Robinho leaves Milan on loan but will not return next year

Robinho in action against Livorno, 19 April 2014 (

SANTOS WILL have an option to buy him out in January but even if they don’t use it, Robinho won’t come back to Milan – the media claims.

Robinho looks all set to leave Milan and rejoin Santos on loan for one season. The club President of Santos, Odilio Rodrigues, confirmed last evening that negotiations are going well.

“Several media outlets already take the return of Robinho to Santos as a sure thing. I inform you that the negotiations are progressing well and we are doing everything possible to take the player, who has also lowered his initial demands,” Odilio told the club’s TV station. “We have great hope that the transaction will be done soon and we hope to gift the Santos fans as soon as possible.”

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According to and today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, there shouldn’t be any problems in the transfer and Santos will welcome back Robinho soon. It’s also stated that Santos will have a clause in the contract which would allow them to purchase Robinho in January for a relatively low price. Binho has a contract until 2016 with Milan but in any scenario he will not be returning to the Rossoneri next year as it’s reportedly been agreed with his agent that if Santos don’t take up their buy-out option, he’ll have to find a new team. Dubai’s Al-Ahli and Orlando City from the Major League Soccer are options. also claims that there’ll be a clause indicating that if Santos win the Copa Libertadores with Robinho, they’ll have to pay Milan €1.5 million. After 144 appearances and 32 goals, the Milan chapter is ready to end in Robinho’s career.

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At last 2 gone oda bad eggs to folo asap and bring in good players like isco, taraabt nd co.


Wohoo now buy cerci and lopez and a midefelder (kucka) and our team will look like this next season

Abate. Alex zapata/ rami. De sciglio
Poli de jong. Monty
Cerci. Balo. El shaaraway

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Listen **** Lopez might aswell play Abbiati in that case Perin or nobody


Really? Lopez is a lot better than abbiati and also 4 years younger.

Yes Perin would be a much better signing but Lopez has 2-3 good years left in him, so way the hate?


Dream on about Cerci, Galliani will only bring him if he can stick a player in this deal. There was never about Kaka or Robinho leaving. Only if Balotelli leaves then we’ll see a player of such market value in this club. In the end they’ll just bring Taarabt back…


Thanks for everything Robi, but it really is time, I’m still waiting for it to become official as this story has had too many twists and turns.
Anyways, with Constant gone, and Robi’s imminent departure. There’s just Didac and Zaccardo left to go (maybe Albertazzi too) and Essien.
Time to go all-in for Cerci now. And I agree with the comment above, that we might as well just count on Abbiati instead of signing Lopez. This is the time to buy Perin and make an actual smart investment.

Forza Milan

Robinho leaves just guessing which player will be galiani’s next excuse of not buying a star player.GALLIANI PLEASE BRING CERCI TO MILAN.NO MORE EXCUSES.

milan till death

i will be glad if milan sign taarabt and not cerci because of these three good reason
1.he has prove himself in a milan jersey
2.his price his low
3.he love milan
that what milan need in these time of transition


we need cerci please, tarabat is a niz player buh we need cerci he proved his wortth at a low levl team lik torino believ me he will outshine balo and panzini .gudby robinho

Pa ibra

it’s difficult to get rid of a player when you show desperation. buyers are likely to doubt the players quality more (i feel robinho is better than how he look in the market). now santos seems relaxed and letting milan and the player make sacrifaces. they took advantage of the situation well.


If zaccardo and muntari or essien leave (I personally prefer muntari to go), it will then be a successful mercato. Unfortunately management deem bonera untouchable.


Just read sassuolo are interested in agazzi!!! Please get rid of him that would be great business

Joe Helmy

After Robinho’s transfer, Galliani have to realize transfer for Cerci or Lavezzi and not Pandev. For GK position, Perin would better for long term rather than Lopez or Reina or Marchetti. I think Milan 2 big signing on this position.


Bonera, Zaccardo, Essien, Muntari, Poli, Pazzini, Agazzi left ..

