Milan resolve their co-ownerships: the outcome


RICCARDO SAPONARA and Andrea Poli will stay at Milan while Alberto Paloschi and Mattia Valoti have been sold.

Milan had until Friday evening (June 20th) to resolve all of their co-ownerships and they’ve managed to find an agreement with the other club on most of the occasions as sometimes they had to go to a blind auction to decide the player’s faith.

Andrea Poli is now fully owned by Milan after he was co-owned between them and Sampdoria. Milan paid Samp €1.3m plus their half of Salamon for Poli. Riccardo Saponara has also been bought out with Milan paying €1m for his other half.

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Alberto Paloschi has been bought out by Chievo Verona with them paying Milan €3m for their half. Mattia Valoti, Luca Bertoni, Filippo Lora and the goalkeepers Filippo Perucchini & Riccardo Piscitelli have also been sold while Cesena have won the blind auction for Lorenzo Saporetti. The Rossoneri have won their auction with Hellas for Michelangelo Albertazzi.

The co-ownerships of Simone Verdi and Gianmario Comi have been renewed with Torino. No agreement was found between Milan and Novara over Pacifico so he’ll stay at Milan (for now). Stefano Gori has been bought out from Brescia.

PlayerAgePositionStatusNow owned by
Stefano Gori18GoalkeeperBought outMilan
Riccardo Saponara22MidfielderBought outMilan
Andrea Poli24MidfielderBought outMilan
Michelangelo Albertazzi23DefenderBought outMilan
Gianmario Comi22ForwardRenewedMilan-Torino
Simone Verdi21ForwardRenewedMilan-Torino
Mattia Valoti20MidfielderSoldAlbinoLeffe
Riccardo Piscitelli20GoalkeeperSoldBenevento
Luca Bertoni21MidfielderSoldCarpi
Lorenzo Saporetti18DefenderSoldCesena
Alberto Paloschi24ForwardSoldChievo
Filippo Lora20MidfielderSoldCittadella
Filippo Perucchini22GoalkeeperSoldLecce
Bartosz Salamon23DefenderSoldSampdoria
Davide Pacifico20DefenderUnresolvedMilan-Novara
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we must buy pacifico! and i believe we should keep paloschi


Paloschi?? Why? just because hes from milan youth sector? Nothing else? He plays even worse than matri!!

You are like the fans who want to bring astori to milan, just because of the same reason. I dont believe you actullay have watched a 90 min game with paloschi or astori. You jsut heard somewhere on a forum that somebody said paloschi, and you want to say the same

Unamused Observer

Lol…very true. They think everything from Milan youth sector is actually good.


15 goals in one season make him a bad player? you are funny….


Keeping Paloschi would´ve been nice, but I´d rather give Petagna a chance, and get some cash, than keep him around


Oh no..mattia valoti. Wish him gud luck. But I’m happy that we got back albertazzi.


-M. Albertazzi is a plus in talks over Iturbe, there is a possipility…

Kwabena Adu

The summer transfer is done.


-It’s far from done.




Pacifico should stay really. Come on Pippo, you of all people should know what a gem he is! Or maybe he isn’t if Pippo isn’t trusting him? Don’t know.
Like MilanFreak says, there is an opportunity that Albertazzi might be used in the deal for Iturbe, but I remember Albertazzi also being rated highly a few seasons back. I really think we should bring Darmian back, he really has potential and has kept on developing since Toro’s time back in Serie A.


What about Rodrigo Ely?

Shams Arafat

Pacifico is staying. Can’t you guys read? Co ownership done for the season. That’s mean any thing will be sorted next yr


Ely is going on loan at Avellino


Wat abt kingley boateng is he stil coming back


Disappointed to hear about Valoti. This could come back to haunt us. Again.

Kingsley boateng haz been sold to a team in Holland….we shldnt have sold valoti…..he s gonna be a great midfielder


@Sheva…I love your comment, seriously, love that…..but, Pacifico must stay.

@milanista121…I trust Pippo too…but Pacifico has too much potential for US to even consider selling him outright given our circumstances…watch tape (Utube, Pyrtbeigh, etc…).

@delima…honestly, my memory is fuzzy, I think I remember being upset hearing we sold him outright, would be very happy to learn I am wrong.


I saw Valoti played twice and i couldn’t imagine him in Milan first team in future but all that is gone. We got our 2 biggest young assets in Albertazzi and Saponara, fair enough because it’s impossible to have it all, win some and lose some.


Boateng had a good potential


u’re welcome


I. Think next season with kaka gone, muntari aging emanualson being worthless, mexes a joke balotelli maybe leaving and montolivo lacking, our line up should be:

Abate -zapata -albertazzi -de scglio
De Jong (hope he stays)
Cristante -Poli

Subs: Gabriel,Veraga, Bonera/Mexes, Constant, Montolivo, Muntari, Nocerino, Saponara, Menez, Mastour and Penenga…

Robinho, essien, Matri,zaccardo, emanualson, Coppola, Niang all leave for 15-20m