Milan abandon the Cerci race, Costa and Pandev the targets


ALESSIO CERCI is too expensive for Milan, who continue to consider other options – including Goran Pandev of Napoli.

Milan are still in need for reinforcements and while many would argue money should be spent on improving the midfield, the club’s top intention is to get a left-footed right winger and it appears that one name has been crossed off the list.

Alessio Cerci has been the number one target ever since Juan Iturbe became unavailable but it now appears that Milan have decided to stop their pursue of Cerci, due to the demands of Torino which the red and blacks find excessive.

Armero: “I’m training to be ready, we have to improve”
Inzaghi: “Milan played well but we know we must improve”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, it was decided yesterday at Aldo Rossi that Milan cannot sign Cerci with the wanted price being close to €20 million and have already contacted Torino to tell them that they are no longer interested in the 27-year-old Italian. The Rossoneri were hoping that Torino would grant them a discount but that, it seems, will not happen.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

With Cerci no longer of interest, Milan’s top targets at the moment are reportedly Paris Saint-Germain’s Ezequiel Lavezzi, FC Shakhtar Donetsk’s Douglas Costa, Napoli’s Goran Pandev. As claimed by Gazzetta and also by Sportmediaset, Pandev is an idea that can be materialized without much problem. The player is surplus to requirements in the South and with his €1.5m net contract expiring next year, Milan can work out a deal. Napoli want a negotiable €5m for the 31-year-old.

Lavezzi and Costa are obviously a lot more expensive but also a lot more attractive to the Milan fans. As reported by today’s Tuttosport, Douglas Costa is someone that Inzaghi really wants and Milan are considering a strategy to sign him. It’s believed that Shakhtar would accept an offer in the region of €25m and with the summer budget of Milan so limited, they’re reportedly exploring the option of paying €10 million for him now, and then €15m in installments over several years.

The Turin-based paper claims that Milan are hopeful that Kia Joorabchian will help them land Costa, who he represents. Joorabchian is also the agent of Adel Taarabt of QPR but he remains a last resort for Milan; he’s also the cheapest option.

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milan under galliani and berlusconi equals a team with zero ambition period


Guys i have to say something .. I’m Macedonian ,i love national football team (not sth to be proud of ) but i must say: WTF is wrong the head of the club ?! They want pandev now? he was a class player back then when he was playing for lazio , you must admit that !But he’s old now and the biggest question that is bothering me is WHY we are going to buy a player that is not needed in Napoli ( currently class better than us ) ?? And he costs 5 mil ( slow not needed… Read more »


we didnt sell Kaka, he had a clause which aloud him to leave if milan didint qualify for champions league


Logic : why he would leave the club he loves and the club that is in heart for return in sao paulo ? ( i know there were stories about kaka nostalgic but ..)

Milan Forever

Although I understand your sentiment, I must say that almost all Milan fans today have never been under anyone else other than Berlusconi and Galliani. And They’ve brought us many glories in the past.


So you’ve been under Berlusconi? I knew I read somewhere that he was into teenagers.

But you have a point there. We’ve all been under B&G for a long time now. Seems like they’re enjoying the ride :))


and mate ? we have to live in the past ? i want to celebrate titles now , not to look back when my dad celebrated milan titles with riijkard and guulit and van basten ..


Just to be linked with pandev boils my blood. If we get the mediocre player who’s in his 30s I will lose it. We went from Cerci and Lavezzi to pandev? Bring back taarabt then. I’ll take taarabt over him any day





signing taarabt is far better than wasting the time of the fans. Galliani and berlusconi are poisonous to milan period


Praying we get Costa. If not I would much rather get taarabt then Pandev, please do not sign him.


OMG why berlusconi didn’t give money for this summer to buy one of out target??
if he really support what pippo want…so you must buy somenone to replace kaka n binho berluconi..!!!


how is cerci 20 million cheaper than 25 million costa? arsenal was told to pay 40 million pounds for costa, i dont see the costa deal happening because its too damn expensive for us. Just get taarabt and get over with it, no need to sign pandev, this is milan not genoa for petes sake. spending 3 million on taarabt is much better than spending 5 million on pandev, then they should spend 10-12 million on getting grenier With that we should be able to fight for top 3 next season. Knowing Gaillani and his stupid transfer market moves and… Read more »


It’s hard to tell what Galliani will do even though Gazetta are the closest media to Milan.

