Berlusconi-Galliani-Inzaghi: 4-hour meeting to discuss strategy


MILAN HAVE decided on the formation for next year and have also created a list of players that could leave, it’s said.

Clarence Seedorf has claimed that “I have had no communication from the club” but it’s clear that the Dutchman will be sacked in the next days and replaced by Inzaghi, who coached the Allievi and the Primavera teams in the last 2 years.

The Rossoneri can’t announce Inzaghi’s appointment just yet as they have failed to reach an agreement with Seedorf regarding his severance package but Pippo has already discussed the strategy for the next season with Galliani and Silvio.

Montolivo breaks tibia, forced to miss World Cup
Video: Montolivo gets injured against Republic of Ireland

At around 21:00 yesterday Galliani and Inzaghi arrived to Berlusconi’s Arcore villa. The meeting lasted 4 hours in which they also watched the Italy game (they talked with Riccardo Montolivo on the phone to wish him a quick recovery) but they also talked about the 2014/2015 season and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport they’ve decided on the formation – 4-3-1-2.

The story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Inzaghi has used 4-3-1-2 and 4-3-3 in his two years of coaching but they’ve decided that the 4-3-3 will be a back-up system, also due to Berlusconi’s known fondness for formations with two strikers. It remains to be seen who will play in the hole: Stephan El Shaarawy is capable of playing there but is far less effective than on the left, while Ricardo Kaka and Keisuke Honda are obvious choices as well. Riccardo Saponara, who’ll most likely go on loan next season, is a trequartista too.

Adel Taarabt is an option as well but first Milan have to buy him out. The option for €7m expired yesterday but in the next days, Galliani will talk to Queens Park Rangers about him. The same applies to Adil Rami, although Galliani could send Ernesto Bronzetti to speak to Valencia; Milan, reports il Corriere dello Sport, won’t go above €4.5 million for the Frenchman.

Tuttosport believes that Mario Balotelli was too discussed and Inzaghi hasn’t shown objection to his sale. It’s reported that Milan have set a starting price of €25 million on him and his agent Mino Raiola is already looking for clubs to take the Italian forward. A final decision about his future is believed to be taken after the World Cup. il Corriere della Sera is also running the story that Milan have decided to sell Balo to finance moves for other players as they must sell before buying players.

Galliani and Inzaghi’s arriving to Berlusconi’s villa last night

In addition to Balotelli who may or may not leave, the Turin-based newspapers reports that Milan have decided to put Kevin Constant, Cristian Zapata, Cristian Zaccardo, Michael Essien, Valter Birsa and Robinho on the market, in addition to Marco Amelia, Ferdinando Coppola and Urby Emanuelson (expiring contracts); Matias Silvestre has returned to Inter after his loan ended. Antonio Nocerino and M’Baye Niang are also said to be transferred this summer while Alessandro Matri is the only one with a chance to stay. Calciomercato meanwhile reports that Inzaghi has asked for striker Alberto Paloschi to return.

The Italian website also states that one of Matri and Pazzini will be sold while Milan have stopped the plans to loan out Bryan Cristante after Montolivo’s injury and are also set to accelerate the buying out of Andrea Poli, who is co-owned between Milan and Sampdoria. The Rossoneri have until June 20 to resolve the co-ownerships and they’ve also decided to buy-out Simone Verdi, who is co-owned between them and Torino but they’ll let him stay at Empoli on loan for another year.

The Milan fans should of course remember that all the above is nothing more than rumours and speculations and everything should be taken with a grain of salt. The mercato hasn’t officially opened yet but the rumours are always there.

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Zapata,birsa should not be sold


im sorry zapata is not that good but he is DEFINITELY better than mexes and zaccardo

you know what the man might not have the talent to play for such a big club like milan, but give him his credit he works his ass off to defend as well as he can

more than what i can say about mexes and zaccardo


Best news here….
The selling of Balotelli.
Finally Inzaghi has something in his head and sees no positive thing to ballo the useless no character guy


Yes cause the replacement for him will be EPIC,knowing Galliani and Berlusconi. C’mon wake up!


no-one is worse than Ballo, so any player is ok in the place of Balo 🙂


“as they must sell before buying players”

probably the most hated sentence among milan fans-.-
Thanks to this sentence and Galliani´s idiotic obstinacy about adhering to his kind of tradition or whatever to buy players on the last day of the transfer window, they constantly miss the pre-season and are likely to underperform in the initial weeks.


