Milan versus Seedorf: Most of the squad was against him


MILAN AND Seedorf’s entourage are in a fight of words and it’s revealed that most of the squad didn’t like the coach.

The Rossoneri already have a new coach in the form of Filippo Inzaghi but it’s still not over between Milan and Seedorf. The Dutchman was fired after just a few months in the job despite the good results, apparently for angering the wrong people.

Many fans were against the sacking of Dorf as the team played better than they did under Allegri. Some of the reasons for his firing were reported in the press and the players also spoke about incompatibility between them and the coach.

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“Seedorf? There wasn’t much harmony, the decision to sack him is for the good of Milan,” captain Riccardo Montolivo said this week. Nigel De Jong has always defended Seedorf and Kaka claimed that ‘we are all behind Seedorf’ but according to La Gazzetta dello Sport that was far from the case as most of the players in the Milan squad were against coach Clarence.

There were reportedly disagreements between the players and Seedorf regarding the methods of work. Milan and Seedorf could not find an agreement over compensation pay so they owe Seedorf €10 million (payments will stop once he finds a new job) but the Dutchman has a legal team ready to sue Milan over moral and material damages and Italy’s former Minister of Labour, Tiziano Treu, has already confirmed he is assisting Clarence Seedorf in his lawsuit against the club.

“It is all very curious that suddenly certain players and other people come out with complaints and negative things about Seedorf,” said the agent of the four-time UEFA Champions League winner, Deborah Martin. “Just a few months ago when another Coach was fired and no-one was allowed to say a word, nothing has been said. As well as this, players were not allowed to complain about the Coach when there were difficulties. They were asked to resolve them with the Coach and so it was. Remember that Seedorf has been a Milan player up to two years ago…despite what is said, he knows Milan.

“He has considered Milan as family for more than 10 years. He knows well the structure of the team and company also. And for this he was called to leave his career as a footballer, despite being loved in Brazil and about to take part in another competition. Generally, at international clubs of this level, it is against the rules for players and employees of the company to make these kind of statements without informing or obtaining permission from the club,” added the agent of Seedorf.

Milan reacted to Martin’s accusations that the club told the players to speak poorly of Seedorf. “Milan states that the interviews of some of its people, who seem to have aroused the wonder of Deborah Martin, agent to Seedorf, were made by the authors as an expression of their own thoughts, without preventative action whatsoever by the club,” a statement reads.

The legal battle between Milan and Seedorf is set to continue. Clarence played 10 years in the red and black shirt from 2002 to 2012 and he was one of the most notable players in the squad of Carlo Ancelotti when Milan won the UCL.

The story on Seedorf and the story on Milan’s new signing, the 14-year old offensive midfielder Seid Visin from Nocerina (screenshot)
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Disagreements between people happen. That’s natural. What’s unacceptable is disrespect. Numbers speak for themselves. Seedorf turned the team around and won most of the games he was in charge. He quit football because of Milan. He was a club legend for ten years and during 2003-2007 Milan was arguably the best team in Europe if not the world. For some players who have not won anything in their lives to disrespect him is completely out of taste. I wish Seedorf the best of luck in his career and yes, as much as I love Milan, the incompetent management better pay… Read more »


u think Seedorf did nothing wrong and the players just hated him for no reason? That is extremely biased -_-


I didn’t say he did nothing wrong. For example, I don’t agree with the one striker policy that Seedorf continued to use. I was simply talking about respect. He is a club legend and deserves respect and delicacy. He delivered a high percentage of victories. Again, numbers speak for themselves.


Seedorf is not a freaking club legend
He didn’t care in his last 5 years at Milan and he was always lazy in the field


You lie and I think I know why..


@DAMN, You are wrong – Seedorf is a LEGEND! He always cared and was highly disrespected by stupid Milan management and now but Montolivo who will never be as good as Seedorf was. Seedorf was not a problem, players like Monty and the management are! Seedorf wasn’t a good fit because he didn’t let Berlusconi and Galliani be their little puppy. He said he didn’t want half the team which made Galliani look bad because he brought those players in. He was exactly what Milan needed but stupid management didn’t like him. Montolivo can cry all he wants – he… Read more »

Ivan Jones

Same thing I observed.


What is hapening with once most prestigeous club. Their legends are being chased away, battling out on courts, being dissrespected by bunch of medicores that will always remain shoe shiners to a champion and one of most cheerished Milan players like Seedorf!

