Report: Perin to be Milan’s goalkeeper next season


MATTIA PERIN will be the new goalkeeper of the Rossoneri according to the SportMediaset journalist Paolo Bargiggia.

Milan currently have three goalkeepers in the squad but it appears that Michael Agazzi and Gabriel have failed to convince Filippo Inzaghi during the pre-season so far and with Christian Abbiati turning 37 last month, Milan need a goalkeeper.

The Diavolo’s official TV station, the Milan Channel, suggested yesterday that ‘something can move’ in the goalkeepers department in the last two weeks of August but specifically stated that Mattia Perin is unlikely to be the one that’s arriving.

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However, as reported by SportMediaset through the journalist Paolo Bargiggia, Milan and Genoa have reached an agreement over the 21-year-old ‘keeper who recently rejected a move to Bayern Munich (didn’t want to be a second-choice according to his agent). It’s reported the price is €10m and Cristian Zapata or M’Baye Niang could be included in the deal.

Milan are less inclined to give Niang as Filippo Inzaghi views him as a wildcard in the attack and of course Zapata or the Frenchman would have to accept a move to Genoa first. If the move does take place, Agazzi could be sent elsewhere as he’d become surplus to requirements. Mediaset also adds that Milan tried to get Pepe Reina and Federico Marchetti but then turned their intentions to Perin. Galliani and Preziosi reportedly negotiated about it this weekend at Forte dei Marmi.

Earlier this week, Perin’s agent Moreno Roggi, said: “Milan is just a rumour. Perin is a Genoa player. If we’d take Milan into account if they came knocking? If I’m 60 years of age and a 20-year-old makes a pass at me, why do you think I’d do? However, at the moment he’s a player of Genoa.” There were also talks that Perin to Milan could only happen in 2015.

Only time will tell if the Mediaset report has any foundation or if it’s just another typical transfer market rumour. It’s clear, however, that the Milan fans would love to see Perin between the sticks at Stadio San Siro on a regular basis next year.

Update: Perin’s agent denies an agreement has been reached

The agent said: “Milan and Genoa have not reached an agreement for Perin, and the player has not agreed personal terms with Milan.” Meanwhile, Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio has revealed that Milan are in talks with Real Madrid over goalkeeper Diego Lopez. However, the agent of the player is unaware of the negotiations: “Milan have never contacted us. I don’t know if they have talked with Real Madrid or not. We have received offers from other clubs – not Milan. He’s a three-year contract.”

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If Pippo blocks Perin by keeping Niang he deserves firing. Perin’s Buffon’s true heir whilst Mr. 0 goals/28 games is reckless on/off the pitch.

Hudan Ahmad

Yes give them Zapata and bring on Perin, Niang is an asset, he’s still young we can’t afford to loose him.

Liam Bekker

It would be great to see Perin at Milan this season. Despite his age he’s already an upgrade on Abbiati. He’s gonna be one of the best ‘keepers in the world in a few years and Milan would do well to sign him now and develop him into that.

Walid Mardas

Please sign him


Keep Niang and Zapata. Offer Agazzi and Constant.


good news, constant is already gone for 2.5 M!!


hope dis is true.


Don’t give yourselves heart aches yet. Do seriously trust any Milan transfer now? wait till it happens.


Pls get him!
We need a gk like him!


Gabriel: Loan out

Offer them Zaccardo/Constant/maybe Agazzi/or Niang on loan


Perin’s agent: “Milan and Genoa have not reached an agreement for Perin, and the player has not agreed personal terms with Milan.”


Emiliano Viviano would have been a better option than this one.


From what I’ve heard this perin deal can be closed in the next hours. I’m not too excited yet because deals r famous for collapsing with milan. But let me just say if we do indeed get perin I am the happiest person. It’s been too long that we’ve had weak goal keeping and now we have the chance to have a goalie who can become the best in the world. Also I’m happy with armero for constant there’s no doubting that. I really hope all three deals r closed today!!


Just reading that Man Utd wants to get rid of Chicharito and Wilfried Zaha (among others). Both young and good players and relatively cheap – I assume 30M could be enough to get both of them. Chicharito was born to score goals (instead of Pazzini) and Zaha could occupy our right wing.

Of course we won’t sign any of them, just saying it would be nice 🙂


“Report” not Official….so i think this another rumor transfer


This would be great news, and although Zapata is not the central defender i would prefer to see leave, i would rather let that happen, and close down a keeper for years to come. A top central defender can be brought in next year when Bonera and Mexes have their contracts expire.

