Torres wants permanent move, Van Ginkel to Milan on loan?


FERNANDO TORRES and Fabio Borini are the top candidates to replace Balo but Torres doesn’t want to leave on loan.

Mario Balotelli’s €20 million move to Liverpool went official on Monday and Adriano Galliani & Pippo Inzaghi have spent the last days looking for a replacement for the Italian forward, who scored 30 goals in 54 games over the last year and half.

The likes of Jackson Martinez and Mattia Destro emerged as the top options but Porto and Roma both seem reluctant to give Milan any kind of discount on their stars and it appears that Milan have turned to focus on cheaper alternatives.

Milan try to sign a midfielder and a striker, Eto’o won’t arrive
Official: Balotelli joins Liverpool on a €20m deal

According to the evening reports coming from the Milan Channel, Chelsea’s Fernando Torres and Liverpool’s Fabio Borini are now the likeliest to arrive. The Blues are open to a loan and according to MC, if Milan decide to buy him it’d only be on that basis with Chelsea paying a part of his €8m salary. Galliani has been in contact with Torres’ agents and with Chelsea. Sportmediaset is reporting that negotiations for Torres are in an advanced stage and a deal can be completed soon. But, Sky Italia understands that Galliani has been informed by Torres’ men that he doesn’t want to leave on loan and wants a three-year contract with an important salary and that currently conflicts Milan’s desire of acquiring the WC winner on loan.

Torres joined Chelsea in 2011 from Liverpool for £50 million and has failed miserably to live up to his price tag, scoring just 45 goals in 172 games. The 30-year-old is not in the plans of Jose Mourinho, who is reportedly interested in Destro, but Inzaghi would find place for him in attack.Borini is another striker that is out of favour at his club and with Balotelli coming to Liverpool, Borini could get out and the former Roma man, 23, seems to be something Milan are seriously considering.

It is well known that Milan are also interested in signing a midfielder and according to MC and Mediaset, Marco Van Ginkel is likely to be loaned out from Chelsea for one year. The Dutchman played just 4 games last year due to a knee injury.

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Kwabena Adu

Milan reminds me of Red star Belgrade and Staue Bucharest once a powerful club in Europe but no where to be found now…the end has come

Kwabena Adu

”BREAKING NEWS” Torres has rejected Milan,Galliani will now try for Luca Toni as Eto is poised to join Everton FC


Knowing galliani, i dont know if this is satire or not

Milan fan

It’s only fair for Torres to come,since Armero,Alex and Lopez got bought instead of Perin and Vrsaljko.

Keep the old worthless trash coming,


once again we must face this situation again… milan looking striker in the short time… we just dont care who will come as long we have one striker…. huntelaaar, bojan, ricardo oliviera, jose mari, matri… they come to milan and not giving big contribution… I amnot say they have bad skill.. they just cant adaptation with milan style…


B/G is the most stupid people I have ever seen,,,they sold balo(24)for 20m and want to buy torres(30) with a huge salary!!what kind of business is that!!!the problem with milan is not that there is no money,,,the problem is that the don’t know what the want,,with small money u can build a strong team,,with all the money we made from this summer sales,,,Y not buy pato or chicharito for 12m and kagawa for 15m,,then try a loan deal for lukas podoski since arsenal doesn’t want to let go campbell,,with these milan is ready for the league,,try and buy Depay from… Read more »


Well…I Think Milan won’t get a new striker this season to replace balo…it’s proved that Berlu didn’t have ambitions anymore to rebuild the club which gave him a lot of Tittle…because his problem is too complicated…and he don’t have fresh budget to meet our wishes…I Think we must carry on as a Milanisti give full support for the team no matter what will happened next…for me Milan it’s very special…it’s very deep…there’s no way I can turned into another team…well Guys let’s face reality…FORZA MILAN!!!

Ross Oneri

Seems like all AC Milan does is want want til the end of transfer wanting.


Yeah wait till last hours then desperetly sing some supe overrated old thrash


Roma got replacement for Benatia even before he’s officially a Bayern player. For Milan, IF someone doesn’t leave another player cannot come in. Kaka? Robinho? they left and we still don’t know where we are.

I still pray Dr Galliani gets it right because we can only pray now. So painful to be a Milan fan these days.

The Milano

Borini will come and give us 18 goals mark my works


Torres will be great give him a chance with El pharoah n a right winger his work rate is awesome I’m sure he will score some goals in seria a


The guy used to play with the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Matta, Lampard and sill didn’t manage to produce as he should have… I know that SES92 is an exceptional player but with all due respect, he aint no Hazard and none of the rest of the team can give Torres the support he used to have in Chelsea (which by the way, even when he had it, he failed big time). That was exactly what Balotilli sufferd from the most. lack of creative support and look what happened to him 18 months later. Nonetheless, I believe that Torres could… Read more »


The Ibrahimovic money was wasted on the likes of Pazzini an Francesco Acerbi does anyone hope that the balotelli money could be used more wisely? Milan are truly clueless


@Jibola, spot on. Roma already got a replacement for a player they have not sold. Is our club management ok at all? Why do we have to sell our best player with no replacement in sight? Roma are making lots of money from player sales because they invest in quality but for Milan? You wonder if this management ever attended any business school. We have ended up creating more problems to the already difficult situation we were before by selling Balo for a low figure. I doubt if the whole of our squad is worth €100m. lower than that of… Read more »


Galliani is responsible for the decline of the team, he’s been a fire fighter, won’t allow anyone to serve Milan.always buying trash of players like matri instead of Aden lajid and now he is going for trash peper like Torres, oh gush. Milan of yester years now a laughing stock. God help Milan


So between Borini & Chitarito, who is better?
Why didn’t Milan include Matri in the deal for Cerci.


