Official: Agazzi joins Milan on a three-year deal


MICHAEL AGAZZI has put pen to paper and joined on a free transfer after spending the last months playing at Chievo.

Marco Amelia is set to leave Milan as a free agent and Milan have signed another free agent to replace Amelia and perhaps give Christian Abbiati a run for the starting goalkeeper position as they have grabbed the 29-year-old Michael Agazzi.

Agazzi started the 2013/2014 season at Cagliari but in January he was transferred to Chievo where he played 14 games, conceding 21 goals in the process. Now that he doesn’t cost any money, the Rossoneri have decided to sign him.

Official: Abbiati extends contract to 2015
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“AC Milan wishes to communicate the signing of Michael Agazzi on a contract which runs to 30 June 2017,” a statement on Milan’s website reads on Thursday. Personal terms were agreed a while ago and Milan just waited for the season to end so they can make it official. The Italian previously played for South Tyrol, Triestina, Sassuolo, Foggia, Cagliari and Chievo.

Christian Abbiati renewed his contract and Agazzi has also arrived. Gabriel is expected to stay too while Ferdinando Coppola could leave. It also seems that Urby Emanuelson’s contract will not be renewed and he’ll walk out as a free agent.

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It starts again.Free signings.It would be better selling some of our players than signing again mediocre free agents……..

Why Mr.G why???????????

indo milanista

we are always linked to some good players but end up with the players like essein, agazzi….

Milan Forever

That is called a diversion so the other teams won’t snatch up those free players. You should know it by now my friend.

indo milanista

sad to hear this.. he is not milan stuff…. Galliani should Leave


Iam not specialist on a goalkeepers but i hope its because hes good not just because its free transfer ..will see next season ..but my patience with this club is not the best after last 2 years

indo milanista

his stats are really bad.. just a mediocer player… not a milan stuff…


i hope its because he was in medicore team than ..will be important even how the fans will react for this transfer to Milan he s got some great saves at yout tube..maybe he will be a surprise ..

indo milanista

lets hope for the best.. but we should also try for someone better if we can….


he is definately not as bad as some fans are making him out to be
for one he’s an upgrade on abbiati and to be honest if we get rami and another decent cb i ccould care less who is the goalkeeper

indo milanista

despite of all things aggazi cant ever compete the golkeepers like… courtois, de gea, hart, perin, lloris, sirigu


Perin is not on that level

Milan Forever

Well, if he was close to “good” he would be have been playing for bigger clubs like Fiorentina and Lazio.


@ Indo

I think that since last year these mediocre players ARE milan stuff in gallianis eyes.this is so unbelievable dude……


Mediocre up on mediocre.. When will milans eye open.
With this transfer milan will not be able to rise and compete with the big clubs.
If milan cant sign quality players then give youth the chance to prove themselve.. For now fingers crossed.


Stats from Optapaolo:

“62.6% – Michael Agazzi’s saves % in this Serie A season, the lowest amongst goalkeepers with at least 13 appearances.”


That’s the plan I want and hope that Milan will follow:
Amelia leaves, Gabriel out on loan, Perin/Scuffet bought. So for 14/15 3 gks(Perin/Scuffet – agazzi – abbiati)
For 15/16 abbiati retires so Perin/Scuffet-Gabriel-agazzi

indo milanista

may your words come true

Milan fan

He is better then abbiati and amelia no doubt. Both of them are to slow for the game. Hope gabriel gets hes break trough this season.


And you need to stop smoking what you are smoking.. Agazzi better than Amelia and Abbiati? Have you been in this world at all? Mahn, wake up, it’s 2014.

Joe Argani

Abbiati and Agazzi in GK? Oh noooooooo.. where’s Marchetti/Perin/Krul????????????




you shouldn’t beg, galliani will beg for your services since you are a free agent


Agazzi ;D
29 years –> Old! Check
mediacore –> Yes! Check
4 free –> Yes! Check Ac Galliani – Matrial

The future of Milan is, you have to fear any Old-meadiacore-player if their contract ends.

