Barbara: “Silvio has the desire to invest, Balo not irreplaceable”


BARBARA BERLUSCONI has said she hopes Milan will have a stadium by 2020 and can’t rule out a Mario Balotelli exit.

The fourth edition of Rossonera Cruise is all set to start. Barbara Berlusconi is aboard the MSC Splendida along with Pier Francesco Vago, executive chairman of MSC Crociere & Marco Bogarelli, president of Infront Italy, who are Milan’s partners.

Mauro Tassotti, Franco Baresi, Daniele Massaro, Poli & Pazzini are also on the cruise but before the start of it, Barbara held a press conference in which she discussed several topics, including a new stadium, Mario Balotelli and her father.

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“I thank Dr. Vago for another trip between AC Milan and MSC. We believe can continue this relationship in the future, together we think we can be able to entertain and amaze,” Barbara said to the reporters on the cruise on Sunday afternoon. “(The new Rossoneri headquarters) Casa Milan? It is becoming a real center of attention and we are very happy about that.

“Casa Milan has aroused much enthusiasm in my father, it brought back a great desire to see Milan winning and also get involved in the transfer market. Milan is a very solid club and we are among the best clubs in Europe in terms of revenue. We invest a lot more than teams like (Champions League finalists) Atletico Madrid. My father has the desire to invest in Milan, and he will definitely try to make Milan more solid. (Hellas Verona’s) Juan Iturbe? My father & Galliani will handle that.

“I’ve always been a great supporter of Milan and my relationship with the club is getting more intense. My path here? I’m at the start of an adventure. It’s year one and I’m very confident about the initiatives that we’ll propose in the next years and I hope that Mr. Galliani will be able to make an exceptional job to get us back in Europe. We hope to return to being competitive and successful. The Champions League is a must and it’s very important for us to finish in the top 3 in order to give continuity to our initiatives.” Milan finished in 8th place in the 2013/14 season and won’t play in Europe next season.

Barbara Berlusconi during the presser (@acmilan)

“Kaka? He’s a player that has made his history at Milan,” she added. “I know that Kakà is making an important decision and he has to make that decision with absolute calmness. We will be happy if Kakà stays, but we will accept it if he wants to leave. Mario Balotelli? He is a great player and he’s very talented, but nobody is irreplaceable. We will see what happens.

“Filippo Inzaghi? He has a winner’s mentality, and we are sure that he will do well as Milan’s coach. I wish Inzaghi all the best, and I hope that his enthusiasm will spread to all the players in the squad. Our objective is to return to playing in the Champions League. It’s a must. Clarence Seedorf? He came to Milan during a difficult period, but he did well as Milan’s coach. I wish Seedorf all the best in his future career, and I think that he will do well in the clubs that he will coach.

“A new stadium? I will ask my father for a stadium, yes. I hope that Milan will have its own stadium by 2019 or 2020. We’re working with Inter on making San Siro ready for the Champions League final (in 2016).” The red & blacks continue to work.

Translation credit: @Milanello
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Pa ibra

when you say someone is not irresplaceable – means they’ll be replaced with a better/same quality and similar age. i believe people wouldnt mind that much about losing certain players but they are afraid the replacements will not be up to standard, like when arcebi has to replace thiago silva ect. am not sure barbara is having a better replacement in mind. so i can say mario is irresplaceable at milan.


1 guy i would love to see at Milan is Ashley Cole…free transfer and can help assist in the back line!
Perfect option 🙂


You see, you said it right bro.. You don’t replace a Ferrari with a Fiat.


True..but I would settle for a reliable say..Porsche or Aston Martin, over a fantastic Ferrari that could break down at any time..

Pa ibra

my best wishes to kaka if he’s leaving. such a human.


