Albertazzi: “Milan have a good group, Verona battle hard”

Albertazz in Milanello today (

MICHELANGELO ALBERTAZZI spoke about his experiences with Hellas Verona, the difference between the coaches and the environment this season in his debut year in the 1st Milan team.

Milan paid €0.55m to Hellas in the summer to buy out their 50% of Albertazzi but the Italian defender doesn’t appear to be in the plans of Inzaghi and could leave in January. Michelangelo, who is recovering from an injury, will watch his teammates face his former team on Sunday.

“I’m a lot better, I had a bit of inflammation to the Achilles tendon but we took advantage of the international break to cure it. I’ve started to run again and I think I will be back available and working with the team soon,” the youth sector product told the Milan Channel on Tuesday.

“The start of the season? I’m really liking it here, the differences are the spirit and the joy that coach Inzaghi brings which has affected all the players. There are so many great things like the group, the atmosphere and the many player who I already know, like Poli and Bonaventura, and it is nice to have found them again here. Even with the new players I feel good, we are a good group.

“Verona? Hellas are a tough side that follows closely coach Mandorlini. We have to stay composed and careful, and be decisive at every instance because they’re a good side, that knows how to break on the counter. I have good memories of my time at Hellas Verona, the promotion to Serie A and then last season was really great, I learnt a lot. We had two good seasons. Verona gave me a lot of great things, it allowed me to familiarize myself with Serie A where previously I hadn’t played.

“The difference between coach Mandorlini and coach Inzaghi? In some cases they’re similar, both are very focused and determined but Inzaghi is much more attentive to details and there is more dialogue with the players and this is an important aspect in the locker room. Verona are a squad that battles hard and doesn’t give anything away, we have to also outclass them in aspects like desire and determination. [Hellas striker] Luca Toni? He is a great player. To stop him we must not give him room, he takes advantage of all the opportunities that he is granted, so we will have to avoid just that.

“Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi? Hellas Verona have a big following of fans that always sing and they have huge passion which they pass onto the players. The atmosphere will be great but we hope to celebrate [with our fans],” he added.

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