Report: Torres not in the thoughts of Schalke’s Di Matteo

Fernando Torres warming up (

FERNANDO TORRES has been linked with Schalke but Gianluca Di Marzio has claimed there is nothing real, at least now.

Torres has scored just one goal since making the switch from Chelsea in the summer but his overall performances have been okay and at least he didn’t switch shirts with an opponent on half-time and annoyed his coach, as opposed to the now-Liverpool man that he replaced.

The German ‘Bild’ reported earlier this week that Schalke coach Roberto Di Matteo would like to add Torres, with whom he won the Champions League, to his ranks but as far as the respected Italian transfer market expert Gianluca Di Marzio is concerned, “there don’t appear to be the conditions for a deal.” Di Marzio writes on his site that Torres is not in the thoughts of coach former Chelsea [manager] and the Spanish isn’t considering a move either.

Even if Schalke do want Torres, the deal would be difficult to facilitate as the 30-year-old striker, who earns €4m net a year, is officially on a two-year loan from Chelsea and there are some details in the contract that make it complicated.

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if torres continues this drought i wouldnt mind him leaving to shalke but i think this is until he settles in the squad the same with MdS on the left wing as Abate seems immovable from the right and how Honda needed time to settle in


Torres needs time to settle as Honda did and is now a spark.

Shams Arafat

I think Torres is doing pretty good. Honda has scored so much because of Torres. Torres is always dragging the defenders with him unlike balotelli.

Also I don’t understand why menez doesn’t pass to him. There was quite a few times Torres making runs in open space but menez keep holding to the ball.


Hey only needs time guys chill


Finally some respectful comments on this blog. Torres might not score, but he makes runs which opens up space for the Wingers, which is crucial, keeps them busy. Kind of like benzema opening up space for Ronaldo and Bale. I hope that with time, more acclimatization, and better understanding with his team mates that Nando will find his scoring boots for us! It would certainly be an unstoppable weapon for us!