I still pray Dr Galliani gets it right at the end and i reserve my comments till 1st Sept.


The good news is that we know who will arrive but the bad news that its Pandev LOL!


whose giving Ac milan advice Please? Pandev? this is a bad dream


Andrea Agnelli. And Galliani’s listening.


the club didnot have money they should just seal the club so we the fans can have happyness again,poor management

Milan fan

When beings like Armero,Esien,Niang,Muntari can play for Milan,than Pandev looks like Messi compared to them.


No to Pandev, yes to Douglas Costa!

Then buy Grenier and Nastasic!

All these players are available and are likely to leave their respective clubs so all could be bought for relatively modest fees.

We need to re-build regardless, and we need to buy quality. Our squad would be very capable of challenging Juve, Roma, Napoli with these additions…

Lopez-MDS-Rami-Nastasic-Armero-Dejong-Montolivo-Grenier-Douglas Costa-SES-Balotelli


I don’t get it… Cerci cost 20 M Euros and Costa cost 25 M Euros. We cant afford Cerci, but we can pay 5 M Euros more for Costa??? :S

Give Toriono Noce included in the deal, that can lower the price a bit. Maybe also include Zapata since Toro wants him. I know Zapata is good, but I know Cerci can give us more next season than Zapata who most likely wont be a starter. With Cerci we will have 3 National team strikers!


Unamused Observer

Torino only wanted money.They rejected our earlier bid,money plus Nocerino.


Good news we’re abandoning overrated and overpriced Cerci but Costa’s overpriced too and Pandev is just… well, the mind boggles.


i will prefer costa.. remainds me of de maria, 😀
i dont understand inzaghi why he is not takin murru on a free transfer from cagliari we need a left back.. he kan be the future player on the laft back both for ac milan and italy in the next 10 years, as is is just 19 right now..


Please…don’t buy pandev…say no to pandev…he’s an Old Tank…we don’t need him…bring someone fresh…Douglas Costa for Millan…I don’t believe Milan didn’t have budget for him…you can leave galiani if you can’t lend him to sansiro…


There’sno chance of nastasic coming tto Milan. Mexes has to go to man utd, zapata to Genoa and still we would never get him. Plus what’sthe lpoint if king bonera will start every game. He was the only defender to play 90 minutes last night!!


They’re seriously taking this left footed right winger think too far. Just stop being so difficult and get Taarabt so we can build on last season. Douglas Costa isn’t actually that good. Overrated for me. Like a left footed Robinho. Either we get Taarabt or we focus on Niang and Mastour more. No Pandev. Lavezzi… fine if they can just hurry up because I’m getting bored of Milan and there silly transfer policies. Still prefer Taarabt


Costa is good but taarabt is nothing special just because he do a few tricks doesnt mean he is very good he does many mistakes and very selfish and he is NOT consistent

Milan Fan

Berlusconi should sell Milan since he doesn’t invest in this club anymore and he just continues selling our best players so he can use that money on personal pleasures…

Unamused Observer

Been monitoring our market; and to be honest,we still have some dead weights that need to go,especially Essien. The guy completely sucks.So far,we’ve done fairly good bringing some good players( Menez,Lopez) but we need to push further acquiring better players. I know we’re on low-budget but there are some better players that fall on our budget radar.Getting Costa is a must…though haven’t seen much of him.But people pressing for him is proof enough that he’s great.Lavezzi is great as well,but Pandev? They dare not! I hope Gallaini doesn’t turnaround to sign Pandev because that would be an INSULT to us… Read more »


They could pay 12 million for matri, but not 20 for a proven striker. Berlusconi you suffer from old age


noooooooooooo to pandev .:(((((((((((.
plz costa or cerci.




Pandev?? O’come on


Sanoske you owe me a friendly game on fifa.Your PSN ID please???!


Pandev really????

another crap player.. it will be like constant, robinho, muntari..

in 2 years we will try to sell him and nobody will want


Signings are coming dont worry guys.. Galliani like last hours deals where he can get discounts when other club are desperate to sell..

Real Madrid are the worst in this kind of business they always buy when prices are high.. they bought Rodrigo and paid 80 million while I am sure he does not deserve. Half this price..

Relax guys you are always panic!


