Agent: “Milan could make important steps forward for Destro”

Milan in training last week (

MATTIA DESTRO’S agent has said Milan want the striker, but Chelsea are also interested.

Milan’s number one priority is signing a replacement for Mario Balotelli who has left to join Liverpool for €20 million and in addition to Jackson Martinez (who will reportedly talk to Porto President tomorrow to see if it’s possible for him to move to Milan), Roma’s Mattia Destro is the top candidate to replace the 24-year-old.

Roma are believed to be wanting €25 million at the very least and yesterday Adriano Galliani had dinner with Roma director Walter Sabatini and negotiations kicked off. Some sources were led to believe that Milan are unlikely to complete this transaction but the agent of the player, who was asked today if he will stay at Roma and answered ‘we will see’, expects developments.

No Milan-Torino meeting for Cerci, Arcore summit on Wednesday
Galliani: “A Balotelli replacement is the priority now”

“I cannot deny he is at the centre of some important situations that could develop. More Milan or Chelsea? The market is unpredictable. These are two interested clubs,” the FIFA agent Claudio Vigorelli, who takes care of Destro’s interests, told today. “Jose Mourinho admires him, while Milan could make some important steps forward very soon.

“Mattia is flattered but he’s in great serenity and works with professionalism. He’s flattered because other clubs have set their eyes on him but yet at the same time he respects Roma and will keep respecting them regardless of the next development. Anyways, we will wait serenely to see the club’s decisions.” Vigorelli also works with Samuel Eto’o, who is another target (according to the media) and the representative suggests that the future of the free agent will be clear soon.

“Samuel has a great desire and he’s considering two offers: one from England and the other from Serie A. Which Italian team? No comment, I can’t add anything. By tomorrow evening, Tuesday morning maximum, Eto’o’s future will be clearer.”

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uslar ses

Plz don’t sign eto’o


No to eto’o. Please.


Yes to Destro because he is italian and young and can score goals.


Destro would be great but I’m doubtful about it. I feel that there will be a lot of hype about a deal with him and we have a couple meetings with his agent and then we actually sign eto. Or Chelsea will get destro and we will get Torres. Hope I’m wrong


What am sure about is we def can’t sign a 33yr old striker that can’t play 90mins. Secondly I’ll prefer J.Martinez to Destro cos even Roma that’s who they want to get as replacement for Destro…Forget Cerci already!


If milan sign E’to as balotelli’s replacement then god help us, we’r already almost a retirement home that plays football as a past time the mans real age is probably closer to 40 than 30


I say wait to see if Martinez can or can’t leave. If yes buy him. If no try Destro. If no again then explore into Hernandez, Torres and Soldado. If even they aren’t possible then our last resorts should be Eto’o and Adebayor who I was expecting to be a target this summer.


Eto’o, Torres, Hernandez, NO THANKS / Destro, Martinez, Falcao, YES PLEASE


Berlousconi pls sell The Club to some shieks since you’ve admitted u cant cmpete with them. Milan deserves better.

Joe Helmy

Destro, please.. El-Shaa – Destro – Cerci could be a perfect trident for Milan as well as Italy national team in Conte era

#1 Milan Fan

We should get Douglas costa and play Menez up front he is a great talent I believe in him


I have trust in Inzaghi to make the right move pls, we need young players!

hristo Bulgaria

Destro+ Cerci, Honda play like a playmaker

olalekan mojeed

god pls help us ooooo we dnt want Eto bus destro or negredo likewise torres


honestly, if I were Galliani and I have limited budget, I will choose Destro over Cerci. We need a centre forward to give pazzo competition. Why not Cerci? cause we have had Menez, El Sha, and of course Mastour. having had 2 centre forward also will give us an alternative to play them both with honda/mastour as trequartista.
Inzaghi must have an alternative instead of 433. the style of milan using 433 is depend so much on the winger, then if the winger is sterilized, we have limited any creative player to began an attack from midfield.


Sign who is predator in penalty box like coach inzaghi..i think falcao or cavani
OMG pliz sign someone like that


Do u guys remembered when galliani said he’s sure 99.9% that balotelli will stay? Now u guys still trust him. Oh my gosh

Ross Oneri

Just get the players already. Less than a week before season start.

John Gatjang C.

cavani, falcoa or Martinez(any of them for Mario replacement). Douglas Costa,Suso or Cerci,(for winger)


Just give us alvaro negredo

cuore rosso

rumors today from, torino want pazzini cerci swap+money don’t know how much): I say do it!!!!!!


Make this happen. Better than pavdev anyway…


Swap pazzini so what, we need 2 strikers? Relying on our new striker and niang isn’t enough I’m sorry, better find another solution. I don’t want menez as a false 9

Lar PK

I think the Management of Milan have lost touch with the current trend in football…You need to invest heavily in players to generate more funds, its a pity that we have been left behind by the likes of Barcelona, Real, Man City etc clubs that were once in our shadows. Hope Galliani and Berlusconi will get a better sense of reasoning! #ForzaMilan.


Focus your attention in players with mentality P.Inzaghi is a fun of them….
(P.S) w8ing sirens over De Jong one of two (maybe there are 3) strongest players in mental terms ACMilan has at the moment.


Galliani is the problem,Berlusconi might be broke,but galliani’s recruitments are simply bullshit,buy cheap,young,talented players instead of bringing in rubbish in the names of Essien,Zacardo,,Muntari,agazi etc.simply sell these rubbishes,buy new good players,stop wasting time.Inzaghi should use Honda behind a strike,be flexible with the formation,not relying on wingers to deliever