AC Milan 2014/2015: Player salaries chart


FERNANDO TORRES and Philippe Mexes are the highest paid players with €4m, Albertazzi the lowest paid with €0.1m.

Do you know how much your favourite players earn every year? Well now you can know as La Gazzetta dello Sport published today (Monday), like in every year, the club-by-club & player-by-player yearly wages charts and Milan’s is below.

The Rossoneri’s expenditure on salaries is the 3rd highest in Serie A with €94 million set to be spent on wages. Juventus are leading the biggest payers list with €118m to be spent while Roma are in second place with €98m going to wages.

Muntari: “It’s only the start, Milan have to remain humble”
Montolivo: “I feel good, Inzaghi’s enthusiasm impressed me”

Napoli and Inter share the 4th place with their salaries expenditure being €70m according to the pink paper. Fiorentina and Lazio follow with €56 million and €55.1 mil. Serie A teams are going to spend a total of €849 million on wages in this 2014/15 season which is lower than last year’s amount of €912m and far from the sum paid in 2011/12 – €1,100 million.

The wage bill for the 2014-2015 Serie A clubs + the highest paid player in each club (screensho from La Gazzetta dello Sport)

The highest paid player in the league is Daniele De Rossi of Roma with €6.5 million (net) set to go into his pockets this season. Napoli’s Gonzalo Higuain is the second highest paid with a net salary of €5.5m, followed by Juventus’ Carlos Tevez – €4.5 million – and Fiorentina’s Mario Gomez – €4.25 million. The best-paid Milan players are Fernando Torres and Philippe Mexes (who didn’t agree to spread his wages) with a salary of €4m; they’re followed by Riccardo Montolivo: €3.5m.

As for the coaches, Nazionale boss Antonio Conte is the highest-paid tactician in Italy with a salary of €3.65m. Rafa Benitez gets €3.5m from Napoli, Walter Mazzarri gets €3.3m from Inter, Rudi Garcia gets €2.8m from Roma and Massimiliano Allegri gets €2.4 million from Juventus. Milan boss Filippo Inzaghi is well behind these figures and his salary is €1.5 mil.

Milan, who have 27 players in the squad this season, put it a goal to lower the expenditure on salaries and they managed to do it as last season the total amount was €105 million while in 2011/12 it was €160 million that were spent on wages.

Player NamePositionAgeYearly wages (€)Contract running until
Fernando TorresForward304,000,0002016
Philippe MexesDefender324,000,0002015
Riccardo MontolivoMidfielder293,500,0002016
Nigel De JongMidfielder293,500,0002015
Diego LopezGoalkeeper322,500,0002018
Alex da CostaDefender322,500,0002016
Keisuke HondaForward282,500,0002017
Sulley MuntariMidfielder302,500,0002016
Michael EssienMidfielder312,500,0002015
Giampaolo PazziniForward302,500,0002015
Stephan El ShaarawyForward212,400,0002018
Jeremy MenezForward272,400,0002017
Adil RamiDefender282,000,0002017
Ignazio AbateDefender271,800,0002015
Cristian ZapataDefender271,600,0002016
Marco Van GinkelMidfielder211,500,0002015
Andrea PoliMidfielder241,500,0002018
Pablo ArmeroDefender271,500,0002015
Mattia De SciglioDefender211,500,0002018
Daniele BoneraDefender331,200,0002015
Giacomo BonaventuraMidfielder251,000,0002019
Christian AbbiatiGoalkeeper371,000,0002015
Cristian ZaccardoDefender32900,0002016
M'Baye NiangForward19800,0002017
Michael AgazziGoalkeeper30700,0002017
Riccardo SaponaraMidfielder22600,0002017
Michelangelo AlbertazziDefender23100,0002016
Filippo InzaghiCoach411,500,0002016
How much the Serie A clubs have spent on players’ salaries since 2007 (in millions of euros) (screenshot from GdS)
The number of players each Serie A team has this season (screenshot from GdS)
Serie A salaries 2014-15
The salaries of all the players in Serie A 2014-2015 – click to enlarge (screenshot from GdS)
The salaries of all the coaches in Serie A 2014-2015 (screenshot from GdS)
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Cant believe that a non starter has the highest salary…


100k for albertazzi is just cruel


I would gladly take that 100k


is albertazzi any good?


