Nesta: “Inzaghi will be a great coach, Milan need more signings”


ALESSANDRO NESTA believes that Milan’s problems derive from their inability to spend a lot of money in the market.

Milan had a poor 2013/2014 season and Silvio Berlusconi said that he hopes to have a squad next season that is capable of opening a new winning cycle. The Rossoneri have so far signed Michael Agazzi and Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa.

Both Agazzi and Alex came as free transfers and Jeremy Menez will also complete his Bosman transfer next week. Alessandro Nesta, who was bought by Milan in 2002 for 30m from Lazio, believes the Diavolo’s problems are financial.

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“Milan had a bad campaign during last season and in my opinion, Milan have a problem because financially they don’t have a lot of cash to spend in the transfer window,” Nesta said. “Previously, they were able to spend more than €100 million. But now they can’t because they don’t have that much cash. It’s also due to the financial situation in Italy, which isn’t good.

“Riccardo Montolivo’s injury? Milan obviously need to sign a new player, but I don’t know who they will buy. It all depends on how much money they have. Milan have just signed Alex from PSG and Alex is a great player. He will be a good signing for Milan. But they still need some new players to strengthen the defence and the midfield.” In addition to Agazzi, Alex and Menez, Milan are also expected to buy out Adil Rami for €4m and Poli’s other 50% for €2.5 mil plus their half of Salamon.

“If leaving Lazio in 2002 was to rescue the club’s finances? Yes. When I played at Lazio the team had a big debt. They sold me and Hernan Crespo in the same year and in the previous year they sold Pavel Nedved. It was the right decision for Lazio. Why I chose Montreal impact after Lazio and Milan? Before signing me they got Marco Vaio who is one of my good friends. He then asked me ‘You you kindly join here before ending your career?’ and I said ‘yes’. Di Vaio was instrumental in my move to Montreal. If the fact that I joined the coaching staff at Montreal means I’ll be a coach? I want to be a coach.

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“I think that once you retire from football the best thing you can do is be a coach. I need to take the coaching course in Italy. Which team I’d like to train? I don’t know. If there’s a chance of me joining the coaching staff at Milan? Me? No. There are many former players who want to train there so I don’t think about it. Filippo Inzaghi to replace Clarence Seedorf? I don’t know. Pippo hasn’t signed a contract and there hasn’t been any official statement. But if it happens he’ll be a great coach.

“My son Tommaso (who is 6-years-old)? He’s still very young but he likes football, he used to play football. In my opinion the most important thing for him at this time is to study. After that, if he wants to play football then it’s fine but now he has to study. Criticism against defensive football? Now people want to see offensive football. Mourinho’s way of play? Sometimes he plays defensively and sometimes he doesn’t, it depends on the game and the opponents that the team faces.

Nesta also talked about Italy’s World Cup campaign: “Last time Italy won in an international match was in September. Recently they drew 1-1 with Luxembourg, (but) is there a big concern to see results ahead of this World Cup? In a friendly match, Italy rarely have a good game in my opinion. But when they start in the World Cup or other major tournaments, such as European Championship, the team changes and plays differently. I do not know why – because we are Italian?”

There are three Milan players in Italy’s World Cup squad: Mattia De Sciglio, Ignazio Abate and Mario Balotelli. Italy are in Group D and they will face England on next Saturday night (12:00 CET). Uruguay and Costa Rica are also in Group D.

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Milan always going for free players


Cristante and de scilgio should stay. Balotelli too. We should sign baselli, santon and paloshci. Then we will compete again after creating the team personality.


Milan is destroying the family in a strange way.


Is this baselli guy good?

Patokasto G

We nesta nd inzaghi 2 tek galliani’s role


milan have bid 12.5 million for gaston ramirez acc to sources


Sky says that milan will sacrifice cristante to get rami. Mad! Mad! Mad! If this is true it would be the biggest mistake! lose a visionary midfielder for a normal defender. Tired of this club!


The shortsightedness of such a transfer would be astonishing. I think Galliani has lost his mind in his old age. When was the last time Milan had a decent transfer window? 2001? The club has been playing without a proper left back for about 3 or 4 years now. That is just incompetence. At any other club it wouldnt be tolerated. Can you imagine someone like Abramovich allowing his director of football to stumble from one awful transfer window to the next?


It’s crazy enough to be very possible these days 🙁

Milan fan

if they sell De Schilio and Cristante they should be hanged at Milano’s square.


Wow! We got nesta for 30m 12yrs ago and we cant even make a signing of 5m today? Berlu thanks for making milan a great club ! But i think its good for you to be remembered for success and failure so sell
This club now.


I cant understand how teams like Lazio who haven’t played champions league football in years have more cash to spend than Milan. Where does it all go? I mean honesty, how can they start the transfer window with absolutely nothing. Even the newly promoted sides have some cash to spend.

If milan sell Cristante as is being reported in sky italia then the club is well and truly f***** and there is no hope of a resurrection any time soon.


Milan generate around 60m more than they did when they signed Nesta and now the whole team costs 20m when Nesta cost 30m himself


Milan have money but not for reckless spending!!! Think, look beyond your short sightedness


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inzaghi and seedorf should be head coach to carry milan in 2014 2015 season

paulo meso

seadorf has just been sacked its not fair