Besides, the 4-3-1-2 formation does not suit us, i really like that formation but we simply don´t have the apt players to use it. For that formation you need an extremely strong playmaker who takes over the creative part as the provider, who controls the build-up tempo and embodies the pivot of the team. Kaka was that player but not anymore, Honda is too slowly at the ball and does not seem to be capable of speeding up the tempo of our game, El Shaarawy isn´t a real playmaker and is certainly better placed on the left flank, Taarabt will… Read more »


I would keep balotelli, niang and sell the rest of the mediocre Players.


We can see the problem of Berlusconi already. Why keep Honda and Kaka? It makes no sense. Kaka is pretty much finished he is not the same as he was before he left for Madrid. Honda, had done nothing to warrant why he should stay. Yes he played out of position, but world class players find a way. Yet Saponara who in his 7 appearances showed plenty of gusto and raw talent is being loaned out? If Berlusconi had any brains he would sell one of Kaka or Honda and keep Saponara as the understudy just like Kaka did with… Read more »


I agree about Kaka. Not so much about Honda. I agree he hasn’t proved he should stay, but last season was the exact opposite of optimal conditions for him. Moving to a new country, a new league, obvious communication issues, playing out of position, the pressure of the Italian fans. It would’ve been great if he did better than he did, but no one should’ve been expecting that. Saponara shouldn’t be loaned out. In this formation, it should be easier than ever to get him minutes. I don’t know what their gonna do with SES, who’s definitely our best asset.… Read more »


Disagree about Kaka. yes saponara can serve as an understudy but Kaka shuldnt leave just yet, because he is one of the few players we have, who know what it actually means to wear our Milan shirt, and can serve as a role model fr our uprising youngsters.


all these players mentioned
should be sold


I would prefer to keep matri, sell pazzini bring back paloschi. Matri still has something to proove.




Balotelli need to leave as the first player even if he is great but his red cards and some weak performances had put us down many times..we need now players who always will be there

Matri,Birsa ,Constant,Robinho,Mexes schould leave urgently to make a space for any better players ..

milanisti bali

Cristante to stay is a good news..


Pazziny has to stay .Him and Elsha are dangerous together they saved us in 2012 season remember!

Pa ibra

one thing they must not do is selling a star to fund for another star. mario is one of the few interesting players in milan.


inzaghi will play again as a striker, while Galliani will be the head coach


Selling your best player in terms of performance quality and even potential and you wanna talk about CHAMPAGNE FOOTBALL?????? yeah right you need to stop dreaming!

Pa ibra

niang should be given one more chance. he has lot of qualities… shoting techniqe and power, muscle, speed, ball technique, vision, courage, versatile, and he’s almost as young as petagna.


Totaly agree. Niang will be a beast in a few years. Lets not make the same mistake as juve did with thierry henry. They played him wide just like we do with niang. And when he got to england and got to start as a striker. Signs started to show of a incredible talent. Same goes for niang. Just wait and see


lol…. shoting technique was too much..

Pa ibra

he curle the ball with both legs, he take conners and freekicks which all requires shoting technique. if you still disagree then lets allow him to test a shoot at you 🙂

Yeahh that s true @ pa ibra….spot on boss


As soon as I saw 4-3-1-2 I stopped reading, I’m so done with this backwards club right now I’m not gonna think about them until after the World Cup


Sell matri keep pazo bring poloshi loan niang sell kaka and family of waste


Good news, palochi is back…


I’ll just say, they’re going to play two strikers but selling Balotelli? So our strike force will be Pazzini and Matri? Or Paloschi? That’s mid-table at best.


Matri is not a footballer period and he only poses as a striker, effectively he’s just the 11th player a lunatic fields when he hasn’t taken his/hers medication!


I can’t even people are actually commenting positively on this nonsense. Time has moved on beyond these 2 old men – Berlu and Galli. Ask yourselves: does Florentino meddle with his coaches at Real Madrid? No. That’s why Mou had 3 years. Carlo went to Madrid, he let go of the player with the most assists – Ozil. At the end of the season, Carlo delivered La Decima. These two old men think they know football – sorry, but all they know is football history. They cannot handle modern football. Discussing tactics and formation is already a sign that Inzaghi… Read more »


Well said


i heard that cristante will be a priority to inzaghi. this is great!


