Report: Milan looking to sell at least 10 players this summer


THERE ARE more than 10 players that are surplus to requirements in the eyes of Filippo Inzaghi, reports suggest.

Milan have already said goodbye to Marco Amelia, Bakaye Traoré, Bartosz Salamon, Urby Emanuelson (who will join Roma on a free) and of course Ricky Kaka and il Diavolo are looking to keep cutting down on the number of squad players.

The Rossoneri are out of Europe so they only have Serie A and Coppa Italia and even though every year there are reports that Milan want to have just 23 players in the squad, there is really no real need to have more in the 2014/15 season.

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Milan have 36 players contracted in the first team and according to a report on today’s Tuttosport, Milan are hopeful that at least 10 of them will be able to find a new team. The list of men that could be on the move includes Vergara, Albertazzi, Constant, Vilà, Essien, Nocerino, Robinho, Matri, Niang and Petagna when also Agazzi/Gabriel are not 100% sure to stay.

Some of them would be leaving on loan while the others are permanent basis. It’s believed that Valter Birsa and Cristian Zaccardo are close to leaving with Birsa’s agent stating yesterday that Chievo is the likeliest destination for the Slovenian but Rubin Kazan and Hellas Verona are also interested. Zaccardo meanwhile is expected to join Balikesirspor although there is nothing official yet. It would be more difficult selling the likes of Robinho and Ale Matri who’ve relatively high wages.

M’Baye Niang has already been told to find a buyer while Michael Agazzi, who just joined earlier this summer on a free transfer, also has admirers. It’ll be an interesting summer for Milan, who are trying to get rid of the so-called ‘dead weight’.

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It is a necessary move if Milan have to get back to the top. Too many mediocre players are on a contract at Milan. I dont mind bringing in mediocres as long as thier age is below 19 – so they may develope, just as it has been done with Saponera. With these players leaving, and with Milan having a limited budget, i think that it is utmost important to bring in scouts who are world class. If you look at some Mexican, Colombian and Chilean players, there are some potentiel world class players, who would be cheap, and who… Read more »


i think we should try and play honda in the Left Centre Midfield and see how good he performs….i think he can do great once confidence is placed upon him…..definitely give Cristante and Saponara a chance while Monto is out


All the above mentioned players should leave asap… Just to remind: ow what nice, Iturbe will sign for Juventus… He will score 4 goals when he will play against us, Galliani will say that we cant compete with Juve to buy ”expensive” players because they have a lot of incomes due to their new stadium… We will get Ronaldinho on loan with an option to buy in the place of Iturbe… Galliani will say that Ronalinho has a better vision of Italian football and that we dont need Iturbe… Well played Galliani again, in dont know why we still believe… Read more »


thank God agazzi is there, bt why do we sign him in the first instance


Has anyone see yesterday match between USA and Belgium…
the RB of USA Yedlin was a beast
He ran through the whole field,made some dribbles,and was really fast
i think w can get him for a bargain…
De sciglio on the left and he on the right just perfect
and sell Abate to PSG


I have sad than for menu times No team need more than 25 Players
And i Hope they sell RobinHo, mexes, Birsa, matri, pazzini, nocherino, essien, de jong, Zaccordo, and Buy Rami, taarab, iturbe, dede, and gemt murru on the freelance transfer and give the other young Player a chance like fossati, ely, Cristiante, vergara , etc.


De Jong,,,,???? He is the best player for Milan last season,


First of all we bring in garbages and after we find it difficult to dispose them.thank you galliani!


Milan needs to sell zacardo,robinho,panzzini,matri,muntari,honda,birsa,urby,constant,bonera and of you can add galliani to the list of those leaving milan,he makes bad decision one too many,why is milan stalling on taarabt and rami deal?


That’s very good for a milan side that want to build team around young boys with pace and determination…..jones of the USA midfield will be a cool buy for milan too becuz can commit his life for a team…I hope you guys can read all our comments and opinions…thanks


Also a fan of Jones, however he’s 32, so no no to that. Might as well bring back Yepes because of the awesome World cup he’s had. Not trying to be ironic or anything, but just…stating it, haha.


If milan does ve scouts they should be fired as well, because they are not doing anything for milan


You guys should also sell abbiati,my old dida is better that stinky fat heavyweight pig that can’t carry himself at all…he was one of our problem,checkout belgium vs USA…the USA goalkeeper had more than 16 saves to force the game to extra time,despite the fact that the USA defense can’t withstand Belgium’s attackers becuz they were fast…tim howard is no doubt one of the best keeper in the tournament even they were eliminated at the end…we need a good committed goalkeeper and fat piggy abbiatti that has weight…pls take consider this opinions n move milan forward..forza milan


Yeah and keep bonera for another 5 years. Why dont we make him captain? Have anybody in milans history alobe been responsible for so many goals as Bonera? And we still keeping him.

