Milan have decided: Inzaghi will replace Seedorf


FILIPPO INZAGHI will be the new coach of Milan, but first the club will negotiate Seedorf’s severance package.

Massimiliano Allegri was relieved of his duties in January after a very poor first Serie A round with just 22 points collected and Milan appointed Clarence Seedorf who came very close to achieving the objective that was a Europa League spot.

But Milan ran out of patience with Seedorf as some of the club officials and some of the players do not get along with him very well and they’ve decided to sack him. Yesterday in a meeting at Arcore, the replacement was found: Pippo Inzaghi.

Milan: Meeting tonight to decide the coach case
Milan’s squad as X-Men characters (by Hugo Quadros)

Adriano Galliani arrived at Silvio Berlusconi’s villa at around 21:00 and the journalists spotted another man in Galliani’s car but due to the blacked-out windows they couldn’t tell who it was. It was later found out that it was Inzaghi himself who also took part in the meeting. The three spent around three hours in the villa, agreeing that Inzaghi will be appointed as coach.

The Sky Sport Italia reporter Peppe Di Stefano revealed why Milan decided to not pursue Unai Emery of Sevilla, who was reportedly the leading candidate to replace Seedorf: “Berlusconi said no to Emery – he wanted an Italian name.” Milan followed Gianluca Zambrotta’s advice of taking a coach that knows the Italian league and the Italian language. Inzaghi has no experience as a first team coach but he was the boss of Milan’s Primavera leading them to victory in the Viareggio Cup.

Everything is ready for Inzaghi’s official appointment but first Milan want to negotiate the severance package with Clarence Seedorf. If they can’t agree on anything then they’ll have to pay him €10 million as he was on €2.5m net per season and he has a contract until 2016. Mauro Tassotti is expected to stay at the club, working as the assistant of the 40-year-old Inzaghi.

Inzaghi’s dream comes true, at the expense of his former teammate, with whom he worked from 2002 to 2012, winning two Champions League titles, two Serie A titles, one Coppa Italia, two Supercoppa Italiana, two UEFA Super Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup. Mediaset chairman Fedele Confalonieri was also present at the meeting. It was also agreed in the meeting, the paper il Corriere dello Sport reports, that Berlusconi has imposed a salary cap for new signings: €2.5m net.

Inzaghi and Galliani have always been close so it’s no surprise that Adriano pushed for his appointment. Nothing ever changes at Milan – the political games continue while the fans disapprove and suffer from the behind-the-scenes action.

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Baldy is destroying milan with his crooked decision making, seedorf has been greatly disrespected with this approach of milan, It clearly shows the galliani has no respect for his players and neither has any loyalties. i wish he would leave the club already , because until he his here we will keep making cheap decisions.


Old Bald is the true CANCER ..B schould remember about ,TRAORE,SIlVESTRE,CONSTANT,BIRSA,MATRI ..iam sick of him

Unamused Observer

Which part of some section of Milan officials and players didn’t get along well with Seedorf didn’t you grasp? lol

Have this at the back of your head that, a team thrives well in a peaceful environment.


No player has come out and spoke against seedorf, De jong has been constantly telling the media that seedorf is vital for milan. As for the “Milan officials” when all know who that is, none other than baldy. We have a peaceful environment under allergy because he kissed gaillianis butt and look where it got us. We certainly didnt thrive in it.

El Greco

I’m not mad at firing Seedorf, but I need an explanation of what happened with him! Amateur clubs have better organization and management….

Good luck Pippo!!

Unamused Observer

Urmmmm….You need to go back and read the article thoroughly because I’m pretty positive a valid reason was laid out for his sacking.

El Greco

I’m not very smart at reading behind the lines, so can you please explain the reason why he gets sacked you wisea$$? Because he said the obvious, that too many players on this squad are garbage?


Wow, so much disrespect for Seedorf. It was B´s explicit wish to hire Seedorf and after some months he changes his senile mind, starts to pubicly mock Seedorfs choaching abilities instead. Amazing. And now he appoints Inzaghi as new coach behind Seedorf´s back. Why wasn´t Seedorf present when they discussed HIS future?! Now they will certainly aks him for withdrawing from his contract out of love for Milan, so that B has not to pay the 10m…
Now that it´s decided i will of course support Inzaghi, but how they treated Seedorf was nevertheless beneath contempt.


iam white but this was rasim..


