince Athletico Madrid to agree a Torres-Cerci swap deal?

Galliani is always the best transfer Guru,a real genius.What a Christmas gift?
Grande Zio Fester!!!
IMO,Honda should be sold for €10m and Poli for €8m to make Marco Van Ginkel stay permanently,promote Modic,and then use Niang/Menez as the RW,bring back Petagna.Sell Pazzini,Zapata,Armero ,Albertazzi,Muntari.
New players-Brozovic,Modic,Petagna,Cerci,Vangioni and Dede.


Inzaghi let go if Poli? HAHAHAHA. Inzaghi would let go of half the sqaud but not poli. Same thing was with allegri and flamini, he could turn the team up side down for getting a place for flamini.

And with any other coach than inzaghi buying cerci would mean, cerci taking hondas place, and honda back in midfield where he BELONGS. But we have a allegri 2.0 a.k.a inzaghi that wants poli before honda in midfield so he can continue his zero creativity only run players in midfield.

Best Milan signing would be to see allegri getting sacked once again.


Except Honda isn’t a central midfielder. And Inzaghi isn’t Allegri 2.0. Get real. I remember you. You say the same old things all the time.

Honda is leaving for a month… Honda is an attacking midfielder. LEarn your players please YOu don’t even know the players that play for this team.


And i remember you! Biggest Allegri fan, when seedorf came and started to play entertaining again you were gone, now that allegri 2.0 is hired you are back. I know you are fan of the 3 defenisve midfielder system, a midfield where attacking players are forbidden. 1 Central midfielder AT MOST is welcomed in midfield, but 3 DMF’s is prefered. Just read how brainwashed u are giancarlo. When i say Honda should get back in midfield, ( yes a midfield CAN have attacking players, it no fantasy) you say honda is not a central midfielder. You said it yourself, a… Read more »


Awful, just awful. You think Seeforf was awesome? He was terrible and played with two or DMs. The guy started Bonera, Muntari and Essien.

Honda isn’t a player that can play in a three man midfield. He can play behind two strikers. Your formation is bad… Awful… Imbalanced.

Your car analogy is one of the worst I have ever seen. You don’t have an understanding of what is going in. Inzaghi is playing more exciting football than Seedorf ever managed. It was bad we even hire Seedorf in the first place… What a waste of money.

Max Sim

Agree, I just really don’t think Van Ginkel would agree to stay permanently at Milano. He did point he has the desire to return to Chelsea. It seems to me Chelsea is his that team he dreams on playing for, and I don’t blame him. The way I look at it for example, is as if we were to loan out (this is just an extreme example) MDS to Atletico de Madrid and even if he had a whole lot of respect for all the Atletico de Madrid stands for, his dream is to play for Milan and go back… Read more »


Good move by Milan. This will save us over €12m in salary bonuses (I.e., without considering Cerci’s wages). Torres was always going to be a flop at Milan. He’s way past it. Forza Milan!


I agree that Torres was never really given a chance, his touch always seemed good, he seemed skillful and had pace, when he played bad the whole team was playing badly… However, We were going to sign Cerci for 18 million this summer, we now have him for free.. and even if its only a 6 month loan, you can be sure Galliani will want a buy-out clause, and anyway, its not as if Cerci is a youth who needs playing time, he came to Atletico in the form of his life, and they don’t like him, they won’t suddenly… Read more »


This is actually an amazing deal considering the fact that we bid 15 M € for him 6 months ago. Now we get him for free… He will shine again at Milan!


Now that are some damn good news!! I am looking forward to seeing Cerci with the rossoneri shirt 🙂


I’m glad Cerci is coming to Milan and also that Torres is leaving hopefully for good. I don’t agree that Galliani is a transfer guru, why? because we should have never signed Torres in the first place. Why does he sign players who are out of form, lacking confidence and out of contract? That doesn’t sound like a transfer guru to me. When Galliani can build a team like Athletic Madrid who don’t have a big budget then I will call him great! Until then Galliani is Milan’s biggest problem – Galliani lacks vision Demba Ba was a much better… Read more »


Horrible suggestions. Immobile is terrible and Demba Ba never was a success at Chelsea. The guy is a terrible striker that can’t hit a barn door. I’d rather we just keep playing with a false 9. And how much could we get for Pazzini anyways? Not much at all.