He’s a SPY hired from berlusconi, thats why he is unsellable


Yo kolachenko if you do not like Abbiati just make it plain and simple you dont have to make such an inmature comment.Abbiati as served Milan for many years so give him the little respect he deserves


Hey kolachenko Jones is a good player but 32 years old.He is your young boy?


good luck trying to sell constant and robinho!


Galliani should be informed of an adage which says “You can’t eat your cake and have it”. He attracted washed off players to Milan with MASSIVE wages and expects to get rid of them easily. who would pay Matri 2.5m? who would bap Essien 3m? not to mention Robinho and the rest.

Galliani thinks he’s wise not realising he’s the biggest joker of the century.


Milan have reportedly dropped interest in iturbe.. Which Iddon’t mind because he cost way too much anyways. I’d honestly prefer someone like Cerci or Shaqiri which they’d be cheaper..


Wait a minute!? Why are they trying to get rid of the players now? Okay… So Seedorf was right that most of the squad were not worthy of the shirt?


@I milan…cmon broo, milan this day isn’t a great football club like in the past, milan nowaday is a circus with dirty politician in berlusconi and two head deadly snake in galliani,they will do anything and send issue to make we as a fan silent and then they will do the same thing as the doing every long as they can keep milan,and they will produce money with our beloved milan,they don’t care about football anymore,every year they have tell the press they lose money, balance the book, bla..bla..bla, in the fact they get much money every year to… Read more »


I don’t know what our scout arte doing seriously they need to be sacked, there young players with potentials, out there, that we can get, for keeper nigeria keeper is excellent, also dis mexico keeper, we shd go for potential and stop buying garbage and useless players, y did we buy all dis players and then we are letting dem go now,,d administration need changing r they shd change there orientation and bring ac milan bck to Glory dayz


Rotten Club… Rotten Milan, i don’t believe any news anymore, we wont sign any play, un less free agents


I still want to keep Niang, we can use him in right side & in the middle of attack when Balo will b off the pitch, he will turn an assest of €30m within 2-3 years.


With the signing of Menez, we don’t need to spend 25 millions in Iturbe, for the wingers we have already El-shaarawy, Menez, Taarbat and Saponara (who i expect will be given a proper chance under Inzaghi). if we manage to sell Robinho, Matri, and Mexes, this will provide big income to insure the deals of Rami and Taarbat. if we want to spend that much of a money, a young goalkeeper like Mattia Perrin (genoa) or Simone Scuffet (Udinese) will be a success, (although i think Otchoa (Mexico’s Goalkeeper) is a free agent now and milan is interested on his… Read more »




D.Agger,Rannocia,Saton over Abate and Damio..your delusional bro


Considering the amount of money PSG is ready to give for Abate (Almost 30 Years old now), I think we can afford bringing Santon (23 Years old), and save some money also for “ONE OF” D.Astori, D.Agger, OR A.Rannocia I said !! Only one, NOT ALL OF THEM!! and if we are bringing Santon, we need to put some extra cash also to bring him!! “ONE OF THE C.B”. Damio is very good deal for attack, and considering the interest of Santos on Robinho, I think we can get him in exchange with Robinho + a very small amount of… Read more »


Ochoa – free (and awesome)
Armero – not expencive


Ochoa very important, damian, rami, taraabt, either balo stays or lukaku or cambel should be brought in. Robinho, birsa, nocerino, bonera, agazi, matri, essien, zarcardo, constant, etc all out pls. Petagna or niang out on loan while the other says.


Get Digne and Rojo (my favourite),Sell Abate,Constant,I still think we should have extended Emmanuelson and then sell him….Sell Balotelli,Matri and Pazzini get Campbell and Lukaku,Loan out Niang,Petagna,Cristante(Yes so he would play much and Galliani will see how good he is)…..Sell…Mexes,Essien,Muntari,Robinho,Matri,Didac Vila…..Sack Abbiati,Coppola,Get Ochoa or a young keeper


Ac Milan 4-3-3 Formation_Squad 2014_GK :Agazzi_(Gabriel-Abbiati). Defender :Abate Rami Alex De Sciglio_(Zapata,Mexes,Albertazzi,Didac Vila,Criscito). Midfielder :De Jong Grenier Cristante_(Montolivo,Honda,Poli,Muntari,John Obi Mikel).Forward : El Sharaawy Jackson Martinez Cerci/Lamela/Nani_(Mastour,Pazzini,Petagna,Menez,Niang).