Lopez agrees personal terms with Milan, set to join


DIEGO LOPEZ is all set to join Milan on a four year deal as personal terms have been agreed; Galliani confirmed it too.

After the signings of Michael Agazzi, Alex, Pablo Armero (and Adil Rami who has been bought out), Filippo Inzaghi will be welcoming another new member for the defense and it’s none other than the excellent Real Madrid goalkeeper Lopez.

The agent of the 32-year-old keeper, Manuel Garcia Quilon, found an agreement with Vice President Adriano Galliani at Forte dei Marmi today and the Rossoneri Chief Executive confirmed this morning that “the Diego Lopez deal is 99% done.”

Milan to meet Lopez agent today, Perin the alternative
Official: Constant joins Trabzonspor on a four-year deal

It is reported by the Italian media (Sky and La Gazzetta) that Lopez will sign a four-year contract with Milan after undergoing the medical check-up on Tuesday. The press suggests that Lopez will be earning around €2.5 million plus bonuses yearly wearing the red and black shirt of Milan. The initial demands of Lopez were a three-year deal worth €4 mil net per season.

Gianluca Di Marzio is claiming that Galliani phoned Silvio Berlusconi during the meeting while Quilon spoke with Lopez himself. An agreement with Real Madrid has been in place for a while and the player will reportedly be joining on a free transfer but with performance-related bonuses included in the deal. Galliani and Quilon negotiated last night and today the final agreement was reached; after the meeting on Saturday, Galliani met Abbiati, telling him that Milan will rely on Lopez.

The only thing that’s missing is the signature and that will arrive early next week. Galliani will meet Sassuolo directors to speak about Michael Agazzi. It’s clear that with Lopez arriving, Milan will have to say goodbye to one of their keepers.

Diego Lopez’ career stats (via the Twitter account @SportExtraHD)
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Great signing. We are covered in goals and defence. Just need a midfielder to replace Montolivo and possibly a right winger which I needs to be amazing because currently Niang is asking a lot of questions.


I wouldnt say defence just yet, alex for me isnt good enough and mexes is even tho he can be a class CB he is too inconsistent and has a temper (entertaining to watch tho) if we can get criscito and a CB THEN we would be set altough im not too bothered with criscito since we’re hopefully getting armero but he would be great in as a starter since abate has been out of form since a little while (3 years ffs) and armero is good, but not as good. As my CB tho Agger would be great


i agree but Alex isn’t doin well soo far…but i would like to see Zapata and Rami in the heart of defence….i think our best line up will be atm will be…Lopez; Abate-Rami-Zapata-MDS; Poli-De Jong-Saponara; Niang-Balo-EL Shaarawy (4-3-3)


Hopefully we loan out Saponara, he isn’t yet ready to make a big impact for us. Would love for him to return to Empoli, he flourished there in his previous stay. I hope we are able to sign Džemaili and Cerci/Taarabt, both of who would very much improve our XI. And Alex was one of the best defenders in France last season, he prevented Marquinhos from starting for most of the season. I think once he gets his match fitness, he will form a formidable partnership with Rami


i agree….i think Rami and Alex would be a great duo…but i would honestly rather Taarabt over Cerci because Taarabt since being a milan player has florished in attack and better yet helping out the defence aswell….but Cerci would bring more to the attack.


A the greatest signing of thie mercato. I hail Galliani on this, but Alex & Agazzi are craps. Alex has not impressed so far. I prefer Zapata or Mexes partnering Rami in the central defence. Alex should stay on bench until proved otherwise.


Zapata and Rami would be best imo, but Alex is far better than Mexes, especially in terms of attitude and workrate.

Mexes on his day is a very good defender, but the guy is an indisciplined idiot and he should leave.


Milan must not swap zapata-giovinco……
zapata must stay and play alongside rami,alex and bonera should be second choices,but i hv seen bonera plays better as a full back but abate and descig are just fine moreover we have armero now,and constant gone so lets hope with this goalkeeper and abbiati as backup…we will do great things…one more thing….gabriel>>>>>agazzi,so sellagazzi……..


I hope his wages is not to high…


A world class CB,a midfielder and then a RW is left for us to be set.




No dzemalli.

Get real quality.

Banega is much better if we dont have the money for grenier


Am the most happiest now thank you galliani i have forgiving you all your sins,now we are covered in defence. Lopez, de siglio/abate, alex rami armero/albertazzi, de jong christante/poli muntari/essien/saponara, el sharrawi/menez balo/pazzo niang/handa

Pa ibra

and you’ve forgiven for him and that man chasing pirlo away? youre so kind.