You are wrong about Galliani though. Definitely is a transfer guru. Didn’t pay 15 million for Cerci, but got him on loan later. But you’re not a transfer guru yourself… Demba Ba… that suggestion says it all. Could you get any worse?


The reason my milan is a mess is because of the players high salaries, milan pays the highest saleries in seria a. Why? Because we have genious transfer guru galliani.

He think hes soooo SMART, he signs free agents players and pays them 4 millions a year. Great busniess, only blind brainwashed fans like giancarlo think galliani with his “smart buys” is a transfer guru. What we pay for our deadwood juventus pay for their STARTING LINEUP. Yes very smart galliani, very smart.


Your posts are getting worse and worse! Brainwashed? Who are you to talk? I don’t think you know what is going on. And Milan isn’t your team. You are not even a real fan and all your ideas are horrible.

By the way, the last mercato was a total success. Galliani got many players to leave and made excellent signings like Menez, Alex, and Lopez. Bonaventura was great too and a definite starter for Inzaghi usually in midfield.


Did you read what i said? The amount we pay for our deadwood sitting on the bench is more than juventus pay for the starting eleven that which soon lead them to the 3rd scudetto.

DID you hear that? You just going on with your bla bla bla, galliani is great he got rid of this and that, every year galliani sign 15 crap players, and then he manage to sell 3 of them, then u praise him for being a transfer guru? Your 100% brainwashed!


Each and every post of yours is a mess. It doesn’t make any sense. And no we don’t pay more for our deadwood sitting on the bench, you dunce. Milan pays 94 million in salaries, Juventus 109 million. Learn how to use updated figures.

You exaggerate, you lie and you embarrass yourself with this nonsense. He didn’t manage to sell 3 of them. He cleared out over 20 million in wages this last summer alone. These aren’t made-up numbers. They are facts. You are the one that is brainwashed and you need some sense talked into you.


@giancarloc….Immobile was the leading goal scorer in Serie A last season with Torino scoring 22 goals – no penalties. Demba Ba has scored 16 goals in 19 appearance for Besiktas. So what are you talking about? maybe you should just do everyone a favor and keep quite.


Immobile is not joining Milan and he isn’t doing well in Germany. Demba Ba is 30. What are you talking about? Demba Ba? Besiktas? Who cares what he scores in the Turkish league? They are a terrible league anyways. I can’t believe you are going on about Demba Ba. Do you have any sense? At all?


Yea! He creates terrible problem for Milan and then try to clean it up then he suddenly earn praises of been a guru. Milan is in debts without any big signings but high wage bills to washed up players.


Exactly, only children dont understand this.


Except you two children exaggerate everything… Especially sheva. The wage bill was cut to 94 million during the last summer. Learn the facts.


Muntari, Essien, Poli, Pazzini, Zaccardo is payed 11 Millions per year!! in salary.

They are not even averge players, 11 Million!!! Bonera is earing 1.2 million for making errors.

And you are support Galliani! He splashed 12 million for matri!!! 12 million !!! Then we ask rami to go down 300.000 in salary. What a JOKE for a club. Rami is one of our best defenders and we ask him something like that. he doesnt even earn much, and then we pay essien 3 million!!!

Hell with galliani and fans like you giancarlo, you are destroying milan


Comeon sheva. You are the biggest cry baby i have ever seen on a forum. Grow up and get some faith, Or leave milan and its trustworthy fans alone.


What a whiny crybaby. For one we pay our players 94 million. this is a sharp reduction of nearly 20 million euros.


Cerci was Inzaghi’s first choice for the right wing during the summer but negotiation didnt go as expected. No doubt he would play and i can only pray that this news is true.


He is the perfect RW to cover Honda’s position


Yes, then when its time for a free kick we should let bonera take them.


Do you even know who plays at Milan or who takes free kicks? Goodness you know nothing about Milan!


Please tell me allegri, who is going to take our freekicks?


