No Zaccardo-Balikesirspor deal yet, Milan interested in Mustafi?


CRISTIAN ZACCARDO could join the Turkish club in the next weeks and Milan might replace him with Shkodran Mustafi.

Milan want to reinforce the team ahead of the 2014/2015 season as their target is to reach the Champions League in 2015/2016, when the San Siro hosts the final, and in addition to new players they are also looking to sell some of the men.

After Bakaye Traoré joined Bursaspor last week, Cristian Zaccardo could follow his footsteps and go to the Turkish Super Ligue. Zaccardo joined Milan in January 2013 and never had any success with either Max Allegri or Clarence Seedorf.

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Balikesirspor President Tuna Aktürk was quoted as saying on the Turkish media that “Zaccardo has agreed to join us. He will be in Turkey in a few days’ time” but according to Sky Italia‘s Gianluca Di Marzio there is still no agreement between the player and Balikesirspor, who are willing to offer him a two-year deal. The 2 parties will continue to negotiate in these days.

Di Marzio is also stating that Milan are interested in signing Sampdoria’s Shkodran Mustafi. Bundesliga club (Dortmund, Leverkusen and Schalke 04) want the 22-year-old central defender too but Milan could use their relationship with Samp’s director of sport, Ariedo Braida, who used to work at Milan. Diego Contento of Bayern Munich could also be of interest but only if the Rossoneri manage to sell Kevin Constant; Sky reports that Contento would like to play in Serie A next season.

The respected transfer market journalist also reported earlier this week that Milan are considering Samuel Eto’o who is a free agent but at the moment it’s nothing more than an idea, even though Seedorf talked to him before he got fired.

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Good news That useless players are leaving eto’o will useless Have you seen muntari in wc, if could do that at milan he will be important The other ghanain on banch even at Ghana mr .E balo 23 can score from everywhere. Cant think of another player like him so he is irreplaceable at Milan I like kaka but we must replace him cas he in not that kaka and old and replaceable Forza outGandB forza milan hope to see good transfers ans A.cole and eto’o. Chelsee trow them out and u think they will be useful. U still want… Read more »


Goodnews,minus that of Eto’o.


Not bad – Minus Eto
Contento used to be good, but after Alaba arrived he has not played that much. He could come on a good price and might add something to the team, only 24 years old. Much better than Constant. I don’t know that much about Mustafi, but he is in the German WC Squad so he must have talent, only 22.

BUT.. STAY AWAY Etoooo! We don’t need another “has been”. Just look at him in the WC and in Chelsea, he is DONE! He only wants Money!

Pa ibra

will need a war with them zaccardos if they refuse to leave this time.


loooool… That’s funny right…! ”Them Zaccardos”

Pa ibra

oh well 😀


How can you possibly look towards the future when you keep going back with the assistant coach. Milan needs to aquire a new assistant coach or else they’re be in the same position there in at the moment


I have a good feeling for milan transfer tis year.


A good news just arrived.
Bagiggia to Mediaset:”Juve are working on Ibarbo,since getting Iturbe is hard,because he has already given his word to Milan”.
Meanwhile,the rumours about Eto’o is obviously false.
We are moving forward.
Forza Milan!!!


These days.. You’ve been doing Meytar’s work more than Meytar himself, giving us the freshest news.. Well Done.

Pa ibra

i’m almost forgeting that rami and taarabt are not yet signed. what are we still waiting for? sign them! then its up to you whether to buy iturbe for 25m or 35m. just finish the easier deals.
a 22 year german international does not sound bad. however i dont feel a replacement will be neccessary for zaccardo once rami is signed. need a squad of around 25 players for next season. you dont want half of that to be CBs.


Who have seen Mustafi playing?? Is he good??


He is really good and would be a great signing. He was good enough to make the German National Team for the WC. He even benched Jerome Boetang


33 year old has-been who’ll probably demand 12 mil a season… Wow there’s a good idea.


33 years old? More like 80 years old. Haven’t you seen him lean against the corner-flag post to support his creaking body?

Menez and Alex should turn out to be very good signings but I wish we’d also signed Ochoa instead of giving Abbiati a new contract. Especially as they both cost exactly the same. I wouldn’t mind Ashley Cole signing for us but English players rarely join teams outside their country.
So far, I find all the reports about our transfer targets/dealings are very encouraging .
Forza Milan per sempre!


News about Eto was denied on Milan Channel this afternoon.

Milan ultra

Milan should not sign Eto even if he is offered to us for free. his a disruptive element in d dressing room. His ego is his problem, he would nt be good to our new dressing room.


Iturbe, Mustafi… Sounds really great!

Yea, Ochoa would be awesome. He is the best keeper on the WC at the moment.


I certainly wouldn’t mind Iturbe, Mustafi & Contento, but unfortunately I believe that will remain a fantasy.