Milan bid €3.8m for Rami, still looking for Taarabt discount


ADIL RAMI and Adel Taarabt are strongly wanted by Milan but they aren’t too interested in paying a lot for them.

The start of the transfer season does not bode well for the Milan fans as so far they’ve signed Michael Agazzi on a free transfer and have only shown actual interest in Taarabt and Rami but do not want to pay the amounts they agreed to pay.

Rami and Taarabt were impressive in the few months they played in the 2013/2014 season as they both arrived on loan with options to be bought from Valencia and Queens Park Rangers respectively, and they’ve also said they want to stay.

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According to today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan have submitted an official offer for the full ownership of Rami. The Rossoneri are willing to pay Valencia €3.8m for the 28-year-old center back. The fee that was agreed when Rami first arrived was €7.5 million but Milan decided to not take up this option and Galliani made it clear to Valencia they won’t pay it.

The report on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

The ball is in Valencia’s court and they need to give their answer back regarding the €3.8m bid (the last offer was reportedly €3.5m). Rami has a few clubs following him, like Manchester United and Liverpool but no one has made an official bid for him but the Diavolo. With regards to Adel Taarabt, Milan’s option to buy-out the player for the fee that was agreed beforehand expires on Saturday. Milan are talking with QPR and are looking to get a discount as they won’t pay €7 million.

Meanwhile, Torino are interested in signing Antonio Nocerino in the summer according to the Italian press. It’s also reported that Chicago Fire have joined New England Revolution and Orlando Soccer Club in race for Robinho’s signature.

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OMG, galliani is gonna let go to good players who actually made a difference to milan in the second half before they were struggling badly. Rami added much more stability to the defence then bonera, zapata, mexes could provide combined. We also need taarabt because he is a good option on wings. I dont know what they are doing. Baldy is determined to ruin milan completely by not signing good players but signing cheap free players that no one wants.


This next season might not go too well with these pathetic transfers happening, Adel and adil were among our best players. Guys what we say here are worthless, no one important at milanello reads our comments or hears our plight as fans, Silvio is destroying what we hold important, MILAN. Some guys have mentioned to stage protests and other things, thankfully the ultras are doing this, but would you reckon they do it more often??, but than again what use is ot if our CEO snivels himself out all the c#@p that his brought us. Only wish galliani had quit… Read more »

Pa ibra

galliani can only sign freebies were no selling club are involved, just agree with the player on a huge wage like essien (3.5 mil, oh my god!) then sign them up. he’s not capable of dealing with other clubs. he annoys them with his tricks and acts… asking too much for robinho, birsa, nocerino and offering less than half the price which was agreed on for rami, poli, taarabt. so we are unable to sell or buy.

Olalekan Mojeed

Galliani don start again oooooo8-)


I remember that Taarabt’s agent said that the deal can be concluded for 4 million euros a month ago or so and that he was positive of a deal. Rami is more important to secure than Taarabt to be honest, even if Taarabt has been good. It would be good if we got them both, but by no means would it be considered a victory on the mercato, it’s just what should be accepted. Hope it gets overwith soon so we can focus on offloading players, like Noce, i even forgot that we owned him. What would be great would… Read more »


If I was Valencia management, I’d tell Milan to stick to the agreement or go look somewhere else. Rami played great. I’m sure they could make more off him elsewhere.


Galliani is playing his pranks again, he knows that Rami’s contract with Valencia officially expires in 2015 and wants to pay Valencia more like 20/14/15 loan fee, my only fear now is another club offering more which will automatically kill our deal. I believe we will close a deal for Taarabt because he’s still not in plans of QPR next season.

Once a Kojak, always a Kojak


yeah I agree with you but I dont think Milan will go for Cerci…Torino wants much money and Galliani is so stingy as Skroutz and ll not spend money on the mercato this summer… Only Berlusconi can spend money as he spent €20 millon for buying Balo. I predict that Milan will chase Adebayor if he leaves for free from Tottenham…have you got information about that? I also want Nocerino to be sold and sign a good midfielder. Finally,I wish Robinho & Milan wont accept any offers from these ”cheap” or rich Americans of Chicago,Orlando and New England unless they… Read more »


How is it possible in CHrist sake that Hellas Verona who has in serie B laste year can buy Iturbe for 15Million €, and Milan cant buy 2 players (Rami & Taarabt) for 14Million?I think no one can explain this sh*tty situation im really pissed.
Valencia will reject our offer and Rami will go to Manchester United.
The same will happen for Taarabt we will lose him because we have a morone like Galliani in our menagment…


I couldn’t agree more, it’s incredible how ridiculous our club is being run by those two idiots, we have a really good centre back in Rami who actually wants to stay with us and those fools won’t pay the price for him even though what velencia are looking for isn’t that much and because Seedorf is getting sacked we probably have no hope of signing Doria who I think will be as good as Tiago Silva from Seedorf’s old club, Milan are in the forbes rich list as being in the top ten richest and most valuable clubs in the… Read more »


We can complain here as long and load as we like but it won’t make one blind bit of differance as long as Berlusconi owns OUR club he’s been running it into the ground for over 10 years now, as a matter of fact can anyone here remember the last proper world class player he bought and payed decent money for other than ballo and zlatan?? You need to go back to the signing of Nesta, Pirlo, Seedorf, Staam, Sheva and players like that but that’s a long, long time ago now and those kind of players made us a… Read more »


In my opinion there is no real project. It’s only for a short time solution and not long time.
And then Berlusconi and Galliani talk about a restart and a new era. Shameful!

They can not buy Rami and Taarabt and want still to reduce the prize. It would not suprise me if they leave.


What is going on with milan shouldnt suprise anyone anymore. Only old fools can afford to pay 12mil euros for a worthless piece of trash like Matri and yet can’t afford 14mil to keep 2 useful players that helped half season.

Kwabena Adu

I don’t see why the Berluscon’s should be holding on to the club if they can’t afford 14 million for two quality players.I don’t really know what’s going on,even championship clubs like QPR and lechester city and Leeds UTD are spending more than Milan.The fans should protest.I for one will never again buy any Milan paraphernalia until the management start showing some signs of improvement.Come on guys this is very depressing


Barbara can save us. When Silvio will no longer be with us, I hope she will kick Galliani out from our beloved Club and bring in Maldini, Boban and some other Milan legends.

We definitely need Rami, even more than Taarabt. I also hope we can bring Coentrao and Doria. And promote Pacifico, this guy can be great.


AC have shattered me..broken my heart till the final speck 🙁 :'( when will u be back on top? sigh..


Both players are worth the double of the prices we agreed after this spring. With the likes of Arsenal and ManU willing to pay more, consider them gone.

Galliani has no business sense at all. He thinks he saves money on free transfers not realizing our income is plummeting when nobody wants to pay to see free trash like Agazzi and Essien getting beat by relegation zone teams.