Report: Zaccardo rejects offer from Balıkesirspor


CRISTIAN ZACCARDO doesn’t want to play in Turkey and has reportedly declined a big offer from Balıkesirspor.

Milan are trying to reduce the number of squad players with Adriano Galliani saying that in his opinion it’s ideal to have 23 players in the squad next season, seeing that the Rossoneri will only be playing in the Italian championship & Coppa.

Galliani also stated that a central defender might be leaving this summer and of course ‘if someone leaves then someone comes’ but sometimes it’s difficult to get players out of the books as they aren’t very much interested in leaving the club.

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“Certain negotiations break down because some players and their families don’t want to leave Milan and the city,” the Vice President said this week. And it appears to be the case with Cristian Zaccardo. The former Parma man isn’t part of Filippo Inzaghi’s project but according to Alfredo Pedulla and SportItalia, Zaccardo wants to stay and convince new coach Inzaghi.

Pedulla reports that Zaccardo has in fact rejected an offer from Balıkesirspor, who are willing to give him €1.5 million per season; he currently earns €0.8m at Milan. Meanwhile Latina have confirmed they’re negotiating for Andrea Petagna.

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zaccardo. please get out from this club.
it’s all galliani failures. bring a free & cheap player, but then when the club doesnt need the player anymore, its gonno be difficult to be sold.


Alakoba ni zarcado yi o. plz now, we re trying to trim the squad and get better play. Abegi leave.


YESSS!!! but i would get one more CB i liked the holandian CB from Premier league ..forgot his name but hes machine!


Go away re not for Milan..go to Turkey and you ll be one of the best defenders there cause here you ll mostly be one of the last!LOL!


Now don’t test my patience Zaccardo… Pack ur bags and leave before I loose my mind… What nonsense.
Pls nobody needs you here anymore, leave us ASAP. Thank you!

Shams Arafat

Official: Milan signs rami for 3 yrs

Kwabena Adu

Please Zaccardo don’t move an inch stay and finish your contract and show them a lesson


Ah! Zaccardo don’t be a pain on our neck please in the name of God,don’ allah ka wuche turkey and make money.we don’t need u anymore,thanks for all u did for us.


All Gallianis fault. Why do you think Milan is linked with every **** player in the world? We can be linked with players sush as bendner, andy caroll, bianchi, diakite etc etc It’s all because of Galliani, the media is writing this things because it IS possible for galliani to sign players like this, he embarrass us. Galliani has turned AC Milan to a Europe’s trashcan, every team that want to get rid of their flop players, they send them to milan, because they know Galliani could buy anyone and even call them superstar players. Milan will not be Milan,… Read more »

Pa ibra

please leave zaccardo. no just leave man

Pa ibra

if he likes the city of milano so much, then offer him to inter.


Zaccardo tym up plsss u can leave now,there ar lot of youth players trying 2 prove their wot so u dont av a space in milan enymore gogogogo