Galliani, i thought i told you. My wish was Perin!
want me to spell? want me to burn these letters on your old-mediacore-free-signing ass?

So…i hope you have a plan. a good one. a plan we like…. not a typical AC Galliani-plan… a “how we get perin” plan….
if there is a god….


This guy, this goalkeeper is amazing at letting in goals, he is a world class flop as he has one of the lowest percentage of saves in Serie A league! Absolutely fabulous.


I swear even cagliari are targeting better players than us. I am really afraid about milan’s future. The gap will grow with the 4th place club like fiorentina and lazio and inter. They are targeting better players! Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully he becomes really good at milan otherwise if it was just a temporary solution then we could’ve got Gomes from spurs he is not bad at all for about a year contract


In order for Milan to be back we need some special signings and not such crappy ones……

Will be very happy with



He signs just what he likes without consulting no one:( berlusconi pls wake and sack Galliani or sell this club! Year by year we do not learn from our mistakes,this is becoming more and more embarassing!

Shevchenko arafat

According to football direct news: Liverpool loanee Aly Cissokho has sealed a move to AC Milan, leaving his parent club Valencia. The French defender has been in good form this season for Liverpool but the Anfield based club decided against making a permanent move, seeing him return back to Spanish club Valencia at the season’s end. Plenty of interest has since followed with the La Liga club said to be keen to sell the 26-year-old this summer. Former club Lyon, Paris Saint Germain and AC Milan have all been credited with interest and it is understood that the latter have… Read more »


“milan have signed another free agent”

I’m so tired of this management I can barely handle it.


I’ve heart that he is one of the most deserved playere for chievo remaining in the seria a


Unprofessional management !

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Cant Believe that i still support this team they disrespect us fans every week with BS


Is Agazzi a mediocre player? Sure! Why am I not surprised he’s signed for Milan? Because Galliani still has a job… More of the same? Absolutely… To be honest, it really hurt to be a Milan fan at this point in time


Galliani is bad news.. simple.


would you all rather:

A: Honda, Kaka, Taarabt, SES, Saponara


B: Honda, SES, Cerci, Niang, Saponara


A. I want Kaka to stay until he´s at least 34, then maybe he can go to Brazil to retire 😉


Galliani needs some slaps.. Huge Slaps on his old bald head…


appatently milan are looking to hire the sevilla coach. I still insist that we should stick with Seedorf. But if we do hire that sevilla coach at least we wont be hiring a spalletti or another allegri who’s going to drag us down. Galliani is bad news and as long as he is around so will bad news. I dont care how good agazzi is he is not a long term investment, agazzi must’ve been one of allegris plans that galliani still wants enforce. Berlusconi please reduce galliani’s power in the club. He is the reason we are struggling so… Read more »


Actually I remember Agazzi during our Scudetto season, he was a great shot stopper to be honest, not world class by any means, but solid he hasn’t been as good since, maybe he can improve I don’t know, have to wish him good luck. Not extending with Urby is the best option, not only for the club but for himself as well. Cissokho is an improvement to Constant for sure if he joins, however ideal would be to play Abate on the right and De Sci on the left, as De Sci is better on the left. And sign Darmian… Read more »


Mahn.. I can see Galliani has finally made you get used to this new Milan. I am sick to the stomach bro. Question is, is Agazzi an upgrade to Abbiati, Amelia and Gabriel? The answer is a resounding NO. You say Cissokho? I say SANTON pleaseeee. He can play on both sides. Abate and Seedorf don’t get on well, I’ll rather see Seedorf stay and Abate gone and we get some cash from his transfer. Did you also know that Victor Valdez even though injured is available for free? Abbiati, Agazzi, Valdez, who would you rather have as your number… Read more »


Of course you’re right brother. Regarding Cissokho, I only said that he’s better than Constant, and considering it sounded like he was a done deal, that’s why I brought him up, otherwise I’d rather also want Santon. Constant + cash for Santon as someone here wrote would be a great deal. Even though I personally would like Darmian this transfer window. True, I’d rather want Seedorf remaining as well, ideal situation would be to keep them both, because we all know Abate won’t be replaced with a quality player, even if I have been impressed with Darmian, he wouldn’t replace… Read more »

beetwaise(mr classic)

It baffles me that milan can’t allow the coach to make his own signings.I’m sure seedorf wouldn’t endorse the signing of agazzi & other ‘free agents’/mediocre players in galliani’s old & feeble mind


-Emanuelson out? maybe? that’s good news to me.