Its really a good buy. We only need 2 more signings for the season, Alessio Cerci and Wijnaldum or Lucas Leiva as De jong’s backup. Essien should be sold out.


fantastic goalkeeper 🙂 still beleive doria should join as a cb…for montys injury milan should get some player on loan such as banega or gago who would be perfect .. love the proposed loan switch of giovinco and zapata and still think taarabt should join and i think milan will be set to go 🙂


Don´t know how to feel about that. On the one hand we signed a excellent goalkeeper (almost) for free, but on the other hand we probably won´t ever see Perin in Milan Jersey. So in the long term it´s sportingly and fincially, considering the wages + taxes despite the fact that Lopez is free, not the best solution imo.


Great Another free signing… this wont help us much someone said we are covered in defence now are you kidding me? we need 1 more cb Marcos Rojo would be a perfect signing he is exactly what we need in defence and he can play Lb and CB and is similar to Thiago Silva but that wont happen they just buy trash and free transfers as Always they got to do more than this to convince me to Watch the upcoming season


We invested 20M on Lopez means we wont see Perin in Milan Jersey, this is very sad news.After 2 years we again have to search for new Goalie, this is a very short time solution.If we had such kind of plan back in mind then why did not we sign Ochoa, at least he was 3 years younger.


Best buy in 2years,if getting Perin will b easy, it beta we get him n send him back 2 Genoa on loan cos @ 32 Diego Lopez is a temporary solution n not a permanent 1, so we can have a Perin coming in d future

Pa ibra

people made good points on both lopez and perin. i think we’ve to decide on this: get lopez if seriously pushing for 3th place finish. or get perin if really planing for the future (as mgt always told the fans). anyways it seems lopez is our man and i’m well with it. but
milan, please, youth project is a youth project… of course with some experience but agazzi, alex, lopez all signed the same summer does not really sound “youth movement”


niz signin for me believ Gabriel will learn alot frm lopez and abbiati den agazi shud be sold .cerci shud be nex


Better than all of our keepers combined


People…don’t be blinded by the fact that he’s free and think he’s bad, he’s a class keeper. But I’m 50/50, as in the long term, this isn’t the best deal, but it’s good for the present. He has at least 2-3 good years in him, and hopefully he will adapt with ease, as I don’t trust spanish players in Serie A, there have been only a few who has been succesful (only Borja Valero comes to mind) hope Lopez can adapt. Seeing Perin in a Milan jersey in the near future is difficult to see now, but you never know.… Read more »


Alex, Agazzi, Essien, Poli, Menez, all terrible signings from Galliani


As i prayed that Dr Galliani gets it right this summer, i see this as a prayer answered.

World class goalkeeper for free is fantastic deal. Welcome Diego


I have liked Lopez since he was at Villarreal and I think he was better than Casillas at RM last season. But what’s worrying me it’s the 4 year contract he have been given, but at the same time goalies can carrying for a while. Just for example Van Der Sar and Buffon.


I dont think that we need Cerci, betetr sign Taarabat & invest some money in midfield. A quality midfield player is necessary to support De jong & for the future. Cristante, Poli, saponara is good but still not 100% fit for this level. They should have some playing time to get themselves at highest level within 2 years but using them regularly will not bring us the result we aim for this season.


you have the right idea.

Taraabt and real quality midfielder (not dzemalli) and we are set to challenge all teams in serie A.

You will see the quality and creativity re enter our squad like a blood transfusion

Milan fan

As always Milan thinks about having a free trash rather than buying a talent and have a long term solution.

As long as this is the transfer policy Milan won’t have ANY success.


And as always you talk without knowing much. Lopez is trash? He’s a great goalkeeper who was the best at Real Madrid for a very good reason.


Now the only player missing is Cerci. A big no no to Taarabt as I’ll be mad because clearly we’re only going for a cheaper alternative. Like I said before, according to Sportmediaset, with the departure of our players, we’ve managed to scramble up 20 million euros, which is what Cairo is asking for Cerci. If Cerci arrives, this will be one of our best mercatos in recent memory, without a doubt. Pippo wants Cerci, give him what he wants!


