Perin deal denied, but Milan negotiate with Madrid over Lopez


MILAN ARE very serious about acquiring a goalkeeper this summer but the Mattia Perin rumour didn’t last long.

The Rossoneri are making progress in the market today. Kevin Constant and Robinho are almost officially out of the club and Pablo Armero is already lined up to join the club on loan with option to be bought next season (there is an agreement).

Over the past few days there’ve been talks that Milan are looking to strengthen themselves in the goalie position, especially after the unconvincing performances of Agazzi and Gabriel in the United States and rumours have been flying around.

Robinho close to joining Santos on a one-year loan deal
Report: Perin to be Milan’s goalkeeper next season

SportMediaset suggested this afternoon that Milan and Genoa have reached an agreement over Mattia Perin – the 21-year-old who’s been courted by the Diavolo for a while. It was reported that Adriano Galliani and Enrico Preziosi struck a deal in the region of €10m with possibly defender Cristian Zapata or forward M’Baye Niang also included in the transaction.

However, the agent of Perin said that the clubs don’t have any understanding and club President Preziosi said similar things: “I cannot spend my life denying rumours concerning the Genoa mercato. If someone wrote those stories just ask him about them. Perin is currently the goalkeeper of Genoa. Galliani and I are just on vacation together right now.” Milan’s official media outlet, the Milan Channel, also – again – claimed that Perin will not be joining the red and blacks this month.

But Milan Channel did confirm the Sky Italia reports about ongoing negotiations between Milan and Real Madrid over the 32-year-old goalkeeper Diego Lopez. With the arrival of Keylor Navas to Carlo Ancelotti’s team, Lopez could be on the move and he’s attracted the interest of many clubs after his excellent performances for Los Blancos over the past 2 seasons.

Milan are interested in signing Lopez on loan for one season (it’s also possible that the Rossoneri will try to acquire him on a permanent basis) and Galliani is dealing directly with Madrid’s President Florentino Perez with whom he has a great relationship. The agent of Lopez, Manuel Garcia Quillon, is reportedly ready to fly out to Italy at any time to talk with Galliani about the personal terms of the player. Monaco are also interested in signing the player as an alternative to Sergio Romero.

After a long pause the Aldo Rossi club returns to the transfer market. In addition to a goalkeeper, Milan will also try to sign a right-winger as Robinho is all but officially a Santos player: he will fly to Brazil this evening to sign the 1-year loan contract.

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Milan will rise again…

Some Guy

Andre Ayew and Cerci should be top targets for the right winger position. I would rather have Cerci, but Ayew is also class, and he has stated that he wants Milan, so the price could be cheaper. We are also desperately in need of a center mid, even more than a defender. I was hoping for Parolo or Romulo, but they’ve been taken now. Cigarini could be a good option, not too old or too expensive.


Romulo. Gigarini. Parolo?? Are u mad?

Giuda Interista

yes we are always interested but we never actually buy them


VryGudNews.. Dat means am expecting a left winger dis wek


Guys i knew Allegri’s goin to do somethin like this..! And he just said he has found a new role for Pogba – The Midfielder wil be played in attack… Like he did wit Boateng lol. Poor Pogba.


Poor Pogba? If Allegri deploys him behind strikers in his favourite 4-3-1-2, this kid has all the talent to explode in that position. Remember what i said… Still i hope i’m wrong in my speculations

Milan fan

I wanted Perin and Criscito/Vrsaljko not Armero and Lopez. Milan needs young blood not only filling wholes.


