Inzaghi on the USA Tour, his squad, the mercato and more…


FILIPPO INZAGHI has said that Milan are on the right track and that the club knows which players he wants to sign.

The Milan squad returned to Italy today and pretty unsuccessful tour in Canada and in the United States. The Rossoneri lost three of their four games, conceding 10 goals in the process while only managing to get 4 to the net of the other team.

The only win on the tour was in the last game, against the weak Chivas Guadalajara, and things aren’t looking too good for Milan ahead of the Serie A opener with Lazio on August 31st. In any case, coach Pippo Inzaghi remains confident.

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“There is no sense looking at the results in the early matches because the fitness is not there and then we came up against really strong sides,” Inzaghi said today. “Overall, I am happy enough with the way things went and the team is getting fitter. A lot of players put in a lot of running in the matches and I could see that they were really giving it their all so I am positive.

“We have no injuries at all and injuries things can happen when you train little and play more and we have Jeremy Menez back fit again. Mattia De Sciglio? He picked up a knock but my staff and I are confident that the players are on the right track. I have seen great commitment from everyone, the boys are behind me and you can see it in their eyes. The games on the tour? At the beginning I sensed fear in our play, born out of previous results. I dealt with this by working. Against Liverpool for example, we conceded two goals through our own errors but that’s fine because we were trying to play the ball.

Filippo Inzaghi during the press conference today (L), the players at the airport (R) (

“We want to impose our style of play and in Italy we can do it. We will dominate a lot of matches and I want us to play without fear. We will win our fans back by playing great football. We need to get to the first day of the season at 100 per cent. We need to understand that the team has to improve. And of course we cannot get too carried away with our 3-0 Chivas win.

“We can’t get too down after our earlier defeats either. We just have to think about improving. We have two difficult events coming up: the match at Valencia and then the TIM Trophy. But with this spirit and the upcoming matches, we will have the chance to go into the Lazio game in the best shape. Our objective is to be ready for the first match of the new season.

“The 2014/15 season? Fortunately, my lads don’t read the papers that much and last season we finished eighth and there was a new coach so we need to have some patience. We will give everything in the league to reach a position where we deserve to be and the fans should know this. There are teams ahead of us but we have kept players who seemed to be leaving and we will give any team a hard time but I don’t know where we will finish. These players will work hard and make sure the fans are behind us. After one month of work I can confirm the team has heart. We will win the fans over,” he added.

“I need to do well and bring back the spirit to the team. I assure you that a lot of the players have an attachment to the Rossoneri. If the team sees the staff, the club and Coaches working, the players will have to put everything into it too. You can’t create a winning group in 20 days but we are on the right track. I’d start from the compactness of the team which I saw the other night against Chivas. The other games? We were a bit unlucky but I saw something positive even in the defeats.

“However, it would be delusional to think we don’t need to work. At Milanello we will recover and reach the best condition possible. De Jong will be back next week and then we will have Montolivo fit down the line. We have taken a lot of positives from this tournament and we found out that that likes of Niang, Cristante and Saponara can play their part for the team.

“Keisuke Honda? The boy has always played and he is very underestimated. In my opinion he is very good and attentive. In the attacking midfield, mostly on the right, with his characteristics he can give us a real hand, particularly as a person. Mario Balotelli is doing well and his team-mates really love him. I have not found anything that has been said about him to be true and he is very relaxed. I hope he keeps training like he does. My aim is make each player one hundred per cent secure in his role depending on the characteristics he can bring to the team,” continued the former Milan and Juve striker.

“A gift from the club? They’ve already gifted me by putting me on the bench.  Milan have given me so much and I am proud to be coaching them. My birthday (which is tomorrow)? It’s a day just like any other. I hope this will be a positive year for Milan and for the fans as well as President Berlusconi, Adriano Galliani and Barbara Berlusconi. The best gift would be filling the San Siro again and we must do this on 31 August. I know how the Milan fans think and they will be back.

“As for the transfer market, everyone knows very well which players I want and the club agrees with me so it is only right that Galliani talks about the transfer market. This is a competitive squad and if someone else arrives so much the better otherwise we have this squad. We will now get back to training and the club is well aware who I would like to bring in. However, it would be unfair to name names. I am pleased with what we have anyway and with the 3 young players – Niang, Cristante & Saponara – who came through on the tour. We must let the youngsters come through in a relaxed manner.”

Milan continue to work on all fronts for the new season. Inzaghi, who tomorrow turns 41-year-old, will keep training the guys for the match with Lazio while Galliani and Berlusconi will try to answer his demands and strengthen the Diavolo squad.

