El Shaarawy on next season, Inzaghi, the fans and more…


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY has a lot of confidence ahead of next season and has said that he isn’t bothered by pressure.

Milan’s season starts in 30 days when they take on Lazio at Stadio San Siro for the opening matchday of the Italian Serie A but as of now, they are still in the United States, on their way to Charlotte where they face Liverpool for a friendly tomorrow.

Only two players have started every single pre-season game so far and one of them is Stephan El Shaarawy (the other is Andrea Poli) and the Italian striker, who is viewed by many as the Rossoneri’s key player for the 14/15 season, feels ready.

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“If it is too much pressure that a lot of people count on me? No, it doesn’t bother me. It stimulates me,” El Shaarawy said in an interview with the Italian daily sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Although I have been out for a long time I feel a lot of confidence and belief towards me. I intend to repay it all. I reply to the pressure by setting myself the target of returning to being important for Milan and to recapturing my place with the national team, regardless of who will be the CT.

“If the injury is behind me? Yes, is a closed chapter. I have recovered fully and am ready to go. To start again to play football as a protagonist is the greatest desire I have ever had in my life. The foot does not give me any more problems, I have a huge desire to return. If I’m competing with (new Milan coach Filippo) Inzaghi to see who has more motivation? He has an incredible spirit of sacrifice and he is transmitting that. His desire and his charisma is helping a lot. In these early weeks he is asking more for attitude than tactics. He transmits an incredible enthusiasm and this is his best quality.

“What has Inzaghi asked of me in particular? He’s told me to take care of the details off the field, such as eating and hours of rest. Things to which I give a lot of value. Playing in a 4-3-3 formation? You all know, it is my favourite system. There are prerequisites for playing a great season. The fans are worried? I understand that the fans are disappointed, but I can assure them that the playing philosophy is there. It just needs a little patience. I am convinced that we will be ready in late August.

“I have a lot of confidence – I see the right spirit and commitment on the part of everyone. How far can this team go? The goal can only be to return to the Champions League, and so finish in the top three. This group deserves it and in the eyes of my teammates I see the right determination. If we are a true team, we can dream. The secret of it all is a united team.

“How much do I miss the goal? I always think about it. For a striker, the goal is life. Liverpool? I’d like to score to give the coach a gift as it will be a special game for him. I have a lot of desire. That’s why I trained when the teammates had a day off and during holidays. I’m looking to be in optimal condition, staying out for long at my age isn’t easy. But I’ve matured. The experiences, good or bad, make you grow anyway. I’m stronger in the head and I’m convinced of my will to prove my worth.

“What is the point of maturity in my career? I’m not even at 60%. I have plenty of room for improvement in all aspects: physically, technically and mentally. Balotelli? Mario is doing well. He has a lot of desire to show what he can do and get back to being a champion and he has all the qualities to succeed. He’s very important to us. Hachim Mastour? We’re roommates on this trip, and I give him some advice every now and then. He is predestined & he’s the skills of a champion.

“I have a special relationship with the club. I want to feel the affection of the fans. Social networks (Abbiati & Mexes said they hate them)? I use them because I like to have a direct relationship with the fans, but in moderation. Inzaghi has told me that excessive use can degrade the performances up to 50%. If I’ve shortened my Mohawk? Just trimmed it a few inches.

“Don’t get any ideas, though: the look remains the same.” El Shaarawy spent most of the last season on the treatment table so he will look to reproduce the performances from the first half of the 2012/13 season, in which he scored 15 goals.

El Shaarawy’s interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)
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cuore rosso

Give the kid the captain armband while Monto does not play (fernando torres att atlectio madrid style).

El Shaarawy the sunlight in our dark dark time for Milan.

On another note plz just buy Perin and Cerci thats all FFS!


Off topic: read we could get taraabt for around 3 mil. Are you kidding??? That’s a steal, buy the guy. Milan recently is all about cheap players. Well I support this one


Galliani will offer 2.5 mil and then ask the player to pay the rest, just like he did with Rami. Pathetic.


Omg just please buy taarabt we really do need him ~


Off topic.did enybody kno were 2 watch milan liveerpool game, i mean tv station i dnt kno if dstv we show it.



it`s livestreams, there should be several streams in different languages. It will show up on sunday. 🙂


El Shaa, people who have only heard of him may think he’s a brat who only thinks of his hair – he is so much more than that. His hard working, and incredibly focused, along with mature for his age. Love it all. Like @Cuore Rosso says, give him the captain’s armband, he shares all the same values as our old senators had, they have taught him well. I wish him an equally succesful career, hopefully with the rossoneri colours, because he deserves the best.
Grande El Shaa, we all believe greatly in you!

Milan fan

El Sha should spend less time on his hair more time on the pitch next season,that’s a fact.

But even if he does what;s the use,the defense is terrible the GK is terrible,waste of time.


The player we’ll sign will be taarabt and Galliani will try to play it off like he’s a magician….


Taarabt isn’t that good he’s average at best that’s why he’s only valued at around 3 million even very ordinary players are worth between 7 and 8 million, do you guys really think that if a player is valued at around 3 million and QPR still can’t sell him that he’s any good? I seen him play for us last year and he did ok but a lot of that is because everyone else with the exception of De Jong and maybe Kaka was sh*t and he looked better than he actually is and if we’r serious about building a… Read more »