Lol..I don’t remember anything like that, but what the hell i enjoy good challenge. Add up ASAP ‘Sanoske-The_boss’ lets see what you got @Hiro


Milan not signing anyone again is definitely better than signing Pandev. Pandev,hell NO.


I think Milan will end up with Taarabt & Dzemaili.. I prefer Costa but i do not mind Taarabt.. However i do mind Dzemaili and i’d much rather get Grenier or Rabiot..




Cerci to athletico is 99% done! I honestly think we should go after Isco.


5 million taraabat or 5 million for pandev….. If pandev came in, which one had stupid ide, inzaghi or mr. B & G or all of them..


I hate b&g guys. They are playing tricks. They will now bring in taraabt and play it off like some huge signing.


Man City coach said that 22 player is enough for his squad for this season where they will play 3 match/week. Whereas we will play 1 match/week & have 27 players looking for more reinforcement. What a bad management we have…we are spending millions of euro on garbase & Galliani does not care for it. Please go for quality. Quality matters not quantity. I personally do not like Essien, Zacardo, Agazi. I cant understand why we invested money on them. Please get rid of them ASAP. Also sale Zapata/Mexes & Abate, purchase Darmian.


taarabt is sh… why are u all asking for it?, he gave creativity to milan’s offensive true, but he didn’t impress me at all, I rather see niang over him everyday, milan don’t need more dead weight, how can our youth player develop if the coach doesn’t have faith on them? Where does he fit on a 433? I don’t see him starting in the midfield ( I don’t trust him defending) RW? please how can he out run a fast defender? he is just a fancy player doesn’t worth those 5M at the moment, Do you want a taraabt… Read more »


Oh Raven..! You don’t seem to get it do you.. Have you been on this earth or on mars? You need to come back to earth mahn.. As a Milan fan, I have now come to understand that we can no longer get players for big sums of money (Iturbe -gone, Perin – No Money, Cerci – No money) all the solid players we have been linked with over the past years have just been TALK, TALK, TALK, NO ACTION. Realistically, with the present way of doing business in the transfer market, isn’t it obvious that the only type of… Read more »

Joe Helmy

Mr. Galliani, 2 more signing please: Costa and Granier!!!


my wish is aggazi out, mexes out, zaccardo out, essien out, let a couple of first team youth players go our on loan too(in niang out Gabriel on loan) sell pazzini also. this would bring the squad down in to between 18 to 22 players. then bring in taraabt, isco/granier, chicharito. in total we would spend 4mil on taraabt, 14mil on chicharito, 15mil on isco or granier. I’m confident this is possible cos this is what galliani actually knows how to do. he is absolutely clueless at choosing the player but a genius at choosing the right price. over all… Read more »


Cerci’s still on apparently… Milan have offered 12mil for a winger who doesn’t even look good on YouTube.


Milan will sign pandev


the fact is that Milan can only buy coasts or lavezzi when their respective clubs decide to free them like Madrid did with Lopez,so I think fans should stop having pipe dreams.but I believe with time inzaghi will do a good job even with this same squad.


I have said it before that Milan won’t buy Costa and i doubt if we can even afford 12m for Cerci. We should just settle for Taraabt instead of picking up the surplus old players of our rivals like Matri and Pandev. Milan is no longer a top club. Period!


Arsenal have had a €7m bid accepted for Rabiot. What is Galliani actually doing? That’s nothing for the kid, and we could offer him first team football on a weekly basis!
If he was any use he would try to offload Mexes to Lyon and get Grenier in return!


Taarabt over Pandev, any day of the week…can’t believe we’re linked to him, the only football news I will read will be here on rossoneriblog, I don’t want to put myself through the circus that this mercato have been anymore, and wait and see until what happens until after the mercato has closed. I don’t know how well he can play as a winger, but we should’ve gone for Remy Cabella who is a technical genius, who now plays for Newcastle. Anyways, considering how things have panned out, never been a big fan of Costa, but people on this blog… Read more »


Galliani killed all your dreams for the Mercato (Iturbe,Perin,Cerci)… loool Sorry bro…!


Hahaha, yeah he sure did brother…although I never dreamt of Iturbe as I prefered Cerci before him, but yeah you’re right haha, don’t know why I still have faith in him.. 😉

alao elder

We just need topclass player that can turn thing around. So no to pandev