If possible, sell them agazzi and abate, let constant go to turkey and bring in armero as planned ; mds-rami-zapata–armero

milanisti bali

Sigm perin and give them galliani..


Nice one!


Perin would be awesome, furthermore we should consider singning Fetfatzidis, he is called the greek Messi, 23 years old and amazingly talented. He was also the player who caused us the most problems when we were playing against Genoa last season.


Please go get him! He’s already the best Goalie in Seira A if we don’t get him u know he’s going to Juve


Please let this happen dont fail us galliani or zapata!!!!!!!!!!!

Mos B

I prefer us signing perin and paying them straight cash Without offering them niang or zapata… Perin is a good young keeper and the future heir to buffon. But zapapta n niang hv vital roles to play in milan and i wouldnt want any of them to leave


I heard Diego Lopez rejected a move to Monaco to come to Milan – I´m afraid, because he would be more “Galliani-style” than Perin…



Milan fan

Yeah like Vrsaljko right ? 😉 Don’t get excited Perin won’t join Milan.

Joe Helmy

If Milan have Perin, I think they can rule out Gabriel permanently.


I hear Diego Lopez rejected Monaco for Milan, he would be a good/experienced goalie then we can work on getting perin as back up once Abbiati retires


Congratulations guys.. Constant to Trabzonspor, its official!

Milan fan

What’s the use Constant leaves,and comes Armero who the same maybe even worse. From Criscito and Vrsaljko they will end up with Armero.

Some Guy

Also Digne from PSG should be a Milan target, hes’ still young and rarely gets play time at PSG.


any one of perin and diego lopez would be fantastic


Even though his agent denied it, I sincerely hope that something can happen with Perin joining us. Lopez is a great keeper, but I don’t trust spanish players in Serie A. And with Perin we’d have a keeper for the next 10-15 years at least. Fingers crossed! It would be like a dream come true!


Reports are now that Armero will be joining us on loan. Hopefully that is to fill the vacant spot zapata leaves with the arrival of Perin.


Armero will come as a replacement for Constant, not for Zapata. Armero is a left back not a centre back.
I still hope that Perin arrives, but not with Zapa or Niang leaving. Just with us giving Genoa cold hard cash.


Oh yeah, sorry usually im pretty on point with my comments. I dont see us forking over more then 10 for him, and according to reports, it would be 10 mil plus zapata/niang. Thats a little much for him in my opinion. If we could work out a better deal im all for it. I just dont want to pay an inflated price. Hes a great goalie but still very young. Coming to a team like milan involves a significant amount of pressure.


Guys do u realize that all we need to pay is 0.5 mil extra to get Taarabt (Constant was sold for 2.5 mil) lol


Ac milan has one of the most stupid fans worldwide, they believe anything said about ac milan on the media… Like Cristiano Ronaldo is coming to Milan… Mthewwww, Galliani will not let this happen!


perin is a great lad and has a bright futur ahead i just milan could rap up d deal


Even if his agent has come out to deny it, it might be some truth to this rumour, For the last two seasons, I’ve thought that Perin is destined for Milan so, even with Galliani in charge, I’ll keep the faith and hope that he arrives, even if the possibility for Lopez arriving is greater as he’s probably the cheapest alternative and Milan nowadays don’t think a lot about long term investments.


Ive been hearing rumblings of us going after Victor Valdes. If that happens i will be livid


Wish it wasn’t Zapata or niang, why can’t we offload zaccardo


we can’t even purchase our own players anymore, just loans and free transfers. We are in a transition period and it is tough to see it happening. I will be convinced when we actually buy a quality player outright. Not matri for 12m. Hope this constant sale and the eventual sale of robinho will be the beginning of something good


I desperately want perin but I’mgoing tO be grateful even for Lopez. Who knows maybewe loan lLopez for a year and then matri shines for Genoa and we trade him + cash for perin? Regardless iI hope perin comes now rather than later

seun leleme

Pls guys we need to beg Galliani to sign for milan so we can get back on top..


Constant leaves for Trabsbonzor for 2.5 million Euros.


Why should we give Zapata or Niang, please give them Zaccardo and Albertazzi and cash for Perin, he is a true talent, future star of italan national team!


wikipedia already confirms Pablo Armero as an on loan milan player