Torres to Milan, the digits: Free transfer, salary is €4m a year

Part of the front page of La Gazzetta dello Sport today (screenshot)

FERNANDO TORRES will have an option for a third year in his contract, he will earn €4m + bonuses; medical check-ups set for Saturday.

Torres will land at the Linate airport at 12:00 CET today. He will then travel to the La Madonnina clinic to have the first part of the medicals, before going to Milanello for the second part. He will off course not be called-up for the Lazio match but could debut against either Parma or Juventus.

Milan had been looking for a striker to replace Mario Balotelli and negotiations for Torres were not easy. However, things were resolved and the Spaniard will (most likely) wear the #9 red and black jersey for the next two to three seasons. El Nino joins the Rossoneri on a two-year loan deal but it’s basically a permanent transfer and according to the Italian press (highlighted by La Gazzetta dello Sport today), Milan won’t pay Chelsea anything for taking Torres from them.

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Torres’ contract at Chelsea expires in 2016 but they agreed with Milan to call it a ‘two-year loan’ so Chelsea won’t have to record a capital loss, allowing them to write off the cost of the operation that brought Torres to them in January 2011 for €58.5 million. So it’s officially a loan just for tax purposes. Torres, who gave up on his request for severance package (Chelsea refused to pay him), has a deal worth around €7 mil net per season at Chelsea but he’ll be earning less at Milan.

The 30-year-old wanted the same salary he gets at Chelsea from Milan but it’s been agreed that Torres will receive €4 million net per season with bonuses related to Champions League qualifications and goals scored. The former Liverpool man has already been paid by Chelsea for July and August (~ €1.5m) and so if Torres gets the bonuses, he’ll basically be paid the entire salary (€7m) for the 2014/15 season with money entering to his pockets from both Chelsea and Milan.

It’s also been agreed that Torres’ agents will meet Milan in January 2016 to discuss a third year – he will become a free agent in June 2016 and the Diavolo will have an option to sign him for another season. Torres to Milan, the official is close.


  1. Would still have prefered Soldado to Torres I hope this is not our Mr X, I still expect one great signing @least even if its Taarabt…

  2. Torres can do better than balo under mr.inzaghi.. inzhagi has got player that has similar type with him.. Forza Indonesia Milanisti.

  3. Ronaldo, Essien, Emerson, Ronaldinho, Torres… When are we going to start signing great players when they’re still in their prime again? Anyway, welcome aboard Fernando.

    • couldnt agree with you more, how is torres an improvement over balo?? hes past his best and was only a 2-3 season wonder. I think selling balo was a mistake because he was still young and would have improved. Torres took this option because no other club would give him 4 million wages.

  4. Say want you want about Galliani but his knack for getting free transfers for players with contracts is outstanding

  5. Torres is still prolific, he just needs more playing time. He is the type of #9 Milan need. A good transfer ! Forza MILAN !

  6. I start to believe that Milan are going to sign Messi, CR7, Falcao or Diego Costa when they are about 30-35 y.o. ROTFL

    • A player who left 1 year in his contract, dont want to renew and have a 4 million market price. CLAP CLAP

  7. He’s better than Pazzini and if we replace Pazzini with either 1 of these J.Martinez/Destro/G.Rossi (Alcacer and El Haddadi last options), sign Taarabt and decide to use him as a midfielder or as a winger and buy either right winger or midfielder depending on his answer. If winger I would prefer Costa and I hope he’s Mister X, but if not as a midfielder I would prefer Rabiot. Well if we sign players for this position and sell 8 useless players we will be strong like we used to. FORZA MILAN!!!

  8. For whom saying that we didn’t do well this transfer market I am seeing the bright side of the new seven signing in the Primivera .. two of them are highly rated (same as mastour ).. if any of them did well they can be promoted to the first team similar to Mastour .. by this you pay less money and create a sustainable project.. and by the hiring of the new head of scouts in south America we can build a project but we need to wait a bit .. Forza Milan waiting for Glory to come back..