Pa ibra

perin will be great but i’m afraid genoa will ask for de sciglio + cash. because either buying or selling milan always sounds desperate and fail to value some of ther players fairly. niang/zapata + 10M is abit too much for perin, with all due respect. just pay cash or offer unwanted players.

the referee

Well all the current players are “unwanted”, so does not really make much difference be Bonera or Zapata.

John Gatjang C.

Bonera,Zachardo,and Baloteli to retire at Milan? or what happened? why killing this club? we failed to secure the signing of the rumoured deals with the like of Douglas Costa, Perin, Cambel,Lavezzi, Isco,and instead want to look for free transfers or buy cheap players like now Rumoured Diego Lopez,G.Pandev,and other midiocres. what a dead management!

Pa ibra

and the rumour of armero and pendev is sicking me in the stomarch. i’ll 100% believe that there is absolutely no plans if they offload constant and then bring him back again with armero.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Now media are reporting that we are hours from signing Diego Lopez and that the constant transfer is funding his big wages i will wait until its official then i give up then i have lost my last hope for this club to comeback i will turn my back to this club until a new owner take over


There’s more to be sold…………I see there are some to be sold fore sure so that petagna can be brought back and be given the first team chance………Forza Rossoneri………


More italiano please..


Wolfsburg want Pazzini now that the Destro deal is collapst!


Pazzinis contract expires next year but i doubt Inzaghi will sell. If so, bring back Paloschi, the boy inzaghi once said was his heir.


First off thanks to u Robinho for everythingin milan. Especiallythe sscudetto. When official I see no reason why we don’t go for either Cerci Lavezzi or taarabt. For a goalie no doubt everybody wants perin including me, but we’re milan fans and we have to take what we can get. Be grateful we’re even getting Lopez, he was real Madrids starting goalie and pushed Casillas, one of the best goalies in the world to the bench. Don’tbe telling me he’s a slight improvement on Abbiaticause that is so not true. Diego lLopez is world class and still has an excellent… Read more »


Lopez is bad? Guys have u watched football in recent memory? Lopez was by far one of the best goalis last year, heck CASILLAS was pushed to bench it’d be a DREAM signing to get Lopez, yeah perin is young and all but I’m sure as hell he ain’t world class yet, though I wonder why nobody is linked with Petr Cech he is sure as heck not gonna settle with 2nd choice so why not go for him (top 3 goalie)


I don’t think anyone has questioned Lopez quality in goal, it’s just that signing Perin makes much more sense. Lopez has a few years left in him, and he’s a great shot stopper, however, personally, I don’t trust spanish players in Serie A, even if they’re goal keepers, and besides, if we sign him, in just 2-4 years, we’ll have to be on the lookout for another keeper. And by then Perin will probably have been signed by Juve as Buffon’s replacement. And who knows where Scuffet will be. Signing Perin, is the smartest, even if he may be a… Read more »


Obrigado Robinho! Te amo muito!
Complete respect for Robbie
Gonna miss that personality


Don’t even thank him, he was horrible the whole time since he joined the club and got paid millions for doing it. Another overrated Brazilian.


Now its being said that even with robinho being sold its still not enough to bring cerci in. Im starting to get sick of the lies. Im happy the milan fans in italy are making their feelings known by not buying season tickets.


Diego lopez? Someone above already said that he prefer to stay with abbiati instead getting d.lopez-i agree!!! His wage will be probably biger than robinhos&constans toghether… and he wont be the one to get milan back to cl! So whats the point???? Adriano, think about it please!!!! If i will be on his (galiani) place i will let go balotelli, abate(if he dosent want to extend with same wage he have), essien, muntari, mexes, honda, birsa, maybe even pazzini… that will lower down wages a lot and bring some money from tranfers-around 40m € in my op then spend it… Read more »


What? Lopez will definately not earn more than what Robinho was earning, don`t be rediculous!

uslar ses

Even with robinho gone,milan wount sign cerci but pendev…beilive my words pendev is a left footed player sweetable for RW role,and cerci will cost milan arround €18-€20mil….can milan spend diz kind of millions on a player right now??