Two Milan players in Gazzetta’s worst foreigners of 2013/14 XI


GABRIEL AND Constant have been included in GdS’s XI of the worst foreigners of the last season (based on ratings).

The English Premier League has the most foreign players with 66,1% of the players in the league being from other countries. From the top European leagues, the Italian Serie A is 2nd to the EPL in terms of percentages of foreign players.

According to the data collected by La Gazzetta dello Sport, 53,8% of the players that played in Italy in the 2013/14 season are not from the peninsula. Gazzetta also made a chart showing which teams played the most Italian players last year.

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Sassuolo had the most Italian players playing with 84,9% of the guys that stepped on the pitch in the 13/14 season being from Italy. Inter are obviously the team with the least Italians playing with just 7,8% of their players (that actually played) being Italian. Milan are 13 (out of 20 teams) with 44,6% of their playing players being from the World Cup winning country.

Gazzetta also made an XI of the worst foreign players to grace the Serie A last season. It is based on their ratings. Two Milan players feature in the list of 11 players of the Milano-based newspaper: Gabriel and Kevin Constant. The Brazilian goalkeeper made his Milan debut in the 2013/14 season and played in 7 games in the season that passed; his average GdS rating is 5.5. Constant, who Milan are looking to sell this summer, played 20 games and his average rating is 5,26.

Argentina had the most representatives in Serie A (from the foreign countries of course) with 17,1% of the players coming from there, followed by Brazil with 16,4%. Gazzetta wrote that Germany should be the model Italian football should follow.

The XI of the worst foreigners in Serie A in the 2013/14 season based on the La Gazzetta dello Sport ratings (screenshot)
Some of the stats that La Gazzetta dello Sport collected and posted today (screenshot)
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Pa ibra

i still have faith in gabriel. and this stuff is not important


Gabriel wasn’t bad. This makes no sense. He’s young you can’t blame him. He’s going to stay too. Honda was worse

Mick o connell

Both Constant and Gabriel were complete rubbish. Constant completely played out of position and Gabriel too raw and young to provide any commanding presence.


Gabriel doesn’t deserve to be there. They have to take into account how many games they play as well. Just seven games. If they count it like that and he would’ve performed epically in all of them, would he have been rated the best goalkeeper in Serie A for it? Don’t think so. Constant on the other hand… wouldn’t mind us selling him.

Mos B

Gabriel is milan’s future… The stupid magazine made a mistake by putting his name


Just because he is young doesent make him Milan’s future- he was very disappointing last season.

Btw stop hyping players cuz of their young age, I remember when Bonera was dubbed the new Baresi 🙂


HAHA no Gabriel is most definitely not the future. The future lies in Perin


i think half our team could’ve been in this list of bad players


Constant did far better than HONDA. I still don’t know what HINDA is doing in MILAN


Constant does not deserve to be on this list. It is unfair. He had quite a few nice games this season. How about Robinho, Birsa, Mexes, come on Gazetta stop picking on easy targets. If Constant leaves Milan and become an important player for another team, I don’t wanna hear nobody say shoulda, woulda, coulda…

milan till death

gabriel dont deserved to be on the list cos he play less game and did his best for a team having one of the worst defence in seria a last season and dont forget his not as experience as abbiatti who was d first choice keeper


this is based on average value of player rating. even if the players have some good performance at some game, but the average of his rating is still below good, he is a bad player. this doesn’t rate their current ability or potential. but their performance over the last season. even a great player have a bad game sometime. gabriel is just a raw material and constant is just a mediocre. both inconsistent and doesn’t perform over the last season. maybe this Gds a bit harsh but i think it’s fair.


Essien should be on the list


Constant leave. I cant stand seeing him in pirlos number. It was as bad as when they gave nestas number to acerbi.


Haha yes we’re on the same wavelength.


If milan think that they have already strenghten their backlines by signing Alex and Rami, i believe that milan will not win a title in the upcoming season. Milan need to sign a world class CB like Ron Vlaar and stop collecting mediocre and free transfer players like Alex, Traore and so on. Get Vlaar at the soonest before his price is sky rocketing!


Vlaar is world class? He’s had a great world cup no doubt, but did you know who he was before the world cup? An error prone defender playing for Aston Villa, not NEARLY as good as he was in the world cup I was shocked. Maybe he works better in a five man backline like Holland played, unfortunately for him, we don’t play like that. Alex and Rami are much better than him. Don’t be fooled by a world cup. All players are eager to advertise themselves and then they end up being a flop when a big team gets… Read more »

Milan fan

Constnt,Essien are beyond worthless.

Gabriel should be loaned to a seria B team,where he can play and gain experience,he had a bad season.


Vlaar who plays 4 a poor A.Villa last season.


According to rumours Pippo wants three names to reinforce our squad – Griezmann, Grenier and Criscito. Man, if this happens…! I’d be over the moon. Wouldn’t mind keeping Abate and forgetting about Criscito. And if Cerci comes instead of Griezmann that’d be okay too, but that sounds good. And Grenier will act as the replacement for Monto, and can play as trequartista as well, very talented, he’d be great. Not sure how true this is but it would be exciting to see.


we should go after Juan Quintero

yung boss

pls leave constant alone


Griezmann and Grenier would be excellent signings, but as I said before it is a very good scenàrio to be true. Hope Inzaghi convince B&G bring them, without selling our best talents


Did anybody here watch 2day practice march


is anyone have seen milan practice match?
how about mastour played?
is he good?


Considering saponara hasn’t gotten enough games yet, its a big NO to quintero


are you kidding me first of all saponara is problaby better as winger or attacking midfielder than CM quintero can play CM and he is insanely talented you never say no to a player like that… learn football

Milan fan

Milan needs a LB.


@C, ure wrong to call quintero a CM as he’s not a “xavi” “carrick” “pirlo” nor “verrati”, quintero plays btw the lines similar to Honda, is saponara not enough talent to rot on the bench?


Luckily for Bonera he is not a foreigner…!


Here is how i see Milans squad next year:
AC MILan 2014-2015


1 G-Abbiati
2 G-Agazzi
3 G-Gabriel

4 RB-Darmian
5 RB-De Sciglio
6 CB-Alex
7 CB-Rami
8 CB-Zapata
9 CB-Albertazzi
10 LB-Mena
11 LB-Martins Indi

12 DM-De Jong
13 DM-Cristante
14 DM-Clasi
15 M-Grenier
16 RM-Montolivo
17 RM-Poli
18 LM-Saponara
19 LM-Muntari

20 LW-El Shaarawy
21 LW-Mastur
22 AM-Taraabt
23 RW-Menez
24 RW-Cerci
25 S-Pazzini
26 S-Balloteli


At alluallu, still dreaming. Milan only need a defensive midfielder like mikel,pirlo, to complement dejong and a winger. The defense is good as it is. Abate/bonera/zaccardo as right back and MDS/constant/d’villa as left back.


@ Biggs4mum I disagree with you. If we want to start winning we have to invest for our future. We have to bring in new blood, meaning prospect players who will take this team to the top. If it was for me I would let go all the old players with the exception of 1 or 2 players on our actual squad. I would invest in young players now and get them other playing time for our first squad or than loan them. Last year was the year 0 and now is the time to do something to be able… Read more »