Didac agent: “It will be a definite goodbye to Milan”

Didac Vila in action for Milan (@acmilan.com)

DIDAC VILA is ready to leave and his agent has claimed Milan never had faith in the player.

Didac was brought to Milan in January 2011 by Mino Raiola and made one single appearance since then. His contract expires next season and he’s definitely not in the plans of Filippo Inzagh. The left-back is close to joining Eibar (on loan – so he’ll be a free agent next summer); it will be his 3rd loan spell while “wearing” red and black.

“There will be developments over the next few days. Eibar are one of the interested teams, now we are weighing up what to do. We need to speak to the club regarding a contract. Given this, there are also other clubs interested in him,” Raul Verdu told Tuttomercatoweb.com on Wednesday.

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“If it’s a final farewell to Italy? In football you never know, other possibilities could come up so I wouldn’t close the door on Italy. But it will definitely be a goodbye to Milan. The club have never given him confidence & honestly I can’t understand it: Didac is a U21 European champion with Spain, he played 37 games with Espanyol and at Milan he just played one game.

“I really regret it, but the player is young and he has time to recover.” Milan sold Kevin Constant earlier this summer and they now have Pablo Armero, Michelangelo Albertazzi and Mattia De Sciglio (& Daniele Bonera) for the left-back role.

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I don´t understand it either. Must have been a personal thing…


It is very odd in my point of view. I didn’t get the chance to see him play when he went on loan but there’s no way he played bad enough to not even get a preseason shot. Oh well, farewell and good luck

El Greco

No Milan coach ever used him so i don’t think he deserved to play for ACM anyway. Also, I don’t think Albertazzi is for ACM too. The De Sciglio or SES examples are one in tens of youngsters. Very few of them deserve to play for the first team. It’s not about the club showing faith or confidence to them…

There is a reason why SES, De Sciglio, Cristante play, but Pacifico, Iotti, Didac and many more not…


We will never know why it went like that for Didac Vila, he was just unlucky. I wouldn’t be surprised that Milan didn’t want to spend some cash because of some clause on his contract, something like paying if he reached a amount of matches


If players like Constant and Bonera can play for AC Milan then im sure Didac deserved to be given a chance to prove himself. I can never understand why we kept on playing Constant even though everyone knew he can never deliver what we expect from his position and yet not giving Didac a run of at least 5 games to prove his worth


Didac wasn’t given any room to develop and prove himself. Yet we hav dead weights lyk bonera n zarcado playing always. Didac deserved every chance to prove himself


Sign chicharito he have inzaghi character


i hearing balo is moving to liverpool is it true or a rumour if true buy chicharito and a loan move for nani will be good


If he was this good and impressed in his loan spells in Spain, why didn’t any top side get him? At least any of the top five-six sides? I think Valencia showed an interest in him one or two years ago, but nothing serious as it never materialized. I saw his one game for us, he was okay, hard to decide after one match… anyways, wish him luck and that he’ll be succesful elsewhere. Maybe he’ll end up at a top side later on, who knows. All I know is is that we’re set with both De Sci and Armero… Read more »


Yes, Costa is a better future investment than Cerci, but we need to win now. Right now Cerci is both the better player, and more affordable than Costa. IMO our formation is our biggest problem, I advocate switching back to the 4-2-3-1, I’m comfortable w/NDJ and Cristante, we dont need another CM/DM. The 4-3-3 only makes sense for us if we have Monti-NDJ-Cristante starting in midfield. I’d like to see us purchase both Cerci and Taarabt, if not I’d start Niang at RAM. What I’d like to see happen before the 1st of September: 4-2-3-1, STARTERS(backups) ———————-LOPEZ(Abbiati)—————— –MDS(Abate)–RAMI(Zap)–ALEX(Zap)–ARMERO(Mds)– ———CRISTANTE(Poli)—–NDJ(Muntari)———— –CERCI(Taarabt)—MENEZ(Honda)—SES(Saponara)–… Read more »

Some Guy

Taarabt>Menez and Honda any day, plus he seems more comfortable in the center. Other than that, I completely agree with everything you said.


Mediaset claims that agreement was reached for the sale of Balo to Liverpool sum if 22 million.


BREAKING NEWS: Liverpol is on the verge of signing Balotelli! Reports continue to grow on talks between Liverpool and Milan for Mario Balotelli, with it suggested that an agreement could be reached today. Milan Channel have today confirmed that talks for the ‘outright sale’ of the 24-year-old to the Premier League side are ongoing. On from this, attention is on agent Mino Raiola’s apparent presence in the UK to meet with Liverpool officials. Gianluca Di Marzio’s website reiterates that negotiations are ongoing and suggests that an agreement between all parties on the transfer could be reached in ‘a very short… Read more »


Hahaha, if we sell Balo omg… where will we find another top striker? Oh right, we will buy Cerci and then buy Pandev who can score +20 goals for us on top instead of Balo!! Right!! Idiot management.


Jackson martinez should arrive as porto has signed Vincent abubacar from lorient. A better striker IMO, Liverpool wanted to include a clause which would allow them send balo back to milan if he misbehaved but milan rejected.