Birsa,zapata,pazzini are still hot shot for milan if given better tactics and training like bale


the absolutely first player that should leave, and the player that have causes us so much failure is BONERA. He must go no matter what, i cant even stand seeing him at the bench, let alone seeing him play. I would even want bonera as 5th choice center back. The other person that should leave (observe that i say person, and not player, because they are not football players) is ROBINHO. If i see him miss a open goal again, i will end up in prision. Poli should NOT be signed. Poli is another flamini, a players that just can… Read more »

Kwabena Adu

So they want to sell Ballo and bring back Matri and Paloschi?…how many goals do u think these two guys can score in a season?

ninad dongare

Please buy lukaku…date guy is a beast….I think 15 millions is enuf…….Marco reus still a dream……He can definitely become our sheva…For the fullbacks….go search in Brazil


The sale of Balo will just bring us more Constant, he might be inconsistent but he’s a class player. This will surely be a project for Pippo to deal with this, hopefully he will get the time and patience so he will indeed succeed.


If u sell ballo who in the hell r going to score the goals Matri and Pazzini I don’t think so this team won’t make the champions league or Europa league again if inzaghi. Tells those two dumbasses to sell him Milan is going to suck again next season


Balo and his moody face can leave as far as I’m concerned but we’d absolutely have to bring in a world class striker to replace him. And I’m talking Dzeko level, not Matri.

Great news about Cristante. The future of Milan should be built around guys like him and DeSciglio.


Why Must We Sell One World Class Player Befor We Buy Another One Why Can’t We Keep Balotelli

indo milanista



It’s looking ugly already before the market starts officially. Berlusconi wants a formation but cannot invest money on players who would execute the formation.

Milan is a circus of actors and jokers called B&G.

Incredible rhymer

have’nt seen paloshi play…how good is he pls


They(B&G and some of you guys) must regret selling Balotelli.To find a striker that would score with free kicks will be very hard,i mean a better replacement for Mario,don’t mention Dzeko or Mandzukic they are good because of the kind of players around them,but the can’t be good in Milan especially Mandzukic,no dribbling,pace,and shooting ability like Mario’s.That goal from 35 yards against Bologna.

Unamused Observer

Couldn’t agree more.


BERLUSCONI schouldnt worried about formations but about to bring any decent players especialy CBs ..

If they like to fallow so much the history why we dont have a pure Italian back4 ???


Class comment. Exactly how I’m feeling. Would be great to see Pacifico promoted and given a true shot, perhaps along with Iotti.


You can say whatever you want, but Kaka is our best player.


Best news is if that happens at least 10 players will be off loaded, seriously. Considering the wages that will be let off, along with some money from the transfer, we can definitely gain somewhere along 10-20 million, depending on how much we get from sales. Why do we have to sell Balo then? If we don’t sign as much mediocre players, paying them too much and have such a overly big squad as we do, we wouldn’t be in this economic mess, even if it is to cover up Berlu’s scandals and debts. If we manage to get rid… Read more »

indo milanista

Yes but our first priority should be that we shouldnt sell our best players as there replacements are very costly


MY PROBLEM WITH THE 4-3-1-2: The 4312 demands your LB/RB control the flanks, if they do not get forward when attacking there will be no one on the wings. This may not sound so bad, after all, we are used to attacking backs at Milan. We expect every outside back to attack and defend like Cafu. It’s the reason we’ve had backs like Jankulovski(sp.), Oddo, and Emanuelson. However, since Nesta’s departure, we no longer have the CB’s who can hold the fort by themselves while our outside backs get forward. An attacking back is a luxury, not a necessity. They… Read more »


You make a good point man, i remember allegri totally exhausting elsha in a similar way, the 4-3-1-2 takes a toll on players and whats worse is that we don’t have proper back-ups.
Though i have to disagree with ur 2 cm theory as this may put our midfielders to far up the pitch (susceptible to counters leaving the midfield open) or too deep (unable to retrieve the ball) though perhaps m just interpreting you wrongly, but a say a narrow 4-3-3 can also work, but alas our CAM’s are not suited for that role, Honda for exmple. Major dilemna!!


I agree, we’ve seen time & time again Milan getting overrun in Europe with this ridiculous formation. Imagine facing Ribery, Robben, Lahm & Alaba with only 2 guys doing all the work.


