Milan have decided: Inzaghi will replace Seedorf


FILIPPO INZAGHI will be the new coach of Milan, but first the club will negotiate Seedorf’s severance package.

Massimiliano Allegri was relieved of his duties in January after a very poor first Serie A round with just 22 points collected and Milan appointed Clarence Seedorf who came very close to achieving the objective that was a Europa League spot.

But Milan ran out of patience with Seedorf as some of the club officials and some of the players do not get along with him very well and they’ve decided to sack him. Yesterday in a meeting at Arcore, the replacement was found: Pippo Inzaghi.

Milan: Meeting tonight to decide the coach case
Milan’s squad as X-Men characters (by Hugo Quadros)

Adriano Galliani arrived at Silvio Berlusconi’s villa at around 21:00 and the journalists spotted another man in Galliani’s car but due to the blacked-out windows they couldn’t tell who it was. It was later found out that it was Inzaghi himself who also took part in the meeting. The three spent around three hours in the villa, agreeing that Inzaghi will be appointed as coach.

The Sky Sport Italia reporter Peppe Di Stefano revealed why Milan decided to not pursue Unai Emery of Sevilla, who was reportedly the leading candidate to replace Seedorf: “Berlusconi said no to Emery – he wanted an Italian name.” Milan followed Gianluca Zambrotta’s advice of taking a coach that knows the Italian league and the Italian language. Inzaghi has no experience as a first team coach but he was the boss of Milan’s Primavera leading them to victory in the Viareggio Cup.

Everything is ready for Inzaghi’s official appointment but first Milan want to negotiate the severance package with Clarence Seedorf. If they can’t agree on anything then they’ll have to pay him €10 million as he was on €2.5m net per season and he has a contract until 2016. Mauro Tassotti is expected to stay at the club, working as the assistant of the 40-year-old Inzaghi.

Inzaghi’s dream comes true, at the expense of his former teammate, with whom he worked from 2002 to 2012, winning two Champions League titles, two Serie A titles, one Coppa Italia, two Supercoppa Italiana, two UEFA Super Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup. Mediaset chairman Fedele Confalonieri was also present at the meeting. It was also agreed in the meeting, the paper il Corriere dello Sport reports, that Berlusconi has imposed a salary cap for new signings: €2.5m net.

Inzaghi and Galliani have always been close so it’s no surprise that Adriano pushed for his appointment. Nothing ever changes at Milan – the political games continue while the fans disapprove and suffer from the behind-the-scenes action.

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Berlusconi and Galliani are ruining relationships with our past champions like Leonardp, Maldini and Seedeorf… really nice, stupid a**holes!

Joe Argani

The main problem of Seedorf in Milan is he don’t have good relationship with the management, don not in results.

Now, it’s time to start with Inzaghi as coach. Having Sacchi as Academy Advisory, and Andrea Berta as Sport Director over Galliani are will be good for Milan.

Inzaghi needs to bring back Darmian, Astori, Paloschi and Aubameyang to his squad.


I can see Paloschi coming back and Balotelli being sold. Inzaghi is a big fan of Paloschi.


In all honesty im ok with this move. Im also very ok with Sacchi coming back as an advisor to Galliani. To keep him in check. That has Barbara written all over it


Apparently Milan want to sell Balotelli to ‘brighten the atmosphere at Milanello’. Despite his goals I really don’t mind if this happens.


Seedorf was too strong minded for the management. They want someone they can control and tell who shud be playing and what tactics to use. Its very sad to see whats happening at milan

Adebayo Tunde

You knw, im really Sad for Seedorf, if they knw they dont really need him, why did they hv to hv him terminate is contract at Bartafogo….though, if he were there is contract will hv expired bt, he will knw he retire nt…..Milan Board re so stupidd


What goes around comes around… The same thing that happened to seedorf will happen to inzaghi


Xame tin is not gonna happen 2 pippo@olaberry i pray oo


Inzaghi will be the new Allegri.I am truelly and utterly fed up with Milan and Berlosconi

indo milanista

so lets hope that milan wins the Serie A title in this year…..

in SEEDORF I believe

this simplely can they said that they wanted an italian?is milan for only italians? aside B&G being discriminative,they also wanted someone they can dictate for.this is simplely unprofessional.GOD SAVE MILAN.