Milan try to sign a midfielder and a striker, Eto’o won’t arrive


MILAN WILL only sign a winger if they fail to sign a striker, who in any case won’t be Eto’o, Milan Channel reported.

The Rossoneri have one week until the end of the market and Adriano Galliani has plenty in his hands as in addition to finding new clubs for the likes of Didac Vila and Gabriel, he also needs to find a replacement for Balotelli and a midfielder.

The Italian media suggested yesterday that Silvio Berlusconi, Adriano Galliani and Filippo Inzaghi will meet on Wednesday to discuss the market but the Milan Channel claims that it’s unlikely to take place as the strategy has already been agreed.

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Milan were in for a left footed right winger but the Trofeo TIM has changed things and as confirmed by the Milan Channel on Monday, the Diavolo will not try to sign a winger if they can’t manage to sign a new forward in the next days of August. Alessio Cerci is no longer a priority and the official media outlet also suggests that Maxime Lestienne won’t be signed.

A striker is the target. The Milan Channel reported today that Radamel Falcao isn’t a feasible target and also Samuel Eto’o is in not the plans of Milan. The free-agent had reportedly asked Adriano Galliani of a two-year contract worth €3.5m a year and Milan were only willing to give him a one-year deal with a much lower salary and in any case, Gianluca Di Marzio is suggesting that he’s agreed terms with Everton and will play there next season. Jackson Martinez and Mattia Destro are still believed to be the top targets but it’ll be very difficult to find an agreement with Porto or Roma for their star strikers.

Milan will apparently make another attempt to sign Jackson after Porto’s return leg against Lille on Tuesday night and have already had two bids rejected by Roma for Destro: one loan offer with an option to buy and another €12 million bid but the Rome-based club demands €22m. For that reason Milan are considering alternatives and Chelsea’s Fernando Torres might be the man for Milan. Chelsea, as reported by Mediaset, are open to the loan idea but his €8m wages are a problem.

Galliani apparently hopes to sign a striker by the end of the week and he’s in constant contact with a number of agents and clubs. Milan Channel also claims that the Diavolo want a midfielder but Adrien Rabiot and Blerim Dzemaili are unlikely options. Despite the reports coming from MC, Sky suggests that Milan are still in for Lestienne with Biabiany the alternative.

Meanwhile, Eibar are very close to signing Didac Vila on loan (his contract expires next summer anyways) and Milan’s sporting director Maiorino was in Spain earlier today to finalize the transfer. Milan continue to work, until September 1st.

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This is off topic- does anyone know what channel will show Milan (SerieA) games here in the USA? Seems like BeinSports only has La Liga.



nope bein sports will show serie a


you can allways se them live on internet,
but i don´t belive it will be a god season for ac milan, only if they buy a god striker and at least a good playmaker or a god right wing…
it will depend alot how they start the season, if they lose to lazio they will keep losing and seria a is finish for milan, if they win i think they will have a chance reach top 5 in seria A


You can also try DishWorld they have apps and if you have a smart tv you can watch it on big screen too. I think I might be giving them a shot


Thank you all – I guess I will need to stream some games.


you should try first row sports and milan going finish in top 3 this year they will buy martinez and douglas costa


Luke, bein will occasionally have milan games. Usually the big games will be on there. However I often have to stream matches to watch. 🙁


Yeah, that’s the problem. BEIN prefers La Liga and French league so Serie A often gets left out or they show replays.


Ria italia shows all serie a games.


I want MJ or Destro. Anyone?


DirectTv doesn’t have RAI so yes I watch Serie A and my Milan on Bein
( I live in New York )


Etoo, Pandev, Biabiany, Dzemaili, Torres, campbell … these name just give me a HEADACHE.

We aleady have bonera, zaccardo, muntari, essien, poli, pazzini, albertazzi as crap useless players. do we need more?


What is wrong iwth Biabiany and Campbell? They are still young and pretty decent.

Enjoy your headache.



Since there is no single player (good, great, the best or even worse) wants to join AC Milan as striker or midfielder as I read in some media.
Now I am seeking job, I can kick and head a ball. May be that’s adequate qualification you might need.
I could wait Galliani to come to my town to talk about..oh sorry, I am 100% salary free, bonus free, transfer fee free.
I need your further response, otherwise Perugia will sign me up.


As an English fan and someone who watches Torres I can say please for the love of god do not sign him even if they pay us to take him buy a proper striker like Jackson Martinez or even falcao berlusconis only worth 6 billion splash out once in while!!!!


no torres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J.Martinez or Destro,Leistienne has been acquired by a Quatar Club that wants to loan him out with OTB,Milan are the frontrunners and in constant contact and the deal could happen in the next hours.
Milan wants €12m for NDJ.I want Milan to sign a good creative CM maybe from the Argentine,Brazilian,Columbian leagues.


@job application
You should sign for Perugia first because that way galiani will offer you a loan deal for a year with an option to buy for f**k all!!!!


fist row have all games so you should try it and milan will finish in top 3 this year they have a good team and they going sign martinez and costa after tomorrow watch and see
forza milan


Are the Casa Milan toilet cleaners on loan?


B&G will sign torres as fame panini crappy useless replacement of another like him. they won’t tell the truth this team will end up at 6 place top, milan isn’t a football club its just merchandise, that’s only what they care about , that’s the truth behind honda and I’m sure many others, galliani is suffering from old age , is not his fault but dude just leave its a shame read every transfer news I’ll join a fellow headache


we can’t employ 443 why? do we have a good RW? Niang is sh.. a gamble at best back up? none Do we have a quality striker? one that actually knows how to score a goal pazzo is ok late from the bench, back up menez? I cried a little, el shaa will get bullied by defenders this season


I rather see el sha as a striker on a 4321 behind Honda and saponara,
cristante de.jong and poli , we”ve lost everything why not develop our youth? stop using muntari because sometimes makes a goal, we need a smart and independent coach


He should try that gold challange from Game of thrones with Berlusconi… They have much gold which they are not willing to spend on players so…


Dejan and nas, brilliant lol.