Totally agree. But that’s how it is with the club, that’s why we’re in the position we’re in now, they don’t think for the future, only the present. Otherwise Perin would be the logical keeper choice, as we’d make an investment that will last for at least 10-15 years, not go for Lopez, although he is a fine keeper. And Armero, to me, is an improvement to Constant of course, but he lacks in his defensive abilities, and that’s what a full BACK should excel in, not his ability to dribble and cross.
Would rather have had Darmian…


Agree with you Milanista121, young keepers are always a good investment (De gea being a good example at Man United)


Exactly the keeper I have in mind!
And Perin also has Serie A experience already, knows the language, all the signs point to us to sign him. Unless you’re Galliani of course, and go for the cheaper and more short term solution…


Agree with you, will be frustrating if we lay over the top for Lopez.
Sometimes I wish Galliani just visited these threads


its official – Constant is no longer a Milan player:-)


It was Reina , Perrin, lopez, lazio keeper. When are we going to pick up one


Perin to Milanin the next hours my a**.. Always a story with milan. Every year iIhave to pull my hair out because of our transfer window. Get all excited about players were linked with and then someone comes out and denies every rumor


Heres a question Im curious about, why is Galliani on vacation right now? August is prime time for transfers and he should be doing what he gets paid to do not taking vacations! Overall I think we should sign Taarabt, and goalie and LB are the positions we need to reinforce in the most. And get rid of Essien, he used to be one of my fav midfielders when he was at Chelsea but he is past his prime, muntari can be a descent sub but no means a Captain like he was at that game I went to see… Read more »


We might hate him but don’t be naive, managers like him don’t just turn off the cell phone and take actual vacation…


If constant sold for € 2.5 how many of them Milan gonna sale to connect money to buy a good one


Anyone still dreaming we get good players? There are rumours while we got Agazzi and two PSG players who were old or not wanted or both… Now we maybe get loan again (probably fourth goalkeeper and we are done…
I dont trust stem anymore and dont expect anything. Now we lowered wages so much (Robinho, Kaka, Constant, Emmanuelson, Traoré) and we do not invest that again…

Yeah i know there is big scary FFP. Look how it works. PSG, Monaco, City out of Europe… Oh wait no they arent…

Joe Helmy

I prefer Perin than Lopez for long term, because Milan have already had Abbiati for experience one. Perin is 3rd Italian national goal keeper now. Therefore, by the inclusion of Perin, Armero, Kucka and Cerci, a complete Milan squad for the next season is expected as:

Abate/De Sciglio – Rami/Bonera – Alex/Mexes – De Sciglio/Armero
Poli/Cristante – De Jong/Kucka – Saponara/Muntari
Cerci/Niang – Balotelli/Pazzini – El Shaarawy/Menez

But, I hope Zapata will stay instead of Mexes.


No Montolivo there m8?

Some Guy

Saponara didn’t impress me at all in pre season, I would much rather have Kucka starting next to Nigel and Montolivo (Cristante until he returns)

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Well it maybe is lies about Perin i mean the agent of Diego lopes said there was no negotiations with Milan aswell but it does sound like Milan to go after Diego Lopes when Real got a new GK because we can get him cheap or a loan with buy option but if they dont act serious and buy a gk like Perin or Scuffet i wont watch this season there is a reason why just 8000 season tickets have been sold they must do something good or it will end in a financial disaster

Milan fan

Milan is already over,the poor management destroyed it,read Kojak. He brought Essien who is absolutely worthless,re-signed Muntari and Abiati,brought Alex who is the slowest defender ever and they already have Mexes,Rami who are the same type of players…….catastrophe.

They missed out on Vrsaljko and Perin and now they’ll bring new old and worthless people like Armero and Lopez.

Berlusconi doesn’t even care,and he’s too selfish to sell the club. It’s not worth it to be a Milan fan.


sell sell sell milan
to those arabians!!!




Jeeeeezz!!!! Milan why? Why go 4 lopez who is 32 whn we cn go 4 perin? Galliani must think into d future


well for me I’d be content with either of the keepers we are being linked with right now. it seems we all don’t realise that its a miracle if we sign anyone with nearly the same quality as these two guys given the management we have at Milan right now. sign Lopez, tarabt, amero (let’s just see what he’s made of), then if we want to see our season tickets increase by a few more hundreds, maybe even a thousand or two, we should pull a shocker and sign isco


i dont think we need another old goal keeper. Perin for me is a better option for continuity sake. but if Lopez is signed? that means Gabriel is in line with a milan future. and he should be loaned out instead of Agazzi.