It’s looking really bad so far for this market
Either el shaarawy balotelli or de sciglio will leave for sure to raise funds to buy more rubbish.
I don’t know how your ment to move forward if we keep selling our best players and keep buying rubbish it just dosnt make sense


hey you all, we don’t need scuffet/perrin or the ordinary marchetti. and exactly we don’t need Agazzi. We just need a growing gabriel cause he has such a huge talent. Can you see it? he is the goalkepper of the brazil national team in his age, you can’t undermine his talent and mention other GKs who are actually not better than him


Agazzi is certainly useless.. even for a back up GK, because that position fit for Gabriel or Abbati. Every winning teams have world cup player quality GK, AC Milan should too. Just get any world cup player GK and the fans will at least feel relieve. Am i correct?


1. We should have either signed Agazzi, or extended Abbiati, not both. Gabriel deserves a chance to start, so if he isn’t going to start for Milan next season I don’t mind him being loaned; given he starts at the club he is loaned to, and that club is in a top European league. At his age he needs to gain experience playing on a big stage. 2. Why are we negotiating for any player before knowing who our coach will be next season. This is a recipe for failure, and it’s the reason why we have so many players… Read more »


Thank you….! Everything you wrote.. You are on point. Especially number ONE.


I don’t know what Milan fans in Italy are doing about all these Galliani’s HEART BREAKING DECISIONS.why can’t you guys PROTEST against all these useless and free transfer.
We can acquire Perin on loan just like Athletico did with Chelsea’s Courtois,we can even sign my countries goalkeeper from Lille who conceded just about 20-24 goals a season,winning The French best Goal keeper of the season with 21 clean sheets,i mean Nigeria and Lille’s Vincent Enyeama all time African Best Keeper that Messi regreted to have played against him in SA 2010 WC.


Best part of this post was “Urby Emanuelson’s contract will not be renewed and he’ll walk out as a free agent.”


Valencia confirms that they wont lower their asking price for Rami (€ 7million)….i think we will lose Rami because snake Galliani thinks its too much…the same will be for Taarabt such a shame..;Galliani=cancer


did someone mention enyeama?, well i’ll agree with you a million time before thinking of a certain agazzi


Hellas Verona have signed Iturbe for €15m. Hellas bloody Verona are spending better than us.

indo milanista

Plz GAlliani accept it… Ur time is over in Milan…. you are old and useless… That’s wat your signings tell us… Plzz leave my Milan… Plzzz
We wanted Perin you brought Aggazi
we wanted to keep tarrabt you had more other plans
we wanted rami still no news…

Shevchenko arafat

My future is with Milan! Stephan El Shaarawy ignoring Liverpool, Arsenal and Man Utd links “I don’t know about these club questions and I don’t know what will happen,” he explained. “I’m just thinking of doing well. My future is Milan and we’ll be looking to do as well as we can next season. “It was unlikely that I’d be going to the World Cup after having played so little. I did all I could and I was a bit unlucky as well. It was good to be back for the last two league games though. “When you do well,… Read more »


i hate galliani than my enemy i dont know what to say to tis stupid man hes the one that spoil milan nightmare if milan are sign players for free am also a player na


Galliany is cancer


just look at a kind of keeper you have signed ..14games 21 goals ,is dis a player that can save Milan? Instead of buying players u always want them on free. Tell Galliani something because he is playing with our hearts. There are some players that can be bought buy you use our team fund for something not important