Goodnews: Reports says that it seems that Galliani and Peter Lim has reached an agreement for Rami,he will join Milan permanently for around €4.5m. However,now,for me,Balotelli is not replaceable because other top strikers of his quality wants to play in Europe,if we can get a striker who can shoot from anywhere and score goals with freekicks then i will have no problem if Balo leaves,but i must tell you,if Mr.B really wants to spend then we must leave Balo for another season because he needs high quality players around him to show his best. C.Maldini said recently that Milan should… Read more »


Bye bye super mario


Well as much I respect and admire Balloteli he can be replaced in Milan if they really want to invest some…Immobile is cheaper and could be great for Milan and he is also Italian,we need Italians…Darmian could be great addition and Palleta can help us.

Point is if they sell Balloteli they can buy these players just from that profit…But you know Galliani is in charge…


Immobile has signed a 5 year contract with Dortmund before the World Cup,and Paletta isn’t the answer to our defence’s problem


Yeah i missed that with Immobile 🙂 but as far as Paletta comment i just think he can be good backup if Alex thing don’t work out and i think Parma can’t get to much for him


I pray we make a decent signings dis summer


Out of topic! Is anyone from the milan scouts wstching kenneth omeruo the nigerian cb who marshalled the nigerian defense during the nations cup,confed cup,and now the worldcup. He is just 20 chelsea player on loan in holland and doing wonders.snap hin up pls. Forza milano


So apparently we have to hit rock bottom before Berlusconi’s ready to invest… I’ll believe it when I see it. But selling Traore and looking to buy Iturbe are definite steps in the right direction.


@Lumen, it’s about time, the Rami deal has taken enough time haha. Completely agree about Balo, and it’s just like Pa ibra says, we all know that the replacement won’t be of the same quality, Balo is still 23 and yet to fulfill his potential, people forget that most Italians are late bloomers. Look at the average age of Italy’s world cup winning squad for example. The only name of the replacements for Montolivo’s injury so far, that is acceptable to me is Clement Grenier, would definitely not mind him joining us. On another note, like I keep on saying,… Read more »


@Pele80,i’m a Nigerian,Omeruo and the injured Oboabona is the heart of our defence,they did wonders when we won the Afcon 2013 in South Africa,they kept Drogba,Gervinho and co at bay also with the help of Mikel’s defensive abilities Yaya Toure at bay when we defeated Ivory Coast in the quater final,Omeruo himself at the confederations cup in Brazil last year Silenced Cavani and Suarez pairing,Cavani’s counter attack Vs Omeruo on one on one and the last man standing before goal keeper Vincent Enyeama,Omeruo did an excellent job there and stopped Cavani.Omeruo has signed 5 years contract with Chelsea and may… Read more »


Seedorf is preparing to sue Milan he already contacted set of lawyers… You know why??? Because he needs more money for the damages !! He will earn 10 million in the next three years and still need more!! That shows how greedy is this guy.. hope that berlu will hire army or lawyers to kick him out!! I used to respect him and even did not like the way he was sacked (even none knows what he have done), but now I think he deserves what they have done to him.


”Seedorf has gathered a team of experienced lawyers & is all set to sue Milan for material & moral damages.Long legal battle to follow” You need to relax mate, I am still very much interested in knowing what happened behind the scenes that we all don’t know, I’ve moved on from the Seedorf era, but if Seedorf feels he was treated unjustly, he has every right to take it to court, it is now left to the judicial system to decide if indeed he deserves to be paid for the damages. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but… Read more »

Unamused Observer

I gave you a thumbs up for ” hope that berlu will hire army or lawyers to kick him out” lol


You reason like a 3 year old… How can Berlusconi hire army or lawyers to kick him out because he’s taking his case to court? And you gave him a thumb up for that??? Grow up kid and face the reality of life.


This man wil thump up anythin thats against Seedorf. Hes like that.


Also Kenneth Omeruo and Godfrey Oboabona benched the Nigeria’s national team captain,Joseph Yobo,in the African Cup of Nations(Afcon)2013 in South Africa,Yobo is playing now because Oboabona was injured in our first World Cup match against Iran,he could return before we play Argentina on Wednesday evening,Watch out for the pair against Argentina.