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Never seen a coach talked more confidently. We got your back Pipo.


“Keisuke Honda? The boy has always played and he is very underestimated. In my opinion he is very good and attentive. I like inzagi’s words. Although we lost it was good giving the young players some time to grow and show what they can bring to the team or if they are not worthy of milan. Forza pippo and Forza Milan.

ps. 2 good players before the market ends!!


Great interview, bravo Pippo, this confidence will transmit to the squad, along with some more QUALITY inforcements (Cerci and my hopes are on Perin but Lopez would be okay) I think this squad can do something positive this season and build on. This is the real year zero for us.
We’re all behind you grande Pippo! Forza Milan!


Im loving his comments about dominating other teams, and playing without fear, this is what Allegris milan was, fearful and scared to make a mistake. We are MILAN we shouldnt fear anyone. Pippo is the right man for the job. He takes everything into account from roommates to diet. This team has only gotten better in every game in the US and will continue to grow. With Armero being a much much better option at LB then anyone we have had in a long time, im confident pippo knows what this team needs. Cerci would be a dream, but i… Read more »


I do believe once de jong is back the midfield will be great as saponara and poli/cristante will be able to rush to attack knowing there is a destroyer behind them, loved the interview and hope he gets a goalkeeper and rw (my fav option would be campbell) and he continue with his faith in youngters, FORZA PIPO FORZA MILAN!


“There is no sense looking at the results in the early matches because the fitness is not there and then we came up against really strong sides,” Inzaghi said today. “Overall, I am happy enough with the way things went” Now I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong and maybe I am but that first statement from pippo is complete bullshit because every other team in that tournament had the same perpetration time as we had to work on fitness and the “we were up against really strong clubs” well excuse me but milan should be counted as a… Read more »


No they other teams had slightly more time. their leagues start a couple weeks earlier.


i thought every other fan on this blog was high on cheap SHIT untill i saw nas’comment. Milan can never return to greatness with a narrow minded puppet on the bench. with all due respect, inzaghi was a great player but i see him being just another mediocre italian coach like allegy. i do hope he proves me wrong though. Seedorf may bw inexperienced but with his phylosophy and mindset, i expect him to be one of the best taticians in the game years to come.


I am disgusted with this club right now Inzaghi is a puppet nothing more Cerci? Perin? nope players that come? Taarabt and Lopez hahaha prepare for a very dissapointing season we will not qualify for CL or even EL with this squad and this signings Inzaghi will be fired after a few months i Think if he doesnt get results which is very hard with that defence and keepers


Thank you rosso, I’m just really fed up with all the nonsense and back slapping that everything’s ok if we sign every other clubs rubbish, I mean a club like ours shouldn’t even consider signing any of the players that it has lately, if we’r supposed to compeat in Europe then for god sake taarabt and menze is not the players we need, if we’r serious about rebuilding then why for argument sake did we not try to sign fabregas or tony croos or falco or any other top class player that’s up for sale? And don’t beleave the bullshit… Read more »

Joe Helmy

I think the existence of Honda in Milan is more related on sponsorship (from Japan) than his availability for the team. Honda has a good quality, but no specific position for him now in the squad due to the change of formation (4-3-3). I guest Milan will keep Honda, try to play him in right midfielder or right winger.
I hope Milan will realize their signing next week for Armero, Lopez, Cerci, Dzemaili or Alex Song.

Abate/De Sciglio – Rami/Bonera – Alex/Mexes – De Sciglio/Armero/Albertazzi
Poli/Cristante/Honda – De Jong/Dzemaili/Cristante – Dzemaili/Saponara/Muntari
Cerci/Niang/Honda – Balotelli/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez

Joe Helmy

Or Milan leave Song negotiation and star a negotiation for Bonaventura (24 years) to play in left midfielder as first choice and use Saponara has his back-up, while Dzemaili prepare as back-up for De Jong Jong. Dzemaili is very strong player and very consistent. Bonaventura is a productive player with 8 goals last season, and more experience than Saponara, and good for long term. Therefore, I suggest to have a squad as below:

Abate/De Sciglio – Rami/Bonera – Alex/Mexes – De Sciglio/Armero/Albertazzi
Poli/Cristante/Honda – De Jong/Dzemaili/Cristante – Bonaventura/Saponara/Muntari
Cerci/Niang/Honda – Balotelli/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez


The big big new here is Niang is looking good. He is set to be a starter. The other big news is Cristante playing a DF and Saponara adapting to a deeper midfield role.