Ello, if it is true Seedorf is leaving Milan I don’t think it has anything to do with his race. Zio Fester reminds me of a parent who raised their child from hard times to greatness but refuses to let go. He is afraid of being seen as irrelevant and is obsessed with remaining a power-broker even if it means our beloved Milan – and his beloved Milan also, for he is as passionate as any true Milanista – continues to flounder. There is no need to appeal to Berlusconi as his suspension from politics means Milan can no longer… Read more »


i agree as long as berlusconi is there Milan wont go anywhere.Yes he achieved a lot for Milan but it is time to go


Good luck Pippo …anyways i think Sedorf will become one of the best coaches in the world he was centre mid. as Rijcard,Guardiola,Simeone,Ancelotti ..

And i think if Sedorf could be replaced by PIPPO with no reason i think Galliani can be replaced by Maldini or any other legend as he did very deep and controversial mistakes that cost us to be the Top club in Europe …Galliani is responsible for this mess ..


I remember the words of Boban before Seedorf’s appointment which i quoted twice on this blog. He said “I wish Seedorf never gets the job and i hope Seedorf himself never wish to get the job”.

The whole football world now see Milan as a theatre where diffrenet kinds of movies are shown “In series”. I know and believe one thing strongly, Seedorf will get over this disappointment and become a great coach in nearest future.

I wish Inzaghi all the best. FORZA MILAN


Milan seem to sicken me more every year, this is a new low. We stuck with that moron Allegri for years and now Seedorf improves the team markedly in his 5 months in charge WHICH SHOULD HAVE MEANT NOTHING AS THE SEASON WAS ALREADY OVER and now he’s gone. Just like Leonardo who did a much better job than Ancellotti did in his final year without Kaka, played attacking football and was swiftly shown the door, burning another bridge with a Milan legend. I imagine Seedorf wouldn’t accept Galliani’s free transfers, that’s why he’s gone.

Unamused Observer

How hard is it for most people to understand some of the players weren’t getting on well with the coach? lol


No players in no team dont have to get well with the COACH ..COACH is the BOSS Coach is coaching players r playing ..sir.Fergusson had every year any beef with some players but he was there 30 years and thats it ..players schould concentrate on the game no on the coaching or anything else ..

Zambrotta wrote that half of the team didnt get well with Allegri in 2011 and he was there anyways for next 3 years


Am nt hppy wid the decision made by dat old gud 4 nthing fool called galliani.. His he nt rich enuf 2 get his FC.. Why shud he appoint inzaghi, his he using charm 2 cntrol balusconi



Kwabena Adu

without any kind of investment for Inzaghi he will fail terribly, until then the changing of coaches will continue until the owners realize that free agent players aren’t the solution to the AC Milan problems.the going of the dead is a warning to the living…Inzaghi shouldn’t get too excited because he is working with snakes and traitors

Olalekan Mojeed

I just realize the distroyer of milan is name is galliani i put the name galliani with no respect bcos he gives our legend no respect the first confrence of DOFF he says 85% of the milan squad are nt okey since den he has become the most enemy of galliani nd the confrence he did without informing the managment why galliani doing dis why the milan fans doing these cant dey stone this man he can never do this in my Nigeria every club is signing a resinable player he want to sign an abandon player of a team


It’s a sad moment. We need explanation or #gallianiOut.


No Seedorf -> balotelli will leave -> no doria -> no other good players who have a good connection to seedorf!


Appointing Pippo no problem bt to b honest we haven’t bn fair to Seedorf. His stay shud hav bn made permanent. Am nt happy Seedorf is leaving


10 M? WTF! He stays, then Milan buy Tarabt and Rami. Is this the same Milan who won 7 UCL?

Milan fan

Mahi,yeah right like if Seedorf stayed we would get Doria.
Baloteli MUST LEAVE no matter who the coach is,Milan need a committed player,not a society reject who fights,and a FLOP player,not one goal in big games,not to mention the falling whenever he get’s the chance.


Hope Seedorf gets a chance at another club to show his qualitys!
What Berlusconi and Galliani are doing is disrespectful!


The only reason why gallani doesn’t want seedorf as the coach is becos he can’t control dorf and he can’t force dorf to aspect or take a poor rated player. But he can control inzaghi or all this stupid italian coaches. Inzaghi should be careful bcos gallani is a green snake in a green grass. I wish u all the very best my coach Super Inzaghi.


