Poll: Who was Milan’s best player in 2013/2014?


MILAN WERE unimpressive in the 2013/2014 season and yet some players stood out. So who was the best?

The season has come to a conclusion and Milan finished the season in the 8th place, failing to get a European place despite beating Sassuolo on the final day. Milan started the season very badly but did a lot better in the second half of it.

There will be some changes in the summer, probably also in the coach position, but now it’s time to reflect on the passing season and pick the best Rossoneri player of the 2013/2014 season. So who was the best Milan player in this year?

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Last season we had 8 options to choose from and Stephan El Shaarawy emerged as the winner but this time there weren’t as many stand-out players. Adil Rami, who Milan are looking to purchase from Valencia on a permanent basis, arrived in January but he made a good impact in the few months that he spent there and he was a consistent performer in defense.

Milan celebrating this season (@acmilan.com)

Nigel De Jong scored just two goals this season, one of them being in the derby against Inter, but the goals are only extra to his great work in midfield. With 91.4 per cent of his passes completed this season (via WhoScored.com), the Dutchman was easily one of the best at Milan. Adel Taarabt is another January signing that was important in the Diavolo’s second half of the season resurgence. With 4 goals in 14 appearances, Taarabt gave Milan something extra in attack in the 13/14 term.

Ricardo Kaka returned to Milan in the summer after four years at Real Madrid and he had a positive season, scoring nine goals and making 5 assists. Kaka was also captain when Riccardo Montolivo was unavailable. Mario Balotelli finished the season as the top scorer with 14 Serie A and 4 Champions League goals and despite the ups and downs, he was vital.

Was the best player Rami? Or maybe De Jong? Or Taarabt? Or maybe Kaka or Balotelli? Or maybe was it someone else completely like Andrea Poli, Riccardo Montolivo, Christian Abbiati or even Coach Clarence Seedorf? Vote and comment.


  1. I chose Clarence Seedorf. If he had not come, Taarabt would not be in the list. The morale of the players would have gotten worse…

  2. and now its time to sell de jong to Liverpool to make some Money to buy rami and tarrab 😀 !!
    and let cristiante play Next seson 🙂

    • De Jong is probably the most important part of Milan’s midfield to be honest. He plays with the highest motor on the team and carries the entire squad on his shoulders.

      • De jong is a hard worker but not creative at all. In a big team it is not enough to only recover the ball. I prefer montolivo cristante and poli.

        • Well De Jong is a true defensive midfielder. You are right, no creative qualities but that adds balance to the team. If Monto goes forward then De Jong covers, whereas if it was Monto and Cristante or another creative player, there would be many instances where you would see a gap between the defense and the midfield line.

          It’s all a matter of balance.

    • that is the worlds STUPIDEST suggestion

      cristiante should still play but selling de jong

      are u 100% sure you have watched a match for milan this year he’s been the engine and rock in midfield

  3. To be honest,Balotelli,is milan best players no dout,if not the problem he was haven,beside some one who has won many games for you,always save milan during corner kick,check his assist,if not highiest assist,he will be second behind the best assit 4 milan, with 20goals.please don’t put sentiment,Balotelli deserve it than every other milan player,the funiest part of it,is putting taraabt,as one of the best,very funy,4goals wasn’t enough for him to be among the best right now,some that don’t have accurate passes,how many assist did he made? Muntari still score more than him despite not playing enough from deffensive,are you now saying Taraabt make more impart than Montilivo? Rubbish,taraabt played in every single game since his arrived.pls because his skillful and blasting ball over the bar,giving wrong passes after a nice move frm him,Taraabt is not a player that milan need,his wasted allot of chances,after drilbling is eaither he make wrong pass or blast the ball over the bar, please go and check his videos clips of his match for milan,I wish u can not his mistake,u will understand me,that is why el-sharaawy is still far better than him,you can’t tell me,Rami is more better than Mexes,Rami attack, and abandon his position…. Adding more problem for the deffence,that was why… Is not suppose to be,but his a good player than have allot to over the team. Taraabt should go back,if u give kinsly boatang the chance you gave Taraabt,he will suprise you, don’t just waste Milan money on Taraabt,please let him go,he can’t last, his just playing to sell himself, 25years old,when u buy him finished u will see more blast in the sky.
    My best players for 2013/14.
    2.De jong
    9.De sigclio

    Please. But….. I can deside to call on my friend to vote for my player. Just because I like the player. Vote is by choice not by the main points. Balotelli deserverd it

    • I think the best player should be the one who is consistent, hard worker, and carries the team.
      Balo doesn’t fit into this category, don’t get me wrong on this but Balo should be #5 after De Jong, kaka, Seedorf and Rami.

