Campbell an option, Ayew and Ben Arfa not Milan targets

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MILAN ARE looking for a right winger and Milan Channel has suggested that Andre Ayew and Hatem Ben Arfa are not in the plans of Inzaghi.

Adriano Galliani has claimed that Milan have too many players in the squad right now so they have to sell before they buy. At the moment everything is in standby as there are big difficulties in moving Robinho elsewhere, but the Rossoneri continue to monitor possible reinforcements.

Inzaghi wants to get a left-footed right winger and Alessio Cerci is still the number one target. He is also, however, the most expensive one so Milan have been considering other names. The media has linked the club with several players but the Milan Channel has ruled out two names.

Report: Milan not expected to sell more than 20k season-tickets
Flamengo: “Nothing concrete regarding Robinho’s arrival”

According to Milan’s Official TV station, Hatem Ben Arfa of Newcastle United and Andre Ayew of Olympique de Marseille are not targets, although it was reported that Ayew is keen to move to Milan – a club he’s always supported – and has rejected other clubs in hope of getting an offer from the Rossoneri. Milan Channel does state, however, that Arsenal and Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell is an option for the attack since he has the qualities that Milan are interested in for the winger role.

Meanwhile, QPR’s Harry Redknapp spoke this week about Adel Taarabt, who might still return: “I don’t think he is close to leaving. He hasn’t trained. He would have come to Germany but the first day back training he wasn’t fit and he hasn’t been fit to train since. Then he said he was going to Milan last week. He hasn’t gone, so what we need to do with him is get him fit.

“He’s got to train morning, noon and night really, whether he stays here or goes. I’ve got a lot of time for Adel. Now he needs to get fit, work hard and get himself in shape. He is way out of shape in all honesty.” The reds and blacks  continue to work.

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well campbell already show in the world cup and in olympiakos he is a great player, has pace, better vision than el shaarawy and balo, could complement then very well plus he is young so there is only room for improvement… just remember how he owned de rossi and all urugay the last world cup!!


I want Taarabt but Pippo NOT!

Hope that Campell ll not come…I dont like him at all and is not for Italian football..

Take Ayew Galliani he is very good but I dont know if the plays
as right winger ….

Ben Arfa is another bad option…


i would love to get any of the those targets but galliani simply wont deliver



Inzaghi is a mistake

Get Campell now and get rid off Balloteli, Mexes, Zaccardo, Muntari and Agazzi….


Ayew is quality! He is a left footed winger, very versatile in his style of play, and a forward who often takes part in defensive work as well. I suppose Marseille are not hoping to get rid of him. However, him expressing that he wants to go to Milan is a great sign. We need players with some passion for the shirt; someone willing to go the extra mile. Transfermarkt rates him at £10,56 million, which is supposedly a large chunk of Milan’s budget, granting the reports. Nevertheless, it is much less than what Milan reportedly bid for Juan Iturbe.… Read more »


Ouh yeah, they are right. These players arent our targets. We only buy mediocre cheap free players.


What I just believe is we watch what they are going to do before transfer closed

Redouan Arafat

Omd I cant believe some people on this blog. Have you seen hatem ben arfa when he came to train with Newcastle on the first day and he was was overweight. He is a Newcastle reject and thats why he is linked to us.

Ps please if you say anything on this blog do some research otherwise youll look stupid.


@redouan Arafat
I agree totally with ya and I’m sick to death of us always being linked with rejects, just once in a while it would be nice to hear we are in talks with a proper world class player not some guy who’s useless or washed up former super star


Bale and Angel Di Maria an options” Galliani”…but in 2022…they’ll join Ac Milan..


nobody we attend acmilan match this season… Pls tell berlusconi to sell 30% of milan share so we can be back on our feet and complete with other team out there….


What the hell happened to Taarabt? Why did Milan drop him? QPR doesn’t want him…Redknapp hated him…and now is changing his mind?

He is so cheap! Why not just buy him…he’d be better than anyone currently in the squad.


Mtcheeew…I just wasted 3 mins of my precious time reading Galliani’s lies. I’ll support my Milan again Dis season tho I may not even know our first eleven players by december.


Thanks to Galliani for turning my beloved Milan into a joke.


buy perin, cerci, Isco, and Criscito and were set:)

Walid Mardas

Why not shakiri he’s great, right? And he plays with both feet but the left is the original one.


I really want Galliani to know that, time is going by very fast. N the coaches needs the players so things can work out correctly.


I would rather just keep the players we have then sign these two.


All the teams are strenghening EXCEPT Milan.

jm salis da silva

u’re rejecting a player like ayew’s calibre for cambell ? gausssshhh !! what a mediocrecy ? just go get and watch the videos of both players and make ur own assesment?? even in the just ended world cup that brought the attraction of cambell,he scored just a single goal out of 5 matches while ayew in 3 matches scored 1 each in two crucial games.

rossoneri fans

NATO (no action talk only)

Alex The Mauler

This just pisses me off Cambell is nothing we need Ayew however would be a great signing but we will go for trash as Always they never learn i am getting sick of this club

Marco Pato

I supported my team since i was 7 but now i cry when i see How Berlusconi and Galliani fall down the club. both have to sell the club to a rich person who will buy good players not mediocre players following PSG’s example

Marco Pato

We need Ayew and Ben Arfa not Campbell and please ask to Pato,Kaka,Ronaldinho and Robinho to come back in San Siro 😟😢😢


Ochoa to Malaga

Thank you baldie



You all can cry all you want but Galliani is waiting till 30th August for some rejected freebies. Even Genoa are spending, Sassuolo have paid good money for players too but Galliani is Galliani.


People complain about Sassuolo due to their name, but brother, Sassuolo’s owner is one of the richest in Italy, it’s not a surprise that they have money to spend.
Not saying that we don’t, because we do, and we can still get Cerci even with Robi in our team, we’re just acting cheap.


I’ve just read an article about diego lopez.cause of the arrival of navas he wants to leave real madrid.thats a chance to get a good keeper for low-cash.he is already 32 but a proven goalie.for at least the next 3-4 years he could be a good addition


They sold 8.000 tickets so far.
Yeah empty stadium next year!

sassuolo can buy Vrsaljko111


Its not normal how much i hate that bold *****************… just sign someone already buy a goaly and buy a rw and thats all were asking for you goaly maybe 6-8 mill rw maybe 15-25 mill thats all were asking and well leave ur bold ***** alone