Official: Abbiati extends contract to 2015


CHRISTIAN ABBIATI is set to stay for another year while Michael Agazzi could arrive according to the Milan Channel.

Little surprise as goalkeeper Abbiati will remain for an additional year as the Rossoneri have decided to extend his expiring contract. Next season will be Abbiati’s 14th year at Milan and it may very well be the last one of the 36-year-old Italian.

Sheva: “The club needs to look forward, Milan is my home”
Galliani: “Rami negotiations on Friday, Kaka stays for 99.9%”

“Milan would like to communicate that Christian Abbiati has extended his contract until the 30th of June 2015,” a statement on the site reads. It remains to be seen whether Abbiati will be the first choice as current Chievo Verona man Michael Agazzi is expected to join the Diavolo. Milan Channel has reported that there is nothing official, but the possibility exists.

Marco Amelia is almost certain to leave but Gabriel could stay after all. Yesterday the Brazilian had a meeting with Adriano Galliani and they appear to have decided that Gabriel will remain and try to impress Seedorf (or the one who replaces him).

The Milan squad at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Casa Milan earlier this week (@acmilan)
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Now sell Amelia and loan out Gabriel, buy a starting goalkeeper and let Abbiati be the second GK like friedel in Tottenham


The summer is startin wit extendin a 36 yr olds contract n preparin one for Agazzi. Not the best of starts anyways


If Abbiati 2nd goalkeeper…..then ok…..and it seems ameila is on his way out and gabriel to be loaned….but if by any case the 1st team goalkeeper is going to be AGAZZI….then my fellow milan brothers… season there will be a huge fight……for us……FOR NOT TO GET RELEGATED INTO SERIE B…………………….Paul Nardi will even be a better choice than AGAZZI

Mos b

I was real sad when i heard milan has extended abbiatti’s contract bcz he is one of the reasons why milan had bad season… He is too old and he makes alot of mistakes and concieves lots of goals… I was thinking we should have signed nancy’s keeper paul nardi then make Gabriel our number 1 keeper… Gabriel is really a good keeper but the mistake he made against roma @ san siro is still hunting him…. If milan must move forward, they must flush all the old players like abbiatti,amelia, bonera and mexes… Lets focuse on the youth


You need more than one keeper, regardless of how old, so “focusing on youth” has nothing to do with Abbiati resigning. He’ll probably be a second choice, but the first choice surely shouldn’t be Gabriel. Loan him out, or make him second choice with Abbiati third, and find a first.


How can people be against this? He deserves it, I for one am glad, he is still a class keeper, no one is perfect. He even said himself a couple of months ago, that either he extends or he retires, which shows his love for this shirt, and also that he doesn’t have to be first keeper. But this will only spur him on to work harder. Now the ideal situation would be for us to sign either Perin or Scuffet, so Abbiati could share all his experience to one of them. Doubt it will happen with Agazzi arriving, however… Read more »


I can’t believe this is coming from you… Abbiati should have retired, that was the right thing to do..! If he truly loves that shirt.. Van Dar Sar was still perfect when he decided to retire and even as much as he loved the shirt, he bowed out in grand style…


Sorry to disappoint man, I’m a bit of a nostalgic, but don’t you agree about the part where he can share his experience to the next generation which I hope is one of Perin or Scuffet? Plus that he’s a leader in the locker room while the team is still in transition?
Very true though, very pin point example with Van der Sar…


I think we should stop with the BS of “leader in the dressing room”. Abbiati was an average GK in his prime, now he is well below average. We have kept so many players for too long because of their influence in the dressing room, and at the end we failed to renew the squad after 2007, so now we have to offload half of the current sqaud.


I think we shouldnt get a young keeper because we have gabriel. They should get an experienced keeper like marchetti or someone that is easy to grab and cheap. Have Abbiati as our second choice and gabriel should be loaned out. Abbiati wasn’t stable this season, between injuries and banned games. Leave coppola as our third keeper as we do have him as well. Let amelia leave, he deserves to play but not for a club like Milan and he should be a first keeper in a different club that could pay his wages and be an average team that… Read more »

milan fan

A dream team but only dreaming
gundogan/de jong-ramsey/christanre
Rous/walcott- gotse/matour-SES/taraabt
In a 4231
Sorry for wasting ur time coz i know its impossible


Haha honestly, no offence, but Walcott…? really? He’s merely a FIFA player. And I do get that you’re dreaming but some of them are players we shouldn’t get, like Carvajal, Koscielny and Walcott. Koscielny is good, but he is already a little too similar to Mexes and Rami. However a realistic mercato if used to good effect with letting go of our dead weight and acting smart would be in buying out at least Rami. Rely on Pacifico too. If Taarabt doesn’t get bought but Cerci comes in instead it’s fine, both of them would be a bonus. Perin/Scuffet as… Read more »


OK.. Where are the Milan players at?

Sm khaleed

To be frank,this is BS. This is the fourth reason why milan can’t improve. I mean they keep their old players that are legends in the past but useless for now and can no more give something to the club more than fresh leg young stars. Dreaming to be milan coach in the future.


Lets be honest guys, you can’t expect a miracle with Milan in this situation, so Abbiati renewing is a good idea (as long as he is a backup) since he will be beneficial to the dressing room. Agazzi is likely to be our number one next season, as Perin says he wants to stay at Genoa for at least another year & Scuffet still needs more experience before making a move. This will also allow us to evaluate our options as Gabriel might get some more game time & we can see how Gori is doing in the Primavera. 2014-15:… Read more »

milan freak

i really can’t imagine a club like my milan relying on a keeper like abbiatti! That guy should go run a bakery instead! My grandpa would do so much better than him. We’ll never return to europe with that clown as goalie!


And u are just probably a fatass sitting on your computer. Cmon have some respect for the man

shev jhb

Sogliano had been linked with a move to San Siro over
the last few months, but opted to remain with Hellas.
“Milan? No thanks,” he told Telenuovo. “I would never
have gone there to be Galliani’s waiter. lol!!!!


Hey guys, how many of you remember galliani and allegro’s ‘YEAR ZERO’, TWO freaking years ago!!!!!
That what was the best BS i ever heard from a professional..
#pathetic #feelinghopeless


Milan have offered $$+ constant to newcastle for Santon…

Milan will also reportedly sell Matri, Pazzini and Robinho and keep Niang and Paloschi for next season.


Zambrotta: “We lost the Scudetto in 2012 because of Allegri’s mismanagement of the players.”

Zambrotta: “After we were trailing 3-0 at half-time vs. Arsenal, Allegri