I hurts me badly to see this happening…


I don’t agree that most players were against seedorf rather the italians were against him headed by our sensless captain,only abiati have not said anything bcos he knows what seedorf was fighting for,i agree with seedorf agent they must have been instigated,players like poli,pazzini,christante,petagna were never a fisrt 11 players during allegri but did not complain of less playing time,but in seedorf case they complain as if they actually worth it.that total rubbish.but thing that can never be changed is that seedorf remains a milan legend and what he has done for milan can never be erased fron history,so removing… Read more »


seedorf was the first coach who understood bonera shouldnt play matches, resultats? we started to win. How to thank seedorf? sack him.

so with inzaghi bonera is probably our first choice center back

Milan fan

He deserved to be fired. He didn’t play Italians. THIS IS A ITALIAN TEAM !

the referee

He did not play Italians’ Pazzini, Abate, Bonera, Saponara, Poli because they lot are all rubbish. Italian team my a$$


Did the world cup prove that the Italians are just medicocres?


Montolivo never wastes time and bashes Seedorf in media every chance he gets. Since he came to Milan he actin like he is a legend of ours, a real rossonero. So I bet Seedorf saw that and showed this medicore, wannabe Pirlo, where his place is. To think this hypocrite is our captain… sigh


THIS is exactly the problem, can’t agree even more with you. Monto isn’t even 10% the midfielder Seedorf and Pirlo were and he starts acting like some legendary player of Milan just because he feels the trust from the fools who are managing this Milan.


I don’t understand why Montolivo was made captain in the first place. We already had Abbiati who should have been Captain. Maldini hardly played in his last few yrs and same was case with Puyol at Barca, Casillas at Real and they were always the Captain on their team.


What strange with you ppl that now you all against the whole team, Milan, and Management for the sake of Seedorf.. I think you all are intruders and not true Milanista go somewhere else and cheer Seedorf as much as you like but never talk bad about Milan..


The moment when mediocre players complain about the coach who had a better career than them..


I’m fed up with this, Milan management lack dignity.


Regardless of whether he should have been fired or not, how Milan treat their legends is disgraceful. Taking him down from the hall of fame is pathetic, Berlu actslike a vindictive child


If you have noticed only the useless Italian players on Milan’s squad are bashing Seedorf. I tell you, these guys are classless starting from Montolivo, Poli, Desciglio and the puppet Mauro Tassoti. They are mad because Seedorf was going to show the world how mediocre they are as players.I am sure Galliani is orchestrating this whole soap opera to tarnish Seedorf’s image.The real fans understand what is going on and will not let management ruin one of the best people this club had in history.Half of the team does not deserve the Milan jersey. Montolivo does not deserve the Milan… Read more »


They should leave seedof alone
gabage players


Funny,that’s what Seedorf was in his last 5 years with Milan…garbage


Really and they called him Dr Hose for nothing? DAMN, I think you are either lost or as mediocre as the management that couldnt get the club competitive or profitable over the last 7 years


Talk too much and so easy like Montolivo (the most shamefull ac milan captain all the time)..but how about what he gave for ac milan???? NOTHING!!! How long he wear that red and black uniform?????compare to seedorf?? Omg, like sky and earth, I bet u all brother, player like this will end up in nothing but sh*t!! How dare he talk like sh*t to Milan Legend..poor man!! Whatever seedorf do to take his name back, he is still AC Milan Legend, no one can erase that. Italy is nunber one in racism, some italian player in milan (that’s gave nathing… Read more »


what wrong wit milan I cant understand

milanista till death

@ henriano d player u mention deserver playing in d first 11 so pls next time try 2 pick d real mediocre player I think seedorf has some issue with some player and management and dont 4get montolivio was in d first eleven


Reports: Birsa set for Chievo loan.

Now they are leavin one by one.


@offliner, you have no idea what you are talking about,mr true milan fan,if you actually know what seedorf achieved with milan,you wouldnt want some medicure player lashed at him on the media like these guys are doing.


Please tell me what did he achieve?? I read all statistics and he was good but not excellent. Alegri did much better in his first season. Man please be objective and give me numbers. He was much better than the last season for Alegri thats why you are cheering him.

However, I am happy that they kicked his a$$ out. Even Cursa Sud are not supporting him.


U probably started watchin Milan games in January seeing ur lack of respect towards this Milan legend. Because as i recall, Seedorf was still a footballer till January so i don’t know what u were expecting from him. Since we sorted this out, he did great in such short period as a freshman in coaching, wouldn’t u agree?


Always talking bull….!


Allegri did better?…bullshit. with Ibra, seedorf, nesta, silva still in his disposal he was crushed by strama and conte….

Milan ultra

To those u thinks he should be sacked bcos he did not play Italian players grow up from myopic thinking. The best players should be fielded irrespective of nationality or color.
I feel more bitter about his treatment because as a club legend d mgt should av protected him more. Since allegri left how many players has said anything about him? none. Everyone should be treated equally and with respect. 10 yes of one’s playing career with a club is not a joke.


