Milan drew Roma on Saturday evening at Stadio Olimpico and it was a good point earned with sweat and impressive defensive work. Pablo Armero was sent off during the match and he, along with Nigel De Jong and Mexes, will not be there for Milan in the first 2015 match.

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Bonera actually played quite well, in a match against a good team, in the second match in a row.. what the hell happened to the world.


nothing happened.
Like i said before: Bonera is actually a good RB. however he’s a horrible CB


Diego lopez has earned us the points with his two amazing saves from Gervinho’s shots.

Manwal Harb

Except for the handball at the end of the match which should have been a penalty, bonera was decent. Diego lopez has saved milan’s a** in 2 crucial matches this season


If you think about it.. It’s partly because of De Jong that we were able to secure the 0-0 haha (with the handball that saved us).

General De Jong <3

rosso neri