Taarabt: “I will always support Milan, I hope to return”

Nigel De Jong and Adel Taarabt celebrating (@acmilan.com)

ADEL TAARABT has made it very clear that he would like to wear the Milan shirt next season.

Milan will complete the signing of Fernando Torres tomorrow and Adel Taarabt was the alternative. Taarabt joined the Rossoneri on loan from QPR in January 2014 but Milan didn’t use their buy-out option on the player, who still dreams of returning to wearing red and black.

“I love Milan, and I was really happy there. I hope to return as long as there is a chance of it happening,” Taarabt, 25-years-old, told Sky Sport Italia on Friday evening. “I will always support Milan even if the transfer doesn’t happen. I hope that Milan can return where they belong: playing and maybe winning Champions League.

Torres to Milan confirmed, medical check-ups tomorrow
Cristante or Saponara to leave if Van Ginkel joins Milan?

According to Sky Italia, the words of Taarabt did not go unappreciated at Aldo Rossi 8 and Gianluca Di Marzio claims that it might be possible for Taarabt to join on loan on the last day of the market. The player has rejected all other proposals. Di Marzio also claims that Milan are also still considering a move for Jonathan Biabiany and could offer Cristian Zaccardo + money to Parma. Inter are also interested in the 26-year-old Frenchman. It’s clear Alessio Cerci of Torino isn’t an option.

Meanwhile, Sky suggests that Maxime Lestienne, is now ready to join Genoa on loan with a buy-out option set at €20m. It’s also reported that Empoli are close to signing Zielinski on loan and that might rule out a move for Riccardo Saponara.

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If we can only sign more players that have Milan in their hearts and not dead weights or players that only want money…. Hope to see taarabt making a permanent move to Milan one day. Forza Milan!!



Some Guy

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes get him now. He was IMO more effective than Balo last term, and he really lifts the spirits up of the players when he’s on the pitch. We need a player who can drive the attack, and someone who’s not afraid to dribble past players, and he didn’t do too bad defensively last season either, which shows he truly cares for the club. Maybe if we do get him we could play him as a center-mid, next to Nigel and Cristante (Monto, when he returns) so that Honda/Menez can take up the RW… Read more »



Diego Lopez (free) De Sciglo (Free/Youth) Alex (Free) Mexes (Free) Armero (loan) De Jong (3.5mil) Essien (free) Honda (free) Menez (Free) Torres (free) El Sharaawy (10mil)


Comon, Tarabt… Galliani doesn’t want u to just support Milan, he wants u to talk to ur club to let u go for free and then u pay from ur pocket in order to agree personal terms…
Anyways, welcome El Nino!


People say the CL is Milan’s DNA but I partially disagree because it’s an incomplete statement. Herbert Kilpin, founder of Milan said in 1899: “We are a team of devils. Our colors are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents”. Inducing fear in our opponents is our DNA. And in my opinion Taarabt fits in that category. Defenders FEAR his skills and confidence with the ball. Just sign him Galliani.. he made a lot of sacrifices when playing with Milan (he was all over the pitch: defending when no defender was around. Making the runs for… Read more »


If anyone, bring back Taarabt, forget about Biabiany, Taarabt isn’t the fastest but he’s smarter than Biabiany who mainly uses his speed… Still can’t believe we didn’t buy anyone, didnt spend 15-20 million on that “blockbuster” star player… Well I welcome Torres and wish him the best of luck, somehow I feel that this might be what Torres needs to be good again, perhaps not Liverpool good but close to his old self, I dont know, it’s just a feeling. And please just sell Zaccardo. These player swap deals are another reason why we never get rid of our dead… Read more »


What is better than having a player who loves a club? Taarabt’s heart is with us please Galliani make this happen and i will celebrate like it’s my birthday


if we sign Taarabt, either 1 of these strikers- J.Martinez/Falcao/Destro/G.Rossi/Alcacer/El Haddadi, young and talented midfielder similar to Rabiot or Van Ginkel(also possible to use Taarabt as a central midfielder and buy Costa or Cerci on the right wing), Doria and sell 8 players including: Pazzini, Mexes, Zaccardo, Essien, Agazzi, Albertazzi, Bonera, Muntari plus the players we have on loan: Nocerino, Robinho, Birsa and Matri; if all this happens i think we will return being one of the most powerful teams in Europe. FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


pipe dream.


a player who played his heart out every game, who gave his all and was a candidate to last season’s top player, i wouldn’t mind him over cerci as long as we keep an eye on rabiot before roma take him aswell :/


He was one of the 5 players that deserve it to wear the ac milan jersey last season,
rami, tarrab, balotelli, el sharrawy, de jong.
and they have got menz and now torres but not tarrab, galliani drives me crazy… he is relly god to fuck things up… and take milan 10 steps back… every summer


Just sign taarabt and dzemaili
and sell zaccardo, mexes and agazzi


not Dzemaili, sign Rabiot and Taarabt, spend some damn money! they could bring those two and still won’t spend the 20 million they received in Balo’s transfer. Or sign just Rabiot, if they think Menez and Saponara can fill the RW position.


If signing Biabiany would result to getting rid of Zaccardo this summer then i’m all for it.Having SES,Niang,Biabiany,Armero and Abate on the wings will be deadly and will destroy any defence.I hope Inzaghi attacks through the middle and the flanks as well.We need a creative midfielder for attacking through the middle as we have Muntari who can shoot from any angle,Oh i miss Balotelli’s goal Vs Bologna from 35 yards last season.
I don’t mind having Taarabt any way.


taarabt has to return back, last season he showed he loves playing in milan, he has the talent and also the passion and sacrifice we currently need.


All those claiming to have a magical feeling that Torres will do well its called hope, and we all are hoping too. Realistically, its a long shot anyway so let’s just do what we know how to which is loan taarabt again because you aren’t getting him for free


Taarabt has proved himself that he can excel in Red & Black jersey. If Galliani can get him and biabiany and with Torres coming I think we are good to go. Two days to go let see what Galliani can come up with. Forza Milan


Taraabt is a very good player who wants Milan and comes very cheap. Sounds like a good buy to me. But also, if getting biabiany means getting rid of zaccardo, now that’s tempting


tell the president to sign him !!! we need taarabt !!!


i feel you


we actually have a good squad I’f pipo give chrisante, saponara and mastour lots of playing time these young plyers r all talentd, pipo should real learn a thing frm klope who puts hes faith in young players n often doesnt disapoint