And wat he said about d garbage squad is now happening :Total Revolution. It is just pure racism

adams naija

I think seedorf deserve respect not only from the mgt of milan but the entire squad. He left his playing career when he was loved and cherished in Brazil to take milan to where non of us expected to. It baffles me to see mediocre players saying bad to a legend pple that are not even good for bench when seedorf was a at the heart of milan. It’s sad forza seedorf forza milan


The club should have respected Seedorf and Seedorf should have respected the club too. Both are clueless. Forza Milan forza Seedorf

Ash Sid

This is a sad and tasteless moment for the club.

Seedorf improved the results, as footballers, that’s the bottom line. Obviously he had to change things because way things were before weren’t working. And it worked, we almost got into Europa League…what did players want? For things to continue the way they were and end up getting relegated?

Inzaghi as the new manager should step in and at least control his players…and tell them to shut up and not talk badly about his team mate, if not friend. It’s the right thing to do.


We all fans know what have seedorf done for milan, and make we proud as milanista, but do we all forget about what mr.b and dirty snake bald head done with their politic to milan for years? And didn’t we know how mr.b n dirty snake bald head have done to seedorf even he is in charge at milan? There is no club in the whole world have treated their coach in press like they both have this case, the coach is milan legend? That’s why maldini didn’t want to take charge in milan under this regim!!


Yeah I know what Seedorf has done for Milan…steal money from them for 5 years while playing terrible and only playing good when he felt like it…get back to reality clown


Man u r talking like Seedorf dated ur sister and left her unmarried…at that period of 5 years u r talking nobody was playing and I can understand seedorf falling out of form since he was the player who gave a lot and worked tiredlessly. Watch every training under Allegri, the players laugh and joke all the time, so it suited them, high salaries and no sweat. When Seedorf came, they were supposed to train and exercise, so it was hard for the biatch players that r slow as turtles (yes montolivo). Montolivo cant become Seedord even if he lived… Read more »

Milan fan

Milan and Genoa found an agreement to exchange Matri-Vrsaljko.

Finally a proper young talented back,along with De Schilio they will be amazing.
Matri is leaving also,which is great. Now let’s hope Niang,Constant,Essien,Zapata,Mexes,Robinho,Balloteli follow his lead.

This will bring some money for the transfers of Griezmann or Iturbe,and hopefully one young and talented DC and one young talented MC. Maybe Fellaini,he’s on sale.


Those who were Seedorf’s team mates,did they complained,Bonera,Abiatti and Kaka?. Italians did not play under Seedorf???Poli played a lot of important matches e.gJuve,Athl.Madrid,Sampdoria,Saponara was given chances,Montolivo played a lot,De Sciglio played a lot by benching Abate,Pazzini cannot bench Balotelli,Amelia played instead of Gabriel,Bonera was played as a CB and as a SB,Abiatti played a lot instead of Gabriel,the only Italians that didn’t play regularly under Seedorf were Pazzini,Abate and Cristante,Reasons-Pazzini is a second option or backup for Balo,Abate lacked vision and you guys saw why Seedorf kept him on the bench,Darmian benching Abate in the National team,Cristante was injured and… Read more »

prakash tiwari

support milan club and its players.and nothingelse.whats is’s done.let it go


It’s said most of the team. Those few that didn’t backstab Seedorf were the only ones who deserve this shirt, players with character, which was seen on field too – Kaka and De Jong!


No wonder only Kaka and De Jong defended him.Kaka is Seedorf’s Friend and De Jong is Dutch…they were biased 100%.

Kaka doesn’t deserve this shirt at all…especially after leaving for real madrid in 2009


so, do you think you the only one who deserve to wear the red and black shirt? JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE MIRROR BOY..WHO ARE YOU?


And I thot you were sane.. forgive my misjudgment

Milan ultra

@ prakash, we will support Milan come wat may, as we all av a soft spot for her. but wat will not be supported is wat some said that it should play Italians because its an Italian team is wrong idea or notion. If today d club is owned by an italian was d Milan founded by an Italian? who says a Chinese or a Nigerian cannot buy d club tomorrow, and if ds happens should d players be Chinese?
For d love of this great club let our players be from all borders.


People here bring up that the players didn’t say anything about Allegri. Don’t you think that that might be because they actually didn’t have a problem with him? They actually liked him. Muntari cried and Balo teared up when they said good bye to him. With that being said, he might have been too nice to them as when Seedorf took over, his first task was to up the fitness level of the team, maybe the players were too comfortable under Allegri, and then Clarence came along and put on some exercises that were demanding. But, I also remember that… Read more »


How many English players are in Man Utd?


