Milan meet Roma for Destro, negotiations started

Mattia Destro and Riccardo Montolivo in action during Milan-Roma (

MATTIA DESTRO was talked about in the meeting between Adriano Galliani and Walter Sabatini; it seems Roma are open to a sale.

Galliani talked with Sabatini on the phone on Friday and the Italian press reported that Roma told the Milan CEO that Mattia Destro isn’t on the market. However, new contacts were made today and Galliani met Sabatini in Forte dei Marmi.

Milan in for a striker & a midfielder but clubs tell them ‘no’
Galliani to meet Torino to resume Cerci talks tomorrow?

As reported by Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Italia, negotiations have officially started between the two clubs but it won’t be easy. Roma value the 23-year-old Italian at around €25 million. Di Stefano is indicating that “Roma seem to have opened to the sale of striker, but only at certain conditions” and Milan are trying to learn what these conditions are in hope of closing a deal this summer. It’s clear that Milan need a striker after the sale of Mario Balotelli to Liverpool for around €20m.

The Rossoneri’s first intention was to take Destro on a paid loan with an option to buy him next season but a one of Roma’s ‘conditions’ could be a permanent deal. Destro joined Roma from Siena in 2012 & scored 24 goals in 49 games.

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Go for him! Make evereything you can!


Diago lopez

Abate_Remi_Zapata_de scigilo

De jong_Montolio

honda menez el shaarawy



Diago Lopez
Abate Remi zapata de scigilio
De jong Montolio
Honda Menez El Shaarawy


Honestly, I’d like destro a lot at milan. Great young strike force and he does bring the goals. He’s a real good #9 striker. Not as skilled as balotelli but he can definitely score more goals and give his all. Go all out for him!!


won’t hold my breath for it…but would be a good signing if true


i see 3 options:
the rest don’t bother signing them.
well, everyone knows right winger options:
and centre midfield needs either N.1 Rabiot or N.2 Grenier.
all of this is my opinion for successful season.

Some Guy

Exactly what I was thinking. People seem to forget that we still have Pazzo who can be great under Pippo, and he is better than any of the strikers on our list, apart from these three.


Sorry but Grenier is out for 7-8 weeks my friend, maybe we can attempt to sign him on the winter window or pay for rabiot, in case DEJONG goes out, we need Fernando (SHAkTAR) to replace him. As you said Falcao is the #1 on the list. He might be a priority, because Inzaghi asked Berlusconi personally about him. Martinez has score more goals than Destro last season, but diff league. Destro is def more a #2 for me. If we get Cerci on the other hand while we get Destro, Milan will have the most dynamic trio up front… Read more »


Good option. He is young, italian and can score goals.


I think murriel from udinisse will be batter and will cost araound 15 M and they get costa for 22 M
and you still have to god players in the team that you need it, if we get destro we can forget about costa, because they dont have 50 M to invest


Muriel is a good player but he has physical issues and is injured often and is bad at headers i doubt he will reach his potential Destro is a better option


destro, cerci, taarabt and dzemaili in

zaccardo, mexes, agazzi out

of course everyone would wish martinez, douglas costa, rabiot and grenier

but be realistic, even destro and cerci are not sure

in the end it will be etoo, pandev and lodi 🙁


Inter are after Taarabt now, then we lost the smartest/cheapest solution(as we know what he can do), and I think when dont got the big money we should´nt sign anyone. Its waste of money/wagebuget to sign Torres, Etoo soldado and so on. when we dont got the money for Martinez, Falcao. we should count on Pazzini,Menez,EL92,Niang and Mastour. with Balo gone we got 28 players to play a season without european competition


I really hope that we do get him, and if we do then i doubt that we will get Cerci or D.Costa, so considering that we should get Taraabt since he is cheap and focus the rest of the funds in trying to get Rabiot.

Id rather we get these players than wasting time on players we are unlikely to get and end up getting nothing in the end.


I like how Destro play and he has potential too Clinical finisher and good off the ball movement i would be pleased if we signed him but that depends on the price aswell


I would like to have Destro, Costa/Taarabat, Rabiot in our squad. But really worried abt De jong, if he leave there is no cheapest option to recover it.


you talk as if u r galliani himself, you can post your line ups for all you care, Galliani will always be his father’s son and give you his line up, don’t be surprised if you end up with ETO’0 bcos he is free- remember milan like freebies now