Some excellent news coming from

Arsenal have been offered the chance to bring Mario Balotelli back to England.

AC Milan are prepared to sell the 23-year-old to fund an overhaul of their squad and want around £30million.
Despite his excellent goal record, the club are tired of his erratic behaviour
Balotelli has scored 30 goals in 54 games for Milan but the fallen Italian giants are strapped for cash and are struggling to finance even smaller deals such as Adel Taarabt’s £5m move from QPR.

Unamused Observer

The sell of Balotelli is a big NO NO NO NO for me but its inevitable.But one thing i know for sure is,Milan will gravely regret the decision to sell him.

Our next season forward line will be Pazzine-Matri/Pazzini-Paloschi lmao


Obviously, the coach (inzaghi ) doesn’t have the resources to play that formation (4-3-1-2) which is also clear to Mr gold tie nd Berlusconi yet they r still clamouring for it…and by obliging to it…I’m afraid we might lose SES. .
Make way for new stakeholders that have money to spend nd stay focus on one project..allegri’s penultimate season we embarked on bringing primavera players up….buh once again Mr gold tie stunned us with ale matri that has nothing to offer..and also essien when there’s a cristante that showed us quality on his debut….milan is jus a sorry ass club..


So Why throw out Seedorf?? The problem is plain for all to see! We have crappy players. Give them to any coach and the results will speak for themselves!! The board must stop pretending it’s not their fault and roll up their sleeves and work to sort out the mess they got us into by hiring Allegri! How could you tell Milan players after losing 3-0 ‘It’s Ok. It doesn’t matter’ and the board goes ahead and extends him another year!! They were helping him destroy the club. Silvio must stop running the club the way he runs his political… Read more »

Sm khaleed

Who tell you that balotelli is a world class player?BS.

Kwabena Adu

According to Forzaitalianfootball Bibiany of Parma is the alternative to Cerci.In case they failed to get Cerci,so they will sell Balotelli and spend the money on some average mid club table players


Yup, this is the reality of our club, we’ll sell Balo to “sign Cerci” but we’ll end up with Biabiany or someone else, there’s a reason why he’s still at Parma and has already failed at Inter. I sincerely hope that Pippo will stand his ground, and ask for the players he himself finds valuable, not only as squad players, but worthy of donning the Rossoneri shirt, like he himself did!

Line up

4-3-3 GK – Abbiati, Aggazi, Gabriel CB – Rami, Alex, Mexes, Bonera RB – Abate, (Darmian) LB – De Sciglio, Darmian DM – Montolivo, De Jong CM – Poli, Cristante, Muntari, Baselli LF – El Sharawy,(Taarabt) RF – Berardi,Taarabt CF – Paloschi, Pazzini 4-3-1-2 GK – Abbiati, Aggazi, Gabriel CB – Rami, Alex, Mexes, Bonera RB – Abate, (Darmian) LB – De Sciglio, Darmian DM – Montolivo, De Jong CM – Poli, Cristante, Muntari, Baselli AM – Kaka,(Taarabt) CF – Pazzini, (El Sharawy) CF – Paloschi Buy – Rami (3mil + Zapata, Didac) – Darmian (Nocerino + Constant) – Baselli… Read more »


Okay, here’s what i am thinking about the Situation. Sell Balo, is okay but not enough. Even if i am a fan of him. He a pretty good striker, but first of all he hasnt the mentaly to give its best on the field and thats what we need. I am sure he will get it. But Milan cant wait so long atm. We will be fine with paloschi, pazzo and petagna instead of him. offensiv midfield should be Honda. It’s his favorite Position and he never had a chance to show it. I dont believe in the transfer of… Read more »

shev jhb

Ronald Koeman will be handed a £50m transfer fund if
he agrees to take over at Southampton. lol!!!! we are a joke! look at what southampton are willing to do and we cant pay £5m for taarabt lol!!!!! Berlusconi must just sell the club, we dont want sponsors! get sponsors for galliani’s brain surgery!!


If we sell Balo, we will have no strikers. And where will SES play in a 4-3-1-2 formation? It needs to be the 4-3-3 he needs to be on the left.

indo milanista

SES is really very good at left flank but he can also play as LS…. thats where he shinned for Milan

indo milanista

the best replacement of balo can be immobile…
No one other than him