Diego Lopez and armero r a big step up in those positions and I’m finally happy. I totally agree jow is going after Cerci. He should be our sole focus. If we can’t land him (which we better) I don’t mind taarabt. I was doubting him before In January but when he played he was our strongestplayer on the field and hhe’s young. But all in all I want Cerci lol I believe we still need a cm, I’m not saying a world class one where we need to spend all our money but at least a solid one. If… Read more »

Joe Helmy

He will turn to 33 next November. It means that Milan would have a good service from him in maximum level around 2 to 3 years and the rest he would be available only for back-up. Therefore, Milan need to sign Perin next season to be back-up for one season. Then, in the early of 2016/2017 season, Perin would be 24 years old and ready to take the first place from Lopez, and a negotiation can be made for wage reduction as back-up. I think it have found in the contract.


This is a great move by Galliani. Abbiati is back up and Agazzi and Gabriel are approaching garbage so I don’t think there’s anything to say we won’t buy Perin next season and maybe loan him out.

Joe Helmy

After Armero and Lopez, need 2 more signing for Montolivo replacement (Dzemaili or Banega) and a right wing (Cerci or Lavezzi or Taarabt or Bonaventura). Let Agazzi, Essien, Zaccardo, Didac and Mexes go. For CB, having Zapata (27) would be better than Mexes (32).


Good job Mr.G! But Mr.G, i hope it doesn’t end here, though..


Galliani is a very intelligent and smart man,IMO,i think he will approach Genoa for Perin in the January mercato in 2015 and most probably sign him and send him back to Genoa on a season long loan or even in the last days of the present mercato.
Perhaps Galliani is saving the money he has maybe to sign a world class player,who know if its a CB or a CM or a RW?because since the past mercato till this day,Milan have not spend up to €10m.
Hope everyone will be great this year.
Forza Milan.


Great signing no doubt especially as short term solution. Abbiati can happily retire next June. For long term solution though we need either Scuffet or Perin.
Cerci? I will rather keep faith with Honda and Niang as right wingers, and get a good attacking CM eg Dzemaili, Rabiot or Fellaini.


Van der Sar was world class until the day he retired at the age of 42. Lopez might have more then 3 good years in him. We should now get Cerci asap. Afterwards we should try to sign Rabiot. I have faith in Cristante and i believe a midfield with De Jong, Cristante and Honda/ Rabiot will work perfectly fine.


Rather buy taarabt who’s cheaper and younger than cerci , cerci may cum to milan and not perform


I am not convinced with the Cerci Idea. Definitely he is good and a lot of risk associated with him. He did well under ventura & Turin’s playing style. Pandrelli tried him several times but it did not work. Therefore investing 20M for him is very risky as well as he is 28 years old. If he did not shine he will become a burden for ur as like Matri. In other way Taarabat is a proven player at Milan & less costly. He also wants Milan.We should go for Taarabat & use the money elsewhere specially in Midfield. I… Read more »


This dude right here knows football!!


I think this is a great signing. He is pretty good and still only 32 which is not too old for a goalie. I would choose him over Perrin at this point since he is proven – Perrin is younger but didn’t show much so far and needs to prove himself and if he does, we can always try to sign him in 2-3 years. I believe now we need one or two quality midfielders and maybe another good defender and we should be ok. In offense we are pretty well covered – I just hope ballotelli works his ass… Read more »


My preferred rossoneri squad for 2014-15 season:

Goalkeepers: Lopez/Abiatti/Grabiel
Defends: Darmian/Alex/Rami/Zapata/Albertazzi/De Sciglio/ Armero/Bonera
Midfield: Poli/Montolivo/Cristante/De jong/Saponara/Muntari/Honda/Mastaour/ New signing
Attack: Niang/Taarabat/Menez/Mario/SES/Pazzini
Please comment….Forza Milan


This is the most excited i’ve been in a while. The only signings that i think are needed now is Taarabt/Cerci and Džemaili, who could come in and start right away and allow us to keep Muntari on the bench


This is the most excited i’ve been in a while. The only signings that i think are needed now is Taarabt/Cerci and Džemaili, who could come in and start right away and allow us to keep Muntari on the bench


GK:Diego Lopez,DL:DeSiglio,DR:Abate,DC:Rami,DC:Agger…DMC:DeJong,CM:Tiote,CM:Montolivo…RWF:Cerci,SC:Falcao,LWF:El Sharaawy


Once again, no Dzemaili!!!!!

Grenier/Banega/ we need a midfielder that can play as the link up midfielder between defence and attack.

Grenier/Banega——De Jong———Cristant/Poli

That should be our midfield next season.

Until Monto returns. Then

Grenier/Banega—De jong—Monto



Am glad we got Lopez,we can still sign Perin when Abbiati Retires all we need left is sell Essien,Agazzi and Mexes then we buy a better right winger and a midfielder(Dzemaili or granier) would prefer for us to get dos santos and taraabt together…