We need to get rid of Mexes Essien Pazzini Montolivo and even Alex (after the season) and keep rebuilding the squad buy back Cristante we have a buy back clause and 2 CB Martins Indi Umtiti Doria 2 of them


We have a buy back clause? Really? For how much?? Hmhm…


i Heard that rui costa said so he works for Benfica i dont know how much


Why so many downing my comment? we need a new defence and Midfield keep rebuilding the squad i want to get rid of players with high wages and rebuild with talented players are you so foolish that you are actually happy to keep some of these players?? unbelievable you are getting sick of the Uncle Fester flu it seems


I think you are being downvoted because there is no buy back clause for Christante,

and also because you want to buy Bruno Martins Indi, he is s*** (i`m Dutch, but he sucks.)

and Doria will never arrive after the Seedorf saga.

You make a good point though, a lot of the players earn (way) too much.


because Doria and martins Indi are not good enough. Did you see them play???

Marseille coach is furious that they bought Doria!!!

And martins Indi, pffff…


why do you guys complain so much about a player that when given the chance failed to prove himself, yes cristante is a talent but he hasnt come into himself yet, and tbh i do not think hes all that great hachim mastour is far more talented in my opinion, lets worry about the squad we have and stop worrying about buying back cristante, jeez!


exactly. totally agree with u jason! cristante is gone! why do we need a player who doesnt want to stay at milan!
he is not even an accomplished player!.

He is not gonna be a great player! i bet


4 clubs have a squad wich is more in value but milan ispaying more money on players then all of them.. milan should not be a place where players can easly get contact with so high salary.. i prefer to get the next years no trophy at all but build a team for the future.. for me beeing milan supporter is not becouse of glory or fame..but something i like to believe in.. and this way how the old run the club makes it so difficult to believe in this vision of milan..just holding on the past and beeing afraid… Read more »


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Alex is the best Defender we have this season, can’t you see how he saves alot of balls with his great baldee head?


if u read my comment then i said that we should get rid of him after this season because he is getting old and is declining


Mexes and Essien get 6,5 for sitting on the bench. Plus, I don’t really like Pazzini, Zaccardo and Albertazzi. So by getting rid of these quintet will get 9,9m less to pay to player to use it in next 2 transfer windows. We still have like 18m from this summers sales. We need to use the money to buy young, talented striker similar to Destro, El Haddadi and Zaza, because of the void left by Cristante’s departure we’ll need to buy Van Ginkel or maybe Rabiot. As Bonera will retire Buying Laporte or Nastasic will be wise they can play… Read more »


albertazzi has a spirit of sacrifice, he play by his heart


It is of course good (and it should be mandatory) that a player gives his all, but a certain level of talent is required.

Albertazzi is pretty bad and he is already 23, so it`s not like he is a youngster anymore. He should be sold imo.


Wow, saponara earns 600,000 a year. He’s worth more in my opinion. They should let him play more.

He scored 2 goals in the last practice match. He’s improving at a great rate


Sapo has never proved himself on the field consistently enough to earn more.

Besides if you look at some of the players of the other teams, almost all of our players simply get overpaid.

De only player who deserves a raise is De Sciglio imo.


Thank God Mexes,Essien,Pazzini’s contracts will expire after the current season.ALAS!,they are s***s,we need to replace Pazzini with Petagna or Zaza,replace Mexes as well with Dede IMO,and then renew that of NDJ,Abate.Sell Montolivo and buy Baselli.
Oh my God,Albertazzi earns hundred thousand a year!???hahahahahahahaha,what a s*** player.
Free agents Lord Bonera and Grand Pa Abiatti(respect) should be replaced by Darmian and Scuffet respectively.


Off Topic:
Gazetta reports that Inzaghi called Galliani after the in-house training match last weekend and talked about Jack Bonaventura,”What a great player,we ‘ve got a great champion”.Those are the words of Pippo to Mister Option To Buy(Galliani).
Could Jack be an Italian Kakà!????