Its UNFAIR with what they did to Seedorf,they can’t even show any compensation like making him the Assistant to Inzaghi since he wants an Italian or demote him to the Primevera.Psychologically Seedorf is better than Pippo if he was allowed to prove himself,i fear Pippo’s future if he fails. I don’t want to say anything about Mr.Galliani because it will lead me to commit a sin. I wonder how and what Seedorf will feel and say when they will tell him to leave,He will surely regret being a former player than regreting starting his coaching career here. Some players doesn’t… Read more »


I really would have wanted Seedorf to continue as the coach of Milan. He has a lot of class – and he seems to be a very good manager talent.

However, if the coach looses the respect of players, then it is never a good match. Either the club shows faith in the coach, and sell those players who are causing the problem – otherwise the coach must go.

It´s a pitty.

Forza Milan, and lets hope and pray for a good summer mercato.


Wish this tym Inzaghi is goin to have the better luck…like sacci,CSR Maldini,capello and ancelotti….unlike leonardo and seedorf……(allegri excluded from any kind of consideration)

Best of luck Inzaghi….teach the players the 10% of ur finishing abilities…..We will surely become Mighty Milan again…..

wish seedorf to join a team and build himself a great coach and when UNCLE FESTER is dead and Paolo Maldini is the vice president then SEEDORF RE-Joins ACM as the coach which he could have been if given time and respect by Ridiculous ACM Management…..Forza AC Milan…..WHAT HAVE THEY DONE…!!!!!


It would’ve been beautiful to see them both as coach and assistant coach. But now we’re ruined our relationship with another legend, and one of my personal favourites… what did they expect? After all these years we had a man with great charisma and personality, did fantastic with zero experience with a limited squad…anyways, best of luck to Clarence now, he deserves the best, and not be treated this way. After Allegri’s sacking I was hoping for Pippo, he is the reason for why I started to support Milan, so I sincerely hope he isn’t treated the way Seedorf was.… Read more »


I am happy that we get Pippo instead of any other coaches. I am very sad for Seedorf because he was not treated fair and I know Seedorf will succeed as a great coach but not with Milan any more. Other clubs instead of Milan will benefit by appointing Seedorf.


why am i still suporting this stupid team? it’s because they still have fan who would listen to their press conferance that they do this shit. if we stop suporting milan i think berlusconi will sell this club and we can go back to our precious milan


Wow….why is it that I’m not surprised? Oh wait…when u have B&G running affairs,you’ll expect rash decisions like this to happen. Simply put,Seedorf has been greatly disrespected, and I don’t see Inzaghi being treated any differently once he’s appointed. Anyways good luck Pippo,and thank you Seedorf.

indo milanista

Not much welcoming news…. Seedorf was an intelligent coach and now as the things have gone they cant be replaced… But yes if anyone could have had replaced seedorf then it was inzaghi ….. If anyone would have replaced him i would have been badly frustrated… And thats a seigh of relief…
See friends now as Berlusconi is not going to invest money the only way to get god players is from youth squad and NO ONE BETTER THAN INZAGHI KNOWS ABOUTH MILAN’S PRIMAVERA TEAM…. HENCE I WOULD SAY IT MIGHT HAVE GOOD RESULTS…..

ninad dongare

Why on the earth they dint try for Jurgen klopp …best option for long long time 🙁


I’m waiting for the official news. But from what I can sense, there are a couple of dissatisfied people in the team. First, I think Seedorf’s thinking is too advanced for some people who are hampered by age. One of the things Seedorf wanted to do was change his assistant. If you ask me, I believe Mauro Tassotti is likely one of the problems of Milan. Here is a guy who has been comfortable as an assistant to everyone – even to Allegri. When Carletto left, Tassoti was never considered for coach. Instead Leonardo was drafted in. When Leo left… Read more »


Pippo is god


Another change for no reason when there are glaring problems throughout the entire club. Corruption the entire way through- I have nothing against Pippo, but it was always going to be him….a close friend of b&g just like Seedorf although I have a feeling Seedorf shook things up a bit with his new ideas within the running of the team. If Inzaghi does the same he’ll be out too- Allegri lasted so long because he just did what Galliani said!

indo milanista

and now i am waiting for the news “MALDINI REPLACES GALLIANI”


Goodbye Seedorf.
Goodbye Balotelli.
Goodbye De Jong.
Neither of these players have any reason to stay.
Maybe, if the fans are lucky, we can get rami and taarabt with that money.