  9. The fact he cost us nothing in transfer fees and he’s arguably better than any striker we have at the moment I suppose it’s a good enough deal on paper so fingers crossed he can recapture he’s form and confidence which he has a real chance of doing concidering seria a is less physical and defiantly slower than the premier league cause he’s lost he’s lightning pace due to injurys he picked up such as knee and hamstring while coming to the end of his Liverpool career, he also must be relieved to have the Chelsea nightmare behind him and start afresh in not only a new club but country, I for one was very critical of him coming to us but he’s a rossoneri now so let’s get behind him and who knows maybe he’ll become the deadly striker we know he can be,

  10. Not a bad deal. I mean,we got him for free,right? So whoever wants to moan or whine about that should hold his breath for approximately 3mins. Yes,you won’t be missed.

  11. I wonder what’s goin on with Douglas Costa, rumours calmed maybe that’s a sign and since we are doing loans this mercato why didn’t Galliani enter in race for Song, he would’ve been heck of a reinforcement instead of signing Dzemaili…

  12. All we can do is welcome him aboard and hope that he somehow comes back to his Liverpool form. 30 is not old, and hopefully he can do great under Pippo.
    I don’t want Van Ginkel, why should we go after him?
    And why should anyone of Sapo or Cristante be sacrificed for him so he can join on a loan without buy-out-clause, this management is so wasted. How is Essien still with us?
    How is Zacca still with us? Where is our “blockbuster” signing? Not happy with this transfer market.
    @Hasowayne, if you see this, i’ve been busy, but yeah haha I was actually holding my breath until the end of this mercato, but I guess whoever joins now wont be up to par… lol.

    • Seen bro… looool…. And you’re right, 30 is not old. I’m 30 looking 19 and I score Ibra branded goals.. lool.. Let’s hope El Nino surprises himself and the whole world, he’s actually got everything, but I think he lost his confidence at Chelsea. Let’s see how he does at Milan and hon3stly, I don’t feel the way I felt about Matri with Torres, not sure why, the Matri signing really disgusted me especially considering the fact that we signed him from Juventus for 12 Million, that was like a HOT slap in the face of Galliani. As for Essien, how he got to stay still beats my imagination, he had offers but Milan actually gave him an option to stay or leave, I don’t know how that happened??? As for Zac, I am totally confused, but you know, I think it’s normal now that we always have that one or two players on the team that everyone wants out but they are there because they chose not to leave.. I remember a particular Jamel Mesbah.. lool, that guy was a clown. I will rate this transfer window 5/10 if we are able to get Taraabt. Like I said before, I am a realistic fan now, no more expectations of some big signings, if Adil Rami had to pay 500,000 for his own transfer, then it says it all… One love bro, enjoy your weekend. I hope it’s a win against Lazio tomorrow, a good start to the season really lifts the spirit. Adios mahn…!

  13. Milan will rise again someday, i’m still happy with the transfer tho, I just hope Torres should always be @ his best and help Milan grow again

  14. Someone said on our facebook page-MILAN FANS,that ”Berlusconi should sell the club to Adil Rami,who is a real Milanista and can complete the purchase of players”.Hahahahahahahahaha.I have another name for this man,No more BerluSCONI,but BerluSTINGY.Hahahahahaha.Welcome El Nino#9.

  15. I have a question… Since we got Torres for free (same salary as Balo), we still got the Balotelli cash and without the salary of Kaka and Robinho I assume that we have minimum 30 M Euro, if not 40-45 M Euro if all the dead weight sales/loans are included… Why can’t we get Cerci??????????!!!!!!

    I don’t want Biabiany or this Suso guy or another nobody when I KNOW we got cash!!!! Cerci is needed with a creative midfielder (Grenier maybe)!!! 2 days left Galliani, work your magic and I will say that this was a great Marceto and you are a genius!

  16. another free loader who has his retirement secured thanks to milan. No club in the world would pay a flop like torres 4 million in wages except milan. But then again we still pay the likes of bonera and zaccardo, essien and agazzi so i guess its ok. My prediction: Milan will sign cristiano and messi when they are 34-35. Then we will all hope for them to play like they were in there prime and be glad that they came for free.

  17. An old Torres in Milan from Chelsea? It used to be the other way round!! If you think Galliani did well on this then you have a problem with your memory. It didn’t work with Kaka last season, Essien in January, Ronaldo and Emerson!! Ronaldinho and Robinho. I have my doubts over this transfer but I welcome him to Milan



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