Di Marzio: “Strong Milan interest in Arsenal’s Campbell”


GIANLUCA DI MARZIO has said that Campbell at the moment is the first name in the notebook of the Rossoneri.

Milan are looking for a winger for the right side of the attack (Filippo Inzaghi prefers a left-footed player) and even though they can’t do anything until they sell Robinho, the Rossoneri are looking at different players and considering names.

Juan Iturbe, who was reportedly the number one target, joined Roma and so Milan turned their intention to Alessio Cerci of Roma, but with his cost apparently too high for their liking, the target now appears to be Arsenal’s Joel Campbell.

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“In the last hours we’ve revealed that there’s a strong Milan interest in Joel Campbell, the Arsenal winger,” the respected Italian transfer market reporter, Gianluca Di Marzio, said last night in Sky’s Speciale Calciomercato. “There are contacts between the 2 clubs in the Rossoneri home there is the desire to deepen the negotiations. The Costa Rican has convinced the Milan leadership from all the aspects and he has overcome Cerci and all in the other names on the list in the hierarchy.

“A possible scenario is that Arsenal could ask for Balotelli in the deal. The Gunners have always denied their interest and never offered anything concrete to the Diavolo but only from the discussions between the men of the market we’ll be able to know more.” Tuttosport believes that Milan would be willing to accept €10 million + Campbell for star Super Mario Balotelli.

In addition to Campbell, Milan have also been linked with Villarreal and Mexico’s Giovani Dos Santos. Sky‘s Luca Marchetti discussed both players: “Campbell doesn’t cost €20m, it’s just the price of Arsenal. Milan can deal for him, he would cost less. The other name if Dos Santos, 4-5 years he’d have cost a lot because he was considered Ronaldinho’s heir. Dos Santos is a very lively player technically. His cost is not excessive. Even a loan with the right of redemption may be an idea.”

Marchetti also touched the topic of Robinho: “He won’t go to the MLS, the deal with Orlando is far. There are some chances for a Brazilian team but even there are denials like Cruziero and Atletico Mineiro who denied contacts. The situation will be further explored. If a deal doesn’t take off, he could join the team. He’s the key to Milan’s negotiations for newcomers.”

Meanwhile, Corriere dello Sport reports that Milan have offered €3 million for Napoli’s Blerim Dzemaili but the team from the South rejected the bid. Dzemaili’s agent admitted that the player is ‘close’ to an Italian team and it’s thought to be Milan.

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Get Campbell + 10million and give balotelli away


You guys can’t be serious. How can you even compare Campbell to Balotelli?! I don’t understand, I keep hearing how we should keep our stars. Balotelli is the most talented player on the team, full stop. If he has a good season, Milan will have a good season. You can’t just go swapping him for a mediocre player that may have some potential down the line.

sean eccleles

no to let Campbell go,and no to balotelli to come.


I will take Joel campbel ahead of bolotelli any day any time bcos campbel has the willingness, fighting spirit and hunger to play. Mario will do better in arsenal bcos they have better midfileders dat will help his lazy style of play. We need one creative mildfilder and one good defender.


We need a rw and we will accept selling balotelli for Joel Campbell plus money? First off I consider Campbell a Striker and then we still need a rw all over again. If they play him rw then we need a striker. Why make this so hard milan? Buy Cerci already for 20m and buy a damn good midfielder cause last night I witnessed how we have no depth there. U have to pay to play Berlusconi. U claimed two days ago that milan need to get back to the best? Spend some damn money then because I’m getting fed… Read more »

King of Milan

Sorry but Adel Taarabt is really not what Milan need


If we do get J. Campbell(swap Balo) then we must find a center forward… who should that be???


J. Martinez

milan till death

I will rather keep balotelli buy taarabt and a good creative midfielder


our midfield is like : Dejong, Montolivo, Muntari, Poli, Saponara, Honda, Cristante, Benedicic… i think we are kinda solid in midfield for a momment, rather get a leftback

David Copper

milan are always after a host of players.when will we se one.pls taraabt will be a very good buy


Please no, this guy is a flop waiting to happen


Acept campbel + for balo.. Will be what we need with that money it can be possiblr get cerci


Taraabt might not be what we need desperately; but he can however be if use. I don’t know about you guys but he really impressed me last year immensely and has showed his hunger and desire for milan. For only 5 million it’s a bargain. And Balotelli should not leave. Just buy Cerci already. Same milan transfer bs as always!!


Cashing in on Balotelli and receiving campbell seems like a good deal. Pazzini would be first choice striker, with Honda, Campbell and petagna as backup. Seems well covered enough and the extra cash would facilitate a transfer for a left back. If this goes through i wouldnt mind Robinho leaving on a free transfer to save his wages and get that headache done and over with. (By the way, why is petagna not listed in the roster on acmilan.com? What am i missing?)


petagna left on loan :P and honda back up for a striker? srsly?


Chai, Milan! You guys are not trying for us at all.


Milan should swap balo with j.campbell+10million,and use the 10million to buy a CF eg chicharito or lukaku or giovani santo or origi..and they should sell robinho,essien,bonera,zaccado and use the money to buy isco!!!seriously milan don’t need much players,,if we can get 26quality players,,that would be. cool!!sell pazzini and niang and buy taraabt,sell mexes and zapata and get vermelane..swap constant with criscito..and milan can compete 4 serie A title!!


Campbell is not worth milan.

what the...

This milan… what milan???? the one who almost hit the relegation zone at one point last year… my nonna could have been in the starting line up vs. olimpiacos and gotten the same result lol


All these rumor does not interest me, am still baffled as to why Robinho is still the reason why Milan have not signed players Inzaghi needs.

Galliani will keep talking to every football agent to create some fake impressions and in the end what happens? You know the answer


campbell is not worth losing balotelli for.


Sorry Milan! This club does not have a future under this management. All they do is talk bla bla to press. Milan is not even among top 5 clubs in Italy much more top 20 in europe. Galiani talks as if he will earn €50m from the sales of Robinho. Mumu management.


Why don’t be just buy Taarabt for 5 mill then turn to midfield and LB.


arsenal wish they had balo instead of cambell. no disrespect to cambell doe