As a die hard fan, all this is too much to swallow. There is a pattern here, the same statements made by Galliani every year and the same transfer dealings. Berlusconi is no longer willing to invest, but he wants to hold onto Milan simply to feed his pride; Barbara Berlusconi made some bold statements earlier in the year, but she too has now become one of “them”. After all, she is the daughter and will say yes to everything her father decides. Ultimately, we will end up like a mediocre club, say in the next 3-5 years and will… Read more »


We need destro! Benatia is moving to bayern, we give them zapata and 10 M for destro.


No to borini, that’s just the cheapest alternative we can get, I’d actually prefer El Nino. This is starting to get annoying. We sold Robinho we sold Kaka we sold balotelli. Where r the players we were promised when they all left? After selling those players I expect a big signing not a borini. This is absolutely ridiculous that they sold him without already having a player in mind that could actually come.

This in mind, has anyone actually seen van ginkel play actual games, nor YouTube videos? Any thoughts, is he good or one forthe future?


Probably Borini and lestienne. I still fear that we lose De Jong before the end of the market.

31 of August we’ll get Taarabt. That will be all folks


Torres? Borini? this is ridicalous Is there nobody else that we can get thats actually good? i am getting really sick of this $hit… even my hometowns team in sweden is better than this Milan atleist they are almost in CL if they win Salzburg with 1-0 tommorow

Some Guy

Destro is better than Torres, even Pazzo is better than Torres at the moment. Borini is also average in my opinion. With Balo’s money, if we were planning on spending it on the likes of Torres or Borini, then I’d decline. I’d much rather spend that money on Cerci, and stay with Pazzo up front. However, if we want to even loan Falcao, or spend on Destro or Jackson M, then we should definitely go for it.


I we go for Torres, we need to go for Cerci as well.
an attacking force of:


backed by a midfield of:


Supported by a backline of:


is not too bad at all.

M Milan

I am sick of this every year just look at man utd 1 bad year n they know they have to spend big to get back on top. While galliani BELIEVES free transfers n penny buys will bring back d glory days. I don’t blame any of our talented youngsters wanting to leave at d end of season. There’s no place for OLD GREEDY MEN in football.


What is De Jong and Poli still doing in MILAN? Milan should sell all the best players and use the money to buy ICE Cream.


Milan should get Leandro Damiao and Sandro Ranieri. Just offer Mexes plus Abate for Sandro Ranieri. And offer 20mln for Damiao. And our team would be good. Lopez, De Sciglo-Alex-Rami-Armero, Sandro-DeJong-Honda, Menez-Damiao-El Shaarawy.


Please everyone lets go on strike noooo to torres!!!! Nooooooo to torres!!!!! Wtf are they thinking!!! Where are the milan fans in italy?!!!? Do something please!!!!!!!!!!


Borini reminds me good old Inzaghi – he is a poacher!

Raphael Minter


Raphael Minter



torres?!? a great gamble? nay, sheer stupidity! what would we need him for? resurrect his career at our expense? bring Pato back is a far better gamble-at least we have a medical history of his fragile limbs.
Galliani o galliani, grant us a last minute “miracle” that we may wow again at the awesomeness of your magic wand!!!

hope we dont have to swear, puff and pant to cross over the relegation line with all the antics of Galliani.


Havnt commented on here for a while, but this is just too much! What Milan needs is B&G to actually die! Cos clearly there is no other way they are leaving this club. Berlusconi can’t even spend a single f*ing dime yet he wants to remain in charge just to feed his damn ego! We have become so pathetic that the managements mentality is worse than mid-table teams with ZERO ambition! And players like the current Torres is too good for us!! #IamTiredOfThisShit!


First of all Galliani does what Berlusconli tells him. Galliani isn’t the one we should be mad about Berlusconi is too cheap to invest in real players. I mean to use the money we got to sign Destro on loan and than buy him for total sum of these 20m we received. Plus, there are rumors that Torino are interested in Nocerino and Pazzini, by offloading these two we will reduce Cerci’s cost to 7-8m. so by paying 20m we got now and by adding Pazzini and Nocerino (personally i don’t like either of them) we will get Destro and… Read more »

ibrahim iyayoo a milannista from nigeria pls what is milan transfer guru a crazy to sell balo without a good replcment luk a team like roma buy before selling is the not a decline of my belove club.