Tell me mr nasty, do you know who plays at Milan? as far as Allegri, he’s coaching Juventus. Not worth any conversation here.

uslar ses

Anyone that says he don’t want cerci in milan then surely he is not a milan fan…cerci is a strong nd quality player who can settle well in milan style..we lack someone on d right wing,honda is not playing as u winger he is always slow nd can’t even take a shot from distance..cerci is a great signing even though its just for 18months from there on we can make it permanent..forza cerci and forza MILAN

Forza Milan

Anyway you guys want to look at it this is a great deal for Milan we were going to buy him in the summer we got him in January for free so happy
Forza Milan


Abate – Rami- Alex – MDS
De Jong – Montolivo – Jack
Cerci – Menez – SES



Inzaghi playing jack and montolivo at the same time in midfield? HAHAHAHAHA never! for inzaghi monty is a playmaker, so we will either see muntari- de jong- poli or monty- de jong- poli or essien- de jong – monty

Inzaghi lack balls just like allegri to have a attacking midfield


Seedorf always started Muntari, Essien and Bonera. Inzaghi doesn’t you delusional kid. Inzaghi has more balls than that man.


Seeforf played 4231 with 4 attacking players !!! Seedorf was the coach who understood BONERA is not a center back, seedorf was the one you played bonera as RB first, inzaghi needed to play bonera 15 games to realise if bonera is going to play he must play RB.

Inzaghi would never start kaka honda tarabt and balotelli in same game NEVER. Allegri wouldnt either.

Inzaghi= Allegri = no balls


4-2-3-1 never worked and was responsible for some huge losses. And he played Bonera as a CB very often. Inzaghi hardly doesn’t. Inzaghi’s preferred CBs is Alex (just came back from injury), Rami, Zapata and Mexes. Bonera was forced to play as a RB because Abate was injured and so was De Sciglio.

You are brainwashed and delusional. 4-2-3-1 total disaster. No real team plays that. You don’t have any real coherency with that formation. We were just making random passes. And Taarabt and Kaka… two players I never wanted to see at Milan.


It’s not a done deal just yet but it’s looking good. Depending on how the rest if January goes we have continued our really good market from the summer. Has our management finally seen what needs to be done? I think were making steps on the right direction


And now we need a quality defender
Munoz will be good

And one midfielder that can defend and attack

Forza milan


It seems we will still be paying Torres’ salary and atletico will pay cerci’s


MILAN NEED A STRIKER not another winger sigh i mean whats so hard to see about that poli can play in the midfield while bonaventura play in honda’s spot or niang and on top of that whats wrong with taking back lets say pato since some italian teams are interested in him i mean hes a striker cant cost that much still young hey he fits the bill does he not ????????


We need cerci bad. Honda is not a winger and niang can play there but he is also a natural striker. We realy need a good inside forward on the right if we are to play this tactic. Niang is right footed. And so is menez. Eather of em fit the role of an inside forward. Atm we have Pazzini. Menez and niang. 3 strikers. Pazzini will leave before a new one arrive.


If we do pull this off then honestly there is no need to buy anyone else EXCEPT for maybe a young defender or maybe striker (if price is right). Right now we are missing our entire starting defense and our back ups showed they can do fine. We have SES, menez, cerci, niang, honda, and pazzinni in attack. We have bonaventura, poli, monty, dejong, van ginkel, honda, muntari, and essien for midfeild. This should be more than enough if they are used the right way.


Now we need one striker and CB
Striker- Dybala


I would love to have Dybala but I just dont see that happening. Would be too expensive


Milan should get Taarabt and sell migration and eardrum ASAP,gallon is not a genius!!!


Wijnaldum Monty Dejong that’s our mid should be then we r good


Just like some of us rightly said, with d signing of Cerci, we’re very ok, we just need a natural no.9 and if a good defender comes in, it would certainly be a big plus for us.
I indeed envisage a top3 finish, but if I’m not dreaming too much, I feel we have d arsenal to contend for d scudetto.