      • Balo works hard, but you’re right, he will never carry any team.
        To me, that’s fine. I don’t subscribe to the illusion that he has to.
        But I see his effort. Seedorf, or whoever comes after just has to continue to direct his energy in the right direction. As long as Balo keeps on this track and get’s his share of goals, I see no reason he can’t be higher on your list sooner rather than later.

  4. It’s very difficult I would say because even though de jong was vital at midfield this wouldn’t necessarily mean that we would win when he played but he made the midfield very stable and if he didn’t play we would be able to notice it. I think that this guy is very underrated and he will always be remember for his kungfu kick against a alonso he is a real pitbull . Balotelli though was also vital as he could snatch up the winning goals he did it but not often enough. Rami was vital in defence and made our defence stable again and scored in the making. Taarabt was a surprise for most milan fans because he played with real passion and aggression kind of like de jong and rami. Kaka played with all his heart but wasn’t the same as when he left in 2009. I think that these 4 were the best performers but there are others and I’m sure if el shaarawy had more playing time he would’ve been up there.

  5. All the players have given the team something extra in their very own way, Kaka with his creativity and heart and passion for the team, Balo with his goals, Rami in defence, and Taarabt with his creativity.
    But when it comes to the individual and more consistent performance, then there’s no doubt about it that it’s De jong who has been our best performer. I remember in the first half of the season, if it wasn’t for him we would’ve conceded even more goals than we did.

  6. Has to be De Jong, while the defence was leaking and the attack couldn´t find the back of the net on a fishing boat, at least there was always one man in midfield who did his job. He´s the one player you could never complain about..

  7. My future is with Milan! Stephan El Shaarawy ignoring Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd links

    “I don’t know about these club questions and I don’t know what will happen,” he explained.

    “I’m just thinking of doing well. My future is Milan and we’ll be looking to do as well as we can next season.

    “It was unlikely that I’d be going to the World Cup after having played so little. I did all I could and I was a bit unlucky as well. It was good to be back for the last two league games though.

    “When you do well, expectations rise and it’s not easy to keep the pace so high. I think I performed well and I felt good.”

  8. I say De Jong, easily.
    I love the work that Balo has put in on both a personal and professional level.
    A younger Mario definitely wouldn’t have sat down with the Ultras and listened to their criticisms. I think he took those words, and Seedorf’s to heart.
    I’d love to see both Seedorf and Mario next season to see how much more he can grow.
    I don’t think he’ll be a team-carrier, but I really can’t ask that of him. I think the consistancy will come back though.
    I hope all our World Cup players have a good one and come back hungry.

  9. None of the players have been remarkable this season. Sure, Balotelli has scored some goals but there are too many games where he doesnt include himself at all and just goes invicible.

    Kaka has been important in some mathches, but not very good in other. He has had a season full of ups and downs.

    Montolivo has shown us an insecure side of himself this season. When he last season showed us a great amount of confidence and some beautiful key-passes, I feel like he has been holding back this season. Just safe passing, and the numbers of mistakes he has made has been larger then earlier seasons.

    Most of you guys say that De Jong has been our best player this season, and I agree. He has shown a strong season, and I feel like he has been our only solid player throughout the season. In so many games you can see him clean up the mess, after we loose the ball. And he hits on his passing almost everytime. In his role, as a defensive midfielder, he has done a good job in a otherwise very bad season. Thumbs up for Nigel, and may the other players show us the same effort like him next season.

    Forza Milan <3

  10. De Jong is so underrated, he gets the ball to the midfield and passes it to the attack, he stops the play and creates chances, he can go to the offense and the defense, he gives his 100% on the pitch all the time, and he’s a wall when he does good perfomances, however, I can say these players actually feel the AC Milan shirt.

    Kaká, De Jong, and De Sciglio lifting the season up on the beggining, and then Balotelli, Rami and Taarabt moving us to 8th place.

  11. 1. de jong
    2. rami and taarabt

    and what the does kaka do as second high voted? I say even montolivo was better player this year even that he had not year like last one.

  12. seedorf should be given a chance to illustrate the constrains, he did a tremendous performance in the second half of the league it will be a blow for milan to sacked him regards to failure in the europa league.



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