LSA. New milan slogan. Leave Seedorf alone ::::


Alegry is the first dark era in milan bro, commanding by dirty old bald head to ruin great milan name with his politics and ruin milan quality in the whole aspect at the field,even us as a fan has downgrade our demanding for the great milan under alegry, why? Coz alegry success bring the lose trend in our head, so..if milan play 0-0, we are satiesfied like we have won the match by 5-0!! And the etiqued? Just see dirty montolivo act when he coaching by milan legend.


And why he didn’t just play footbal and shut up his mouth? Coz montolivo is a true mediocre, italy is racist!! Just take it, and Lumen is right!! Iam an indonesian, why I don’t cheer inter who was own by an indonesian? Coz I love milan, not thohir!! How much russian player at man city? Is there any arab player at psg? Is there chinese player at valencia?? Milan now just like sircus under that two dirty old snake


Your last example makes no sense. It doesn’t matter where the owner is from. We are an ITALIAN TEAM, not just our owner that is Italian. PSG has an arabic owner, but they’re a french team, and recently they’ve been focusing on french players. Why? Just like said before – they’re a french team. I don’t see anyone calling them racists.
I don’t say that we should have a squad of 25 Italians, absolutely not. It’s just important to have a core of Italian players who really know the value of the Milan shirt.


I would want to respond and assume you are not senile like DAMN. When we hold on to the past for too long, we will loose the future. Milan is an international team that competes in the Italian league. I am not Italian but I cheer and bleed for Milan, not just me but my kids as well. The quality of football played today is beyond the Italians, in the last two world cups and the preceeding confederation cup, the Italian players have been woeful and the coaches seem bereaved of ideas. Conte with all his achievements in the Seria… Read more »


I agree. Italy must expand and release national pride…… is global.


If you look at the Italian national team, all the players are top class players. If you compare the squad to for example Holland and Argentina, only Messi and perhaps Di Maria and Aguero might have a chance in Italy’s squad, and as for Holland I’d say Robben and De jong. The problem was Prandelli now. Did you forget that Italy was in the Euro final merely two years ago? And you assume that I’m not senile. I’m still not saying that we should get a player just because he’s Italian. Hey, I even prefer Griezmann over Cerci, but I… Read more »


In that case, you clearly overate the Italian players. Where are the Seria A clubs in the UCL, UEFA Cup and even money league? The only fading light for Italy is Pirlo. De Rossi is garbage and the WC proved it. Italy went as far as the finals of Euro 2012 thanks to Balotelli and Pirlo and on a day that they seem not to be functioning, they suffered a humiliating loss. Face reality thats when you can actually tackle the problems


I love this site because the opinions of the fans really show.

Yes Milan is Italian team should include Italians but not at the cost of overall quality of the team.

The Italian development model is broken and they are not producing Great players just alright ones.

Imo all of their young talent is overrated and some have glaring weaknesses in their game.

I always say “Milan is like Pizza, made by Italians but belongs to the world”.


Do you think milan will get success with italian? Just take a look at wc2014 bro, where is the italy now? Just open your eyes and look far to the future,don’t be traditional man,you said psg is french and no one say racist, just find how much racist chant in french then compare to seri a! If italian player have a great talent we all don’t say like this, just take a look at cassano case,compare to pato case..pato is proven,and achive much,but never attack milan when he get kick out of milan, and now..see balo, please see with an… Read more »


Look man. You misunderstood me. I didn’t say that there aren’t racists in France. I ONLY said that PSG wants to have more french players in their team, due to them being French but aren’t called racist. But just because AC Milan wants to have more Italian players, it’s suddenly a case of Racism? No, my friend, it doesn’t work like that. The squad of 2014 was the same as the one who wowed everyone at the 2012 European Championship. The difference was poor tactical choices and player selection from Prandelli this time around. You compare Pato with Cassano, that’s… Read more »


if our beloved milan have a management and vision like u my friend, i think milan will going to seri c, there is no sponsor wanted to sponsored milan in the future, sponsor want a club that have great player and great performance to attrack the fans in the whole world, not to attrack an italian. cmon bro, milan is belong to the fans, not italian. milan dont need italian player like montolivo, that have achieve nothing but dare to talk to much in the press about our secret, he is an italian, but didnt have red and black blood,… Read more »


Brother, do you think I want us to sign a player just because he’s Italian? Absolutely not. I haven’t considered Nocerino a player worthy of Milan despite him being Italian, neither Bonera as a starter, Amelia, the list goes on… my PERSONAL opinion is, when it comes to quality players, I’d rather prefer an Italian, but not always. For example, I’d prefer Griezmann over Cerci but I’m fine either way. Stop putting words in my mouth. Agree about the part that we need players that are worthy of our rossoneri shirt. More players like De jong who fights and honours… Read more »