Milan set deadline for Torres, Van Ginkel: Saturday at noon


MILAN WILL know whether Fernando Torres and Marco Van Ginkel join them from Chelsea by Saturday at 12:00 CET.

The Serie A season starts in two days for the Rossoneri with a San Siro game against Lazio but Adriano Galliani and Filippo Inzaghi are still looking to reinforce the squad and it’s clear that a striker and a midfielder are the top requirements.

Milan sold Mario Balotelli to Liverpool for €20 million and it is well known that the number one target to replace him is Chelsea’s Fernando Torres and yesterday the Diavolo had a meeting with his agents and the sides moved closer.

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Torres closer: Permanent deal, positive meeting with his agent

Adriano Galliani and Umberto Gandini had an encounter with the agent of Torres, Margarita Garay, his Italian representative Gabriele Giuffrida and his spokesman Antonio Sanz in the Principe di Savoia hotel in Milano and it appears that Torres has agreed to join Milan. According to Sky Italia, there is an agreement in principle between the sides over a three-year deal.

Sky and La Gazzetta dello Sport have some differences in their reports: the television channel claims Milan and Torres have agreed on a permanent three-year deal with €3.5m net per season while today’s edition of the newspaper suggests that it would be a two-year loan with an option for a third year, with the salary being €4m net. In any case, all sides agree that Torres, whose contract with The Blues expire in 2016, would basically join Milan on a free transfer in he arrived.

The story in today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Today the agents of Torres will meet Chelsea to discuss the severance package and there could be problems. According to Sky and Gazzetta, the Premier League side is not willing to give Torres a severance pay because they are essentially giving him away for free. The pink paper believes Torres’ demand is €7m while Sky reported yesterday that it’s closer to €4 mil.

Gazzetta reports that Roma are also interested in Torres so that could be another problem. Torres has given his availability to Milan but now the ball is at Chelsea’s court. They will have to negotiate a deal with his agents regarding the package. It’s stated in several places that Milan have told Chelsea and Torres that they have until Saturday at 12:00 CET to give the Rossoneri the final answer. Milan are keen to sign the 30-year-old striker but also have alternatives in the form of Jonathan Biabiany, the winger of Parma also attracted the interest of Inter, and Fulham’s 26-year-old striker Konstantinos Mitroglou.

As for Van Ginkel, the player is still deciding: his ‘no’ to Milan is not definitive and like Torres, he’d have to give Milan an answer until the noon of Saturday. Yesterday Adriano Galliani and Jose Mourinho spoke on the phone and according to La Gazzetta, Galliani has offered Chelsea and the player the following deal: if the Dutchman plays more than 20 games, Milan would pay €0.5m for the loan but if he plays less than 20 games, Milan would pay €1m for the loan (there’s no buy-out).

This deal is meant to motivate the 21-year-old to accept the deal as Galliani virtually promises space to the youngster. It remains to be seen whether this will convince Marco to accept the move as he seems more interested in staying there.

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In all fairness, i prefer more space to be given to Cristante, rather than a youngster that will not have a future in our club


Especially since he doesn’t even want to come to Milan. With that kind of attitude and no buy out clause, what’s the point?


Well said. Cristante should be a starter. He is physically strong, calm on the ball, and has an excellent passing range+an eye for goal as we saw last season.

It hurts to say, but if this wasn’t Italy, Cristante would definitely be a regular for Milan. I mean what more can we ask for? He is both young and capable and a product of our academy! Why can’t we rely on youth, I don’t understand.