Guys let’s accept even if menez is playing good…but he is not a true striker . ..we need some natural center forward……looking at dortmunds form….If we do strike a deal for immobile . ….perfect Christmas. ..immobile and cerci are monsters together……cerci – immobile – el92…perfect…….we got to sign van ginkel permanently even if we don’t have a clause….He will leave his injuries behind and become world class for us


Immobile is terrible… he isn’t even a starter at Dortmund… who are near relegation.


i’m so happy that we started our transfer window that greatly. what milan needs to do is extend contracts of both Abate and NDJ, we have to be very careful not to repeat pirlo incident. what we need is N.9 and i think Destro is the perfect candidate. also defence needs serious changes. let Zaccardo, Albertazzi, Zapata, Bonera leave and bring a high profile center-back, there were rumors about Nastasic. also the midfield Muntari, Saponara and Essien should leave and bring Cristante back and a creative midfielder, maybe Bronzovic. our attack is amazing so we’ll need the least changes, just… Read more »


we are getting cerci six months later, for 4M plus bonuses after a failed bid of 15M last summer, basking in which postion? 7th? 9th? Imagine if he had come earlier!


We are two points away from third.


Anyone who is saying the loan is 6 months is wrong. The loan is 18 months. This is reported all over the media including Sportmediaset. Football-italia never said it was 6 months. Some here are making things up as I used to remember to try to stir up trouble. By the way, why do people suggest bad strikers? Immobile? Destro? Come on now. Bad Bad Bad bad. Why don’t we bring back Gilardino lol? Seriously bad suggestions! Somebody actually said Demba Ba… lmao… I’m laughing so hard. That guy is one of the worst strikers… couldn’t hit a barn door.… Read more »

Cuore Rosso

omg im so happy!!!!!!!!!!


It’s a Done deal cerci is coming to Milan…. Great attack sad Torres is leaving wish him the best wooo wooo wooo lolz

Kk Miko

If It’s the old Giancarlo commenting, then I’m so happy, cos we’ve missed real fans and accurate comments like yours.
What a Christmas gift indeed, love reading your comments.


I’m happy we get Cerci, he is younger than Torres, has a speed, good dribbler + passer, and know how to score goals in serie A. He is fit right away in 4-3-3 Inzaghi’s scheme. For those commented bad about Inzaghi, i just dont understand why equalize him with Allegri? Allegri was a lousy coach at Milan, he didnt know what to do under pressure, he was just depended on the players, lack of solution and motivation , and also somehow looked uncreative with strategies. I respected Allegri though, he is humble person, doesnt like conflict and respected by the… Read more »


I think milan should go after zaza just not right now because the team won’t give him up in January maybe in the summer what all you guys think I think he is a good strike that Milan needs


Immobile or destro? Thoughts (or other)


Wel said @Tony, we need quality and young strikers in the person of zaza and Pele of Southampton. We should also go for netasic that would also help our defence alot. Just pray the management think of this.


On a very good day his like the Italian version of Robben. So a good deal for me


Comment: @Angel
at last some has identified a great talent. Winajldum the dutch midfielder.

@Giancarlo I’m actually not with you with ur arguement with Sheva, sheva seems to be a controversial fellow but he got it right this time on Inzaghi and galliani. And you just cant say Immobile is bad when you glance at his stats. Do you complained that he’s not a starter in dortmund? Since when milan started buying starters? Cant recall, you cant either


I’m sorry, but no he’s always wrong. As are you. Sheva doesn’t get any of his facts right and he doesn’t know anything about the wage situation in Milan. And his comments on Inzaghi are borderline delusional. Immobile is a terrible striker. Yep, I’m looking at his stats for Dortmund. He started for a while, but was dropped to the bench. Immobile woudn’t fit into our team anyways… he’s too slow.


The deal is for 18 months but Athletico have the right to sell him after the first 6 nonths of the loan should an offer acceptable arrives. The other term is that Milan will pay for Torres’ salary of 4m while Athletico pay 2.2m for Cerci.


how about us buying Charlie Austin of QPR and Bellarabi of Bayer 04 Leverkusen..??

Hristo Bulgaria

With Cerci, El Shaaravi and Menez will have a great attack. Bonaventura should play to Montolivo and De Jong. If Galliani able to lead Brozovic will ideal.But Cerci has not consented to this transaction. There are rumors that Inter sub-loop water, but AC Milan remain optimistic and confident that Cerci will play in Milan. I strongly hope and become


If cerci arrives. Inzaghi will use the4-3-3
Would look like this
Abate. Rami. Alex. De sciglio
De jong
Monty. Jack
Cerci. Menez. Ses92