Off course Balotelli is replaceable but he is a top shelf player and as such can only be replaced by the likes of a Falcao, Dzeko or Cavani. Will these guys join Milan in its current state? Very questionable and in this regard Balotelli is de facto irreplaceable.


Oh My Milan.. Which way are we headed..? Barbara claims they have been investing more than Athletico Madrid, yet Milan finished 8th, no Champions league, no Europa League.
And now, reports are flying around from very reliable sources that Milan have been in contact with Samuel Eto’s agent.. Balotelli’s replacement??? A 33 year old striker who earns 8 million euros salary??? Okay, we are watching….


If balo leave, i tink falcao is d best replacement 4 him nd dat wil b gud 4 pippo inzaghi number9


Off topic but I’ve been thinking lately about who have been Milan’s worst players of the last 10 years. Here’s my squad:

————– Kalac —————–

Bonera — Onyewu — Senderos — Constant

Mancini — Emerson — Essien

Oliveira — Matri — Borriello


Awesome… But don’t you think this team needs a coach? Best candidate? I’ve got a good guess, but I am Allergic to writing that name.. looool


haha yes, how could I forget the destroyer?!


LOL! so true! but borrielo had some nice goals doe! he had crazy scissor kicks, replace him for robinho.


We all understood that Balo is almost gone…and pazzini will be our main striker for the next period…


Nothing is predictable at Milan these days but i feel a bit confident about this transfer market, Inzaghi seems to be drawing supports from every corner and dont be surprised if Berlusconi opens his wallet again.


Torino have offered Nocerino a 4 years contract with €750k/year,while the player wants a 3 years contract and €1m/year.However an agreement is likely to be reached.
I can’t give the details of this now,but just know that Iturbe will most likely be a Milan player soon.Galliani have met with Sogliano and when Iturbe’s agent arrives in Italy next week,Galliani will burn up other competitors,Roma,Juve,Barca,Real etc and will table an offer.
Milan will compete with Roma for Holland’s LB and DM,Dalley Blind according to reports.

Uncle Fester is really busy and hard at work.


These are just sweet rumours. We might just sign quagiarella or anelka. Dont be surprised.


@Lumen. Are Milan 100% not interested and not pursuing Taarabt now?


Reports about going for Ashley Cole and Eto. Why are we signing other clubs’ rejects? It’s a waste of time and money. Paying big salaries to sub par players that are blocking the progress of our next stars. I would rather stick with Pazzini and Petagna than bring in eto. A new striker should not be the priority. Strikers score, but as balo shows, you can’t score if no one from the mid can get you the ball. Bring in creative midfielders like prajnic or banega.


Flopotelli out for Christ sake
and get a decent striker


Blind and iturbe lets hope for both of them


Milan will replace Balotelli with Eto’o or someone older or someone not good enough or someone out of contract. Milan clearly has no plans or vision for the future whatsoever. Pathetic management!

We should have signed Cerci, Immobile, Ochoa and Darmian immediately after the season ended.


like it or not Seedorf deserve what happened to him and wish he will lose the 10 millions that Milan owe him. By the way what damages you are talking about the man will get his money sooner or later unless he want to coach another team. Seedorf did not like being under Milan custody for three years long thats why he wanna go to court and take the money right away. Believe me mate no one can face berlu in Italy,from the begining it is a lose case.


I can see you have taken your side on this matter so I will leave you to conclude what you like. As for me, I am just watching from the sidelines because this case is the only way we can all get to know what really happened behind the scenes that all we Milan fans don’t know and I am sure I speak for others when I say this. Tassoti tried saying somethings today, but couldn’t (He just said it was hard working with Seedorf and he was about to leave). The court case will blow it all open. So… Read more »


Zacardo is going to Turkey he already joined one of their clubs.