Plus this youngster thinks he is bigger than milan, rejecting a loan offer. Who does he think he is? 1 good year in Eredivision and he got this ego. Give Cristante time to shine!


sorry mate… But any ambitious player will reject Milan… Dont be biased because u are a fan. look at the trend. the club is fallin. we used to sell 70,000 tickets preseason and now we are strugglin to sell 15000. this summer milan have been all over the place. galliani said let kaka go and we will sign this, let robinho go and we will sign this. let balo go and we will sign this. at the end, here we are


Look at the situation in chelsea for Van Ginkel. He is the 5 or 6 choice in their midfield. Matic, Fabregas, Ramirez, Obi Mikel are all better and closer to the best 11, than him. Any ambitious player would like to play as much as possible. I can’t see that happening for him in Chelsea + they want to loan him out. And Milan have never sold 70 000 season tickets. When we where on top we sold like 40-50 000. The fans are almost like the team, they only show up on the big occasions like CL or Derby’s… Read more »


taking on van ginkel with no option to buy is a waste…we have plenty of our own youngsters that can use the playing time instead

find out if any of them are worth keeping around


Even if there is a buy-out option you know what will happen ? WE will never pay 10-20 m for ‘talented’ player like him… Sadly we might offer to Chelsea 2 m + zaccardo and they will rejcet us and then if player has his heart set on milan will pay by himself to stay and we will be happy to have quality player , or he will be gone and we will end up with world-class (essien) of course managed on free… And last thing : SIGN TARRABT for god sake for 3 M at least take him as… Read more »


Torres is certainly an upgrade, and I know He would play out his heart just to prove a point to his critics.
The Van Ginkel deal will also be an upgrade, but we have De Jong… IMO I feel a creative midfield maestro who can give accurate passes to our strikers is what we need, and I forsee a tremendous season… Who says the scudetto is unattainable?

#Offtopic anyways: kudos to Alegri for his trademark(Pirlo’s injury), I bet, Tevez is next… Vidal better runs to Man U.

Some Guy

Let Roma have Torres, then snatch up Destro, as he’d likely want playing time. Then we could maybe possibly get Cerci quickly, as he wants to leave Torino, but stay in Italy, and on deadline day snatch Taarabt up for free, as he also wants to leave QPR, and QPR want to let him go. I know its very hopeful thinking, but this is when Galliani makes his best deals, the last few days. Plus, at this point being a Milanista, hope is really all we’ve got.


This is to show how low milan has fallen with players thinking whether to say yes or no. That is an insult on Milan’s legacy.

Kwabena Adu


Unamused Observer

Pathetic? What’s so pathetic about Milan setting a deadline for Torres & Ginkel to make up their minds? Plus you think its easy to go grab whatever world class player particularly when the owner is unwilling to spend?

Milan fan

“Some guy” Yeah let Roma get Torres,but you’re forgetting one small thing,Destro will cost 20-25 mil. Torres will be free.


Torres will not be free. Until his contract expires Milan will have to pay a loan fee + salary. Torres wants 8m a year, which is ridiculas, Milan wants to offer 4. Which is also ridiculas. There are soo many better&younger options out for same price or lower.


Why do you care who is free and who’s not? Are you helping Galliani with financials?

For God sake now Milan fans are becoming cheap…

Destro is younger better and ofcourse he is not cheap but we need him…Torres can compete with Pazzini


Are you struggling with your reading abilities?. Where did i type buy other free options? 8×3=24m + loan fee is what Torres will cost.

Why do you care who is free and who’s not?

A real fan cares about his club.

Are you helping Galliani with financials?

Yeah tell that too everyone else here commenting about the mercato, Idiotaaa!


i said that to “Milan Fan” not you…


If van ginkel doesn’t want us then id rather find a player who wants to play for milan

Unamused Observer

People must snap back into reality and be sincere and realize Milan don’t have enough time to be making inquires about other available strikers.We slipped deep into a major panic after the sale of Balotelli without any proper planning for a better replacement.And with the transfer window ending,Torres is the only viable solution for the striking role for Milan especially since Berlusconi don’t want to spend.

I say,let Torres come.Hopefully he agrees on a move and when it really does happen,he has my stamp and support of approval from me. I believe he still has those goalscoring abilities in him.


I find it pathetic that Galliani and co are trying to bargain over a couple of Million for their apparently ‘number one target’ now that Roma and Athletico have shown an interest he will most likely not arrive. Wow just pathetic! -__-


I believe that Torres is a bet, that may show to be good. Keep in mind, that he is really hardworking – and he really want the world to know that he still has some goals in him – maybe a change of environment can help him change.

