Report: Milan reject Trabzonspor offer for Constant

Kevin Constant against Sassuolo, Matchday 38, 2013/14 (@acmilan)

KEVIN CONSTANT apparently has suitors in Turkey but Milan believe that he is worth more than what Trabzonspor have offered so far.

Milan are looking to cut down on the number of squad players (despite Galliani’s statement that “every departure will be corresponded with an arrival”) and some players are not in Filippo Inzaghi’s project – like Robinho and Didac Vila.

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La Gazzetta dello Sport reported this week that Pippo has decided to block the transfer of Cristian Zaccardo and according to a report on SportMediaset this evening, the Rossoneri have rejected an offer from the Turkish side Trabzonspor for Kevin Constant. The Guinean, who arrived from Genoa in 2012, isn’t viewed by the fans as an important piece of the squad, but Milan reportedly believe the offer of Trabzonspor was too low.

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This is where I Kill Myself…


Oh c’mon…you cant sell player like constant with high price galliani…just sell who cant important on the squad

Ross Oneri

Holy Air! I give up

El Greco

How on earth is that even possible? And Pippo blocked Zaccardo? No hope…..

Walid Mardas

No hope, zaccardo and boner should maximum play in serieC1 , and inzaghi blocked offers for zaccardo, and we(fans) what can we for galliani to spend money whatt. I dont think we could be in the top 3 nxt season with this teams. Real madrid got 40m from selling james’s shirts in 1 week. I dont expect a good season with inzaghi



what is galliani expecting?
10 mil? LOL

Baldie got insane .gosh.


Griezmann will join Atletico Madrid… Milan shows us that isnt anymore a team who can compete to sign a quality player.


What the hell? I’m so sick of this team holding onto players like constant and zaccardo. Galliano expects to get all players for free but won’t let our crap players go for a low fee at the same time!!!!??? Wow, I’m so fed up with this.

Ross Oneri

It is really sad tht we Milan fans have to go thru this, the scary part is tht Inzaghi seem to be playing in Galliani’s hands. I mean it’s not longer funny what Galliani is doing, our competiters are strengthening like crazy we can’t expect to compete with this kind of decisions. Ÿes we have talented youngstars but they need quality players to give them the lead. Seedorf was chased away by Galliani for his firm decision abt players and Galliani ddnt want to have someone who can oppose him. I honestly doubt Inzaghi will dig the kind of performance… Read more »




First of all, I’m shocked that we actually received an offer for him…second of all, I’m SHOCKED that we declined it. How much do we think his worth? No idea what the sum was, but I’d take it haha. No, but in all seriousness, it’s nice to hear that he has suitors. However, remember that he declined a move to NAPOLI this january because his wife didn’t want to move from Milano.


We will always be s*^t unless we sign top players, and in my eyes I don’t see us making top 3 or top 10… but good will come for those who wait, Forza Milan ~


Now, this is getting very absurd… First they give Essien an option to stay or leave after they got a very good offer from Turkey, then Inzaghi blocks Zaccardo’s exit and as if that isn’t enough to cry about.. Constant too.. Now I can say 100 percent that there is something very very wrong going on at Milan.


“The Guinean, who arrived from
Genoa in 2012, isn’t viewed by the fans as an
important piece of the squad,” so if not for we fans, he’ll be an important piece? God save Milan


This is what I keep saying to keep Taarabt who was brilliant in Milan shirt. What’s wrong to invest 5M in Taarabt’s talent which will pay back in a few months. He can play more than one position on the pitch and this will only give depth to Milan which it lacks so badly right now.

Mos B

I think it will be nice if we keep constant.. I personally hate him more than any player but He did improved under seedorf and we all saw that…. If inzaghi can block zacardo sale’ss then he should do d same with constant…


It is a virtue to know when to shut up and bury ones head in shame. Mtchew!


I saw Roma against United yesterday and despite their loss, they are scary. Galliani is killing Milan and only fools will think otherwise. How could this happen when we all know that Constant isn’t a good left back? Galliani obviously employed Inzaghi for his “Yes sir” characteristic and not for anything. Inzaghi is another Galliani’s muppett in the making


It’s so depressing to see how other teams are strengthening and a club like AC Milan is just picking up crumbs, making players to cut their wages so they can afford them and paying really really low sums in installements… I cannot understand how Milan can’t afford players of highest caliber, they should already have in their pocket the likes of Giezmann, Di Maria, Kroos, Hummels etc… And what’s the most sad is, we the fans got no explanation why all this is happening to a club of such high reputation… Can’t blame the player for their unerperformance, it’s hard… Read more »


Because Berlusconi is a crook. He lacks integrity.

He wont even concede defeat and sell the club…………Keeps doing smoke and mirror tactics


I said it last week that for as long as we have players like honda,essien,niang,zaccado,saponara and even to rely 80% on pazzini and above all, an inzaghi as a coach, then we are not ready. A guy attached my on these platform that I am very childish and stupid. I’m sure we can all see the effect of not investing in players. Truly, it’s very wrong for us milan fan to expect anything if the management continue with free signing. As for me, all I see in inzaghi is a person that will do everything his boss want just to… Read more »


Whatever Trabzonspor offered, it’s plenty! And now I hear we want Dzemaili who is basically another Birsa, so that will take money away from buying a winger and push Saponara and Cristante down the pecking order again!


The offer was 2 millions and I think it is low.. noway Milan will accept such offer even if Constant sucks.. he worth no less than 4-5 millions.


what ever you are trying to make my milan to be. it stil stay in my heart FORZA MILAN


We sack seedorf nd employ inzaghi?


Inzaghi = Allegri V2.1

jack suts

I love how you’re all slating Inzaghi just as the majority of you did to Seedorf. There’s no pleasing some people if you want to be angry at anyone it should be berlusconi. He’s the one who wont invest in our club any more. He’s also the one who is to stubborn to sell. But as always i have hope in my heart for this season so forza inzaghi and forza milan!


He is worth NOTHING! Id pay a team to make constant leave


Undisclosed sources are reporting that Galliani rejected the offer because he is secretly working with Carlo Ancelotti on exchanging Constant for Ronaldo. Both Galliani and Ancelotti are hopeful the deal can be finalized by the end of next week.


if pippo block zaccardo transfer then maybe there won’t be any new fullback anytime soon. imo, management inability to find a good fb for inzahgi is the back of it.