Tuna Aktürk, president of Balıkesirspor, announced that he has found the agreement with Cristian Zaccardo: “We have reached an agreement with Zaccardo according to In a few days he will travel to Balıkesir for the signature.
After Bakaye Traoré sold to Bursaspor, another dead weight player is going to move to Turkey.

Hellas Verona are very interested in Saponara as part of Itube’s deal and i suspect this is reason why Milan bought his other half.

Diego contento of Bayern is another target of Milan and Galliani has initiated contacts with the player.
Source: Di Mazio



I would have no problem to leave Balo if we get €40m+ for him or €30m + Joel Campbell & we use this money to buy Iturbe & Casemiro. Then we will get 3 qulaity players with the cost of him both as tranfer & salary.


well said…
BAlo out Campbell,Iturbe,Casemiro and Blind In


Eto for that is sheer madness


Omeruo is class


I wish Balotelli would leave to Arsenal so that we can get the cash and additional player Joel Campbell and we can get Juan Iturbe with the cash and other players


Heard saponara may be in the deal for Iturbe. Regarding all our rumored targets, what happened to berlusconi wanting an Italian Milan?


Divock Origi would-be be a great significant. His Price is acceptabele


@lumen where did u get dat rumour from welsha i hope is true


why you are taking this so personal I am free to say what I want even if you did not like it. I am not supporting Seedorf if you dont like my comment just dislike it without going through aggressive comments and asking me to be professional you are not one of Seedorf’s lawyers. Take it easy mate I am supporting Milan for 20 years long and buying all their accessories on yearly basis and if something happened inside I will still cheer. my team and never look back.


You’re hurt??? I hope some armies and lawyers kick your butts too.. Remember your comment up there? looooooooooool I am a die hard Milan supporter also, but you make it sound like Seedorf murdered someone.


my kid how old you are? I will not bother myself with a teenager.


I’m having fun… loooooool Age is just numbers.. I know a teenager with an I.Q of above 120 and I know a 50 year old man who’s has dummbb as a straw stuffed brained scarecrow. And if really I’m your kid, then you’re my son’s grand dad. Wow.. Dave says… Sup Grand Pa… loooooool


Something SERIOUSLY happened at Milan when Seedorf was coach as evident by Pazzini’s statement this morning when asked about Seedorf, he said “What came out is not all that has happened”. Most definitely there is more to this very complicated issue than we all know, i think we fans need to take a break about it, move on and time will expose everything that happened just as Zambrota recently exposed all that happened during Allegri’s reign. On our transfer market, I believe Kaka is the holding factor to buying Iturbe as his 8M gross salary will be used to pay… Read more »


I somtyms wonder…u kno if I were to inform a milan fan who died in 07…abt todays milan…he can slap me …this z nt wat we must go to…. We are becoming alergic to succes… We are nt supoz to die then wait for resurrection…milan can be gret again….this z very bad… If mr B can’t spend on this club,and he still a fan…its a better selling it to pipo who can manage it….we are supoz to be talking abt milan biding 4 suerez not failing to pay 4 £3…its embarassing after luking at the suCcess we hav in the… Read more »


lol mate what type of green you are taking?? Lol


Don’t act like a child. Like or dislike when you hire someone with a contract and sack him with ridiculous compensation term(paying until he get job), he has right to fight with it when he feel injustice. It’s not problem when someone can’t work together in a team. It’s all management decision to hire him, so all fault must be on management. Amateur management from ac milan, what a shame.


My greens??? The best you can ever have… looool Now you’re catching my drift huh.. I swear, you’ll hate me to love me….! Hahaha..


Mate if I am going to love you then be sure that I am taking the same green that you are used to..


in every aspect, it’s seem seedorf will win this case. I hope he win it so next time ac milan can learn from this mistake. Don’t threat someone like puppet or toy, when you didn’t want it, you just throw it away. I really hate the fact how milan threat the player or staff nowday. Look how they threat leonardo and allegri. It’s look like upside down, they have long passion when with allegri who already prove failed. B&G need retired. What a shame act.