Video: El Shaarawy asks fans to renew their season-tickets


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY contacted lots of Rossoneri fans to make it clear how important their presence is on the stands of the San Siro stadium ahead of the new season. Would you renew your season ticket if Stephan called you?

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We wouldn´t have to call them if we just didn´t play like a bunch of amateurs. If anything Zaccardo and Bonera should personally call the fans and apologize for being such incompetent “professionals”.


Omg is Milan so poor that they have to call them and ask them for buying a season ticket? Hahaha thats so poor .. maybe in near future they will collect deposit bottles :D:D:D


This is actually a great sign. Berlusconi and Galliani will now see that we fans wont take their bull any longer. If those stands are empty it only proves one thing. BUY PLAYERS and WIN!


I actually think this is awesome.
It’s quite a good market move, making the fans feel wanted.


Ppl you are so narrrow minded !!!.. this us a marketing assignment .. they are not begging fans to come to the stadium.. just to let you all know that ticketing is a secondary income to Milan.. however if he called for sure I will renew .. Forza Milan

How can you differntiate between a supporter and a REAL supporter, only when hard time comes..

And I am seeing most of you just a supporter..

Forza Milan!!


Real Madrid spent over €265m on Ronaldo,Bale and J.Rodriguez,just 3 players,But Ajax had spent about €240m on signing players since the existence of Ajax FC,And yet Florentino Perez just said that Real Madrid will be active in the transfer market until the last second and yet Mr.Berlustingy is here talking bull shit about history and just spent €3.75m in the transfer window so far apart from resolved co-ownership deals. Reports says that Real Madrid has sold over 2mln Jerseys of J.Rodriguez so far,earning 10m on just a players shirt and that is what Milan earns after selling many shirts of… Read more »

shams arafat

b4 u start writing this crap, you need to understand something. Madrid is backed by their government and the royal bank. they have millions of dollars of debt. there’s a lot of time this “royal” bank has bailed them out. the name of their stadium is named after their president for a reason. Madrid is just not a football club, but also a political movement, freedom and a source of pride of their people. a ever lasting fight with the Catalans is shown by football. so understand this, this is not just football, this is war, a civil war. its… Read more »


I tell Milan is not and has never been a small club ,, Milan can match shoulder to shoulder with the likes of realmadrid and Barcelona , Galliani could have continue staying in via turratti and continue with his old ideas when Milan can grow better in casamilam .. Look at what little Barbara has done in just short time,, the problem In Milan now is neither the coach nor any player, Milan is in management crisis and the solution is ,,GALLIANI SHOULD STEP DOWN,,, he is killing Milan slowly ,, omg even bonera and zaccardo are still Milan players,… Read more »

Isaac ayala

I would like to point out that stephan el shaarawy is a boss


@Shams arafat,do not get me wrong,am talking about Florentino Perez’s willness to spend,considering the income Berlustingy makes,we are supposed to be spending a maximum of 60m or 70m in transfer windows and also the type of players we buy.(Poli,Pazzini,Constant,Zaccardo etc<J.Rodriguez).

shams arafat

sorry man, i’ve got no intention to hurt you personally. i know in this blog and many website comments, people are against berlusconi and galliani. well i feel sorry because they have zero research on the matter. FFP clearly states a owner can no longer invest money into the team, unless the team makes no more than 45 million loss. now if milan buy players they will make loss regardless of winning trophies. this is pure math. so they have no option but to buy players for free. now you may ask, why milan has no money? a very valid… Read more »


one thing is that milan still live on pass glory. There are some players who are occupying the place of new players. Those old one should be sent packing including Galliani. We hope to see a better and great team this season


@sham i wish i knw u by avin u on my facebook sir u r really informed as a fan f dis great rossoneri…….thumps up