He should not judge him so quickly but sure he is a great player that every team needs he can play almost everywhere in midfield


There’s still a lot of work to do in terms of improving economically in the salary departement. Mexes being one of the more obvious equations. Off-topic but my thoughts are with Isaac Akuetteh and his family after he’s been hit by a train. As a supporter of Milan for appro. 16 years I’ve for a long period of time enjoyed being a regular observer of our youth team and I spotted Isaac last year when he scored 21 goals in 17 games if I remember correctly. Hope his dream of breaking into the first team, which were many other people’s… Read more »

Ross Oneri

AC Milan should be embarrassed to have a player earning 100K a year, that is so unfair and cruel. Mexes must go.


what!!! This salaries for this craps expectially mexes just can’t believe it!!!


just wishing milan can get back cristante and possibly Aubamayang…just wishing


Essien & Pazzini gain more than El Shaarawy??

Milan fan

Essian,Mexes,Armero,Alex,Muntari must leave next year.

Simon P

Plz galliani get rid of players sitting on the bench and get high pay in January e.g, Essien, Mexes, Abbiatti and Zaccardo.
El- sharawry, De sciglio and saponara need more money


I wondered how some people say Milan should get rid of Alex and montolivo and…
a team that all players are young have no different with a primavera side
we need experience in squad
we won 2 championleague with experienceed players
of course we need young but 3 or4 young at same time in lineup is enough
an in defense we need experience in higher levels


Off topic pls let go of cristante he his gone for good so we focus on wat we have not wat we dream, we have bona nd ginkel to feel the space so forget about him cos even if you talk from now till next year he will not come bck to milan


Finallyyy..bonera will leave after dis seasoonnnn…
And essien and pazzini is too overpaiddď…

Pa ibra

why are they earning more than our actual players

Pa ibra

swap el sharaawy’s wages with mexes’s. and de sciglio’s with essien’s.

Pa ibra

poor albertazzi!


Jeez you’re right. Mexes earns 100k+ per week and Essien earns 90k+ per week. WTF. Lol, do they own shares in milan or what?Milan should get rid of them ASAP.


The only wages i have issue with are essien and mexes. Neither contribute, and due to age their value and performances will drop. I’ll be glad when they leave. Alex is an important first team player so deserves his wages. Im surprised about Saponara though. I think he needs to be loaned out to get some games.


@AP I think that Saponara will get his chance this season. he would be a good trequatista. I ve watched some of his matches when he was at empoli. He has great potential. Under the right guidance he could become world class.


And what’s this about buying Munir El Haddadi. Like that’s ever gonna happen. We should get Deulofeu.


Mexes should be sold in January,i believe we can sell him for €7m,Essien should be sacked,Pazzini is going next year,my Petagna will return….am so suprised to see El Shaarawy chose to stay with us this season,he could earn double if he leaves for England am scared that he would leave in January,bt his love for Milan is strong. Admin pls dnt delete this am not trying to spam you,but Like AC Milan Fans Africa page on Facebook


Essien and Mexes won’t be there for long guys


How does this compare to Europe’s top teams??? 90m is expensive for this team, at least they didn’t spend a lot assembling it. What was Milan’s income last year? Didn’t they make like $58m from the Champions League last season?


Pogba earning 1.8 while Muntari earns 2.5 is exactly what’s wrong with Milan’s free policy. we keep on paying too much to average or mediocre players that they will not transfer out.


This is really good development and achievement. The strategy is to reduce the wages and remain competitive . This has been achieve in the new season. Kudos to Galliani. I hope Barbara will get us more money from commercials, marketing, marchandising etc. The future is slowly but surely been reshaped. Mexes salary is high because he came free so no transfer fees was paid. Same for Essien. As for Albertazzi, i believe he signed the contract, so no one can say it is cruel.Cristante is no longer a Milan player, so let it be with buy-back clause or not. Milan… Read more »


bonera gets 1.18 million more than he should

big icon

When Mexes who was a long time admirer for Milan, was @ his last season in Roma, he could have extended his contract with them for Milan 2 buy him around 10 to 12M euros with a wage of 2.5 to 3M euros. But he chose d option which suits uncle fester too since Nesta was close 2 retiring. Then the FFP stuff came in. So Mexes is a rather lucky person on this issue rather than bashing him. With our inconsistency & constant chain of injuries I dont mind d players like Essien, Torres who live on past glory… Read more »