Unamused Observer

What a reasonable & responsible decision taken by Berlusconi.In a locker room where relationship between a coach and players is strained – sacking the coach is the best option.Its not racism like what most bitter people on this trend want to believe,this is just plain logic.


Inzaghi js good for milan. Respect seedorf.


I love the club to death but I hate this management, very disrespectful towards Seedorf, I hope he gets a better club that will respect him enough.

Joe Argani

I think the new Milan can be built without Galliani. He can be replaced by Atletico Madrid Director


Hahaha what a joke ! Omg!

Our attack next season will be Paloschi and Matri, said Inzaghi.

Paloschi is good, but Matri?! Hahaha
They will sell balotelli and we all will see that they will not buy a good replacement.. Thats not the first time!!
But I hope that SES stays.

Another point is that berlusconi said that they will not offer new players a salary of over 2,5 Mio a year. So there will not be big signings. However next free signings are coming!


Where did you read that? Inzaghi hasn’t even been made official, how can he have made such a statement?


Well now I understand
We don’t have money to spend on quality player that Seedorf will need!
In the meeting Inzagh told to use his players from youth squard..
Its good but Milan should expect not for another two years.


why are you all so upset?,……………isn’t it clear to you all that seedorf’s first press conference cost him his job?, dorf went blunt and made it clear to the whole world that many of the milan players are deadweights or not in the class of a milan supposed player (which i would have done too) which led to those players in question to start having issues with him plus their puppeteer and godfather (galliani) mounting pressure on dorf to qualify us for the europa league which he couldn’t do with those bunch of below average rejects of teams such as… Read more »



indo milanista

That might be galliani’s thoughts
He needs to be sacked instantly……


Inzaghi’s a brave, brave man… Good luck Pippo, you’re gonna need it.It was obvious Seedorf was rubbing B&G up the wrong way somehow and was going to go so I’m just glad it’s not Spalletti or that Spanish twit.


what we need is a new owner and new gm. I think everybody know that berlu is bought milan and spend his money its bcoz of politic stuff. Right now, his era is done for politic so its only a dream if he will spend his money just like old times. So we need a new owner. As for galliani, he is d real snake. He doesn’t care anything at all about this club, he only care for him self, and how to lick berlu ass. Trully they bring us great history but for d future they only bring us… Read more »


I think berlusconi should sell the club otherwise its going to be bad for milan future milan is great club it has achieved great victories but with no investments u can’t win trophies I think sylvio should leave the club & milan should look for new billionare who can take milan to the team milan was in 80s & 90s


Berlusconi and galliani are making an absolute laughing stock of Milan every other big club in Europe must be pissing there pants in hysterics at us and the way our once feared club are behaving but as always it’s us the fans who have to put up with it, I’m genuinely embarrassed at how far we have fallen, between putting up with Berlusconi’s behaviour in his private life to how he’s ruining our club is gone beyond ridiculous, I wish pippo all the best but I fear he’ll end up like every other manager and be a puppet for Berlusconi… Read more »


Seedorf already had it coming…am surprized the way some of you guys are reacting…Auguro il meglio per Inzaghi


I’m not disappointed in galliani, i’m disappointed in berlusconi. Obviousely he is a puppet president, controlled by galliani. Galliani fore-saw seedorf’s success and he didn’t like it because Seedorf was going to do it without him. Seedorf has what it takes to become a great coach, and when he does(which is very soon) we will be struggling to beat chievo and fighting for our survival. good luck to pippo. I don’t think he can make it though. Galliani will be covering him like he did with allegri. I know that the curva sud is over joyed with this decision. I… Read more »


A true Milanista always answers the call when summoned. Seedorf retired from football because of Milan and now this is how you treat him?
Good luck in your future endeavours Seedorf.
Wish pippo the best.


These guys have lost it all! #SELL THE CLUB NOW PLEAAASE#


I just hope that SEDORF will come back one day ..of course when some people will be already dead


I love the last statement nothing ever changes at milan,the political games continue while the fans disapprove and suffer from behind_ the _scene action




What happened to project Seedorf that was brought forward 6 months? Kojak is completely losing his mind and damaging this once glorious team. Milan have become a laughing stock, it’s more like a circus than a football club. I didn’t see any problems with Seedorf, he got garbage of a team and did pretty well so why let him go? It’s personal, nothing to do with results – Seedorf said he doesn’t want more than half of this team so it pretty much means that Galliani put together garbage and Seedorf just told him that indirectly – Kojak got bent… Read more »