On another note, he has a larger chance to be a succes in Italy, as the teams are much weaker than Premier League.


Please welcome Torres & Van Ginkel…hope u bring us joy and happiness…let’s hope and cheers everyone…give pippo and his squad full support…cause we are AC Milan…there’s no way we turned into another team…the one and only AC Milan…we’ll see the full San Siro again…FORZA Brigade Rossonero!!!


Getting a player who Chelsea signed for 50m on a free is one he’ll of a deal…


Omg the value of Milans current squad is around €110 Mio according to GdS!!

Omg thats so poor hahaha Isco+Bale = Milan squad lol

Remembering these days where our squad value was over 200 Mio !


If Van Ginkel arrives Cristante could go on loan to Benfica. Nice move Balders…


I still don’t know if I’m happy or sad just for the fact that we can get Torres for free, on one side, he is a pretty deadly striker when on his day, on the other hand, another free transfer after we sold mario for 20m? what about right winger? what about taarabt ? from 40million rated douglas costa to fulhams mitrologou .. i have faith we can do well but we deserve much better players, rabiot is up for sale at 12M, get him, van ginkel on loan (just for montys injury and we have cristante before him) torres… Read more »


Hmmm….. How the MIGHTY have FALLEN…..


Why dont we go for Grenier instead of Van Ginkel? At least sign Torres and Taarabt and let’s all pray that some investor will be found until January transfermarkt


The fact that there are only a couple days left in the transfer market and we still need 3 players is stressing me out.

David Murati

Am I the only one that would like to see Andrea petagna come back and compete with pazzini we don’t need Torres let petagna show his canoniere skills the guys a beats and what do they do loan him to a team in the d category. As for van ginkel we don’t need him Cristante is much better and he can have a future with us. If milan don’t acquire no player why not promote di molfeta he’s a beast on the right wing and also don’t sign the Chelsea youngster give mastour space

Abdallah Hassen

To be honest my dear milanistas we the fans overseas are the most irrelevant fans for ac milan. Do you honestly think they care about us people who don’t even come to their stadium?? The only thing we can contribute financially is by buying the merchandise on the milan website. We complain about suffering about the transfers of this team and the management however the irrelevance of us is so enormous that they still keep lying to us which is to me personally a violation to the fans of ac milan.The only ones that can stop this mess are the… Read more »


I read everywhere that our team will fight for a European spot or manage a top 3 finish. Am I the only one that believes we can get the scudetto? A really competitive -for serie a- squad, without European matches and with a good atmosphere inside lockers this team can achieve this.


Once upon a time My Milan was EVERY player’s dream but not anymore. Van Ginkle is a lesson for those with wisdom.


@MAHI94, A good dealing side doesn’t necessarily have to have d Iscos and d Bale and worth 200M… No, with strategic signings a team can compete at d highest level, I mean Liverpool last season didn’t have the Ronaldos and all dat, but they competed for d EPL… Even Atletico Madrid who won d La liga last season didn’t have d Iscos… Don’t get me wrong, the club is being stingy and non-directional in its approach, we complain budget, yes, but dat budget can get us some pretty good talents who aren’t 100M, dats if Galliani’s sagging old eyes wer… Read more »


liverpool had suarez, atletico had diego costa.
milan have pazzini


I have lost all interest and passion i had for Milan if i am to be honest i dont even care what they do anymore call me when they have a new owner then i will support them again


Fernando Torres will take us to seria a Damm I can’t wait so buyin his shirt wit da number nine wow Lovin it wooooo


Whatever happened to the buy back clause for Pato I rather have him back


get mitroglou, he’s a beast!
what about welbeck, the kid is 23 y


VAN GINKEL? is he that much better than Cristante that we should sell cristante for him? no way.i want cristante to stay and play. let van ginkel stay at chelsea and lets see how he will play.

chelsea seem to not want to play ball. they are refusing to pay a severance fee to torres, let us see how much he will want to come to us or stay at chelsea to rot on the bench!!!