Video: Milan season 2013/2014 – top saves


MILAN CONCEDED 49 goals in Serie A in the 2013/2014 season but Christian Abbiati, who turns 37 today, made some excellent saves. Coppola has left to join Bologna so Gabriel, Abbiati and Michael Agazzi will fight for the starting spot.

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Mos B

I pray inzhagi makes gabriel our number 1 keeper


49 goals? That’s incredible


When I saw the great saves made by abbiati I am wondering how useless our defence was!!


4 points: 1. Doria is not coming to Milan, we must identify another young talented CB to groom for the future. Dorf was a mentor to Doria, any chance we had at him left with Clarence. He is also wanted by Barca and several other wealthy clubs who would easily outbid us. 2. It pains me to see my fellow fans assume that either Saponara, or Honda is a descent starting option for our midfield. Both have performed elsewhere, but neither has proved anything while wearing red and Black. Given our current squad and Monti’s injury, NDJ, Cristante, and Poli… Read more »


We shud go 4 ochao before is too late


Why everybody hating on abbiati? Hes a really good keeper, not great but hes done a decent job over the years. Its not his fault that he got shot at a million times last season with bonera protecting him. I rather have someone better but hes ok


Gianluca di Marzio Writes: Xherdan Shaqiri was among the protagonists of the World Cup and his skills and pace attracted the interest of many European clubs. Roma are after him, their strategy is to reach an agreement with the player through some intermediaries and the brother-agent in order to be stronger while negotiating the price tag with Bayern Munich. The German club always asked for €20M for the Swiss ace, Roma’s sporting director Sabatini has been a fan of Shaqiri for a very long time. Roma are studying the plan to acquire the 22-year-old winger. How can we consider giving… Read more »

Shams Arafat

Ppl hating on abbiati coz they have no clue of football whatsoever. Gk is only as good as it’s defence. Once rami and mexes started to play good, there was clean sheets. I saw here, ppl hating on boetang, pato, Pirlo etc. so don’t worry abt them


it’s official Milan loans out matri to Genoa and
birsa to chievo. talks for rami is nearing


I’m reading in ALOT of places that Milan has offered El Sharaawy to Real Madrid for 20 million. And guess what, Madrid is considering it.


And what places have you seen this diavolo? You said “ALOT” of places I haven’t seen it anywhere as of now.

Milan usa

Can someone tell me why we still have didac villa in our roster how long did he sighn the contract with milan


Atletico is very close to sign scuffet! They will have another courtois and we still saying he is so young!!!! They will sign him for 5 millions +bonus. I hope to sign him.


Breaking news:
It seems it’s going to be hard for us to reclaim serie a now that jugs signed morata from Real Madrid for €22 m. I think that’s a waists of money but he is a good striker.


Morata is a good player but his not worth that price even EL92 is alot better than him

nicholas simooga

it seems there good managers here


Without Abbiati we would have conceded more than 49 goals!