Galli rejects assistant coach role, Tassotti to stay at Milan


FILIPPO INZAGHI is the next coach of Milan and the former defender Tassotti will most likely to be right-hand man.

Inzaghi will be officially named coach in the next few days and today he had a meeting at Casa Milan with Adriano Galliani and his agent Tullio Tinti and they talked about Pippo’s contract which will be signed after Milan resolve Seedorf’s deal.

Clarence will be sacked after just four months and Milan will look to negotiate his severance package as they don’t want to pay him €10 million until his finds his next job. They’re already paying Allegri who was replaced by Seedorf in January.

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Allegri was assisted by Tassotti during his tenure at Milan and there were reports that Tassotti has promised Massimiliano that he will follow him to his next club but with Seedorf leaving (there was not much love between them) he seems to have changed his mind and is set to stay. Gianluca Di Marzio wrote on his website that Tassotti, 54, “has no ties with Allegri”.

Filippo Galli, who is the Head of the Youth Sector, was offered the role of the assistant but he doesn’t want the job. Galliani was planning on bringing Arrigo Sacchi to replace Galli but that’s of course on hold since the 51-year-old former right back wants to retain his position. The staff of Inzaghi, who will reportedly be paid €700k a season as the head coach (Seedorf’s contract is worth €2.5 mil a year), will possibly consist of Tassotti, Beniamino Abate, Andrea Maldera and Nicola Matteucci.

Abate, the father of Ignazio, would be the goalkeepers coach while Maldera, who worked for Allegri, would be involved in the tactical side and Matteucci would be in charge of scouting the opponents. Abate & Matteucci worked at Inzaghi’s Primavera.

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Seedorf was treated so badly that i’d like to see Milan pay every cent of that severance package.. I wish Seedorf luck, hopefully he will find a club which also respects his ideas.

I wish best of luck to Inzaghi, too. I’m eager to see him controlling milans first team.


I guess a coaching staff consisting of Stam, Crespo and all the other legends Seedorf wanted to bring in, will hereby remain a dream right? Sigh.


Galliani spotted watching a basketball match with allegri yesterday evening in milan. He actually took a revenge for allegri! Im hating this Galliani f00l!!!


We fans what are we waiting for by not protest againts galliani to go,because he is the most important failure to us.don’t thus me if he dos’t go he will still do his mind and bring milan down.the fact is that he want to have full controll of a coach by still purchase free transfer players.if you luke in terms of him and seedorf he can’t control him that while he fine inzaghi is coming do you think that he will stay long if he dos’t work 1 and 1.let we as fans do somthing about this man and… Read more »

1899 Milan

Exactly what i thought. The whole bringing back sacchi was a lie just to shut up the fans, but now that we know how much of a lier he is to us, we need him out now.


Galliani’s ideas of football is now outdated and he should give way to a fresh n young brain who is in touch with modernity.


Oloshi galliani


Not even BArbara couldnt sack Galliany ..strang shi going on in there


Pippo got the job because he and galliani are friends and he’ll do what he’s told, it’s an absolute disgrace that Seedorf got sacked and all because he’s his own man and won’t listen to what that prat galliani says, Seedorf had clear ideas of how he wanted Milan to play and who he wanted playing for him but galliani wouldn’t allow anyone to sign players but himself, I’m a big fan of pippo but not I’m not impressed with him becoming manager because all he’ll be is another lap dog to galliani and do as his told and play… Read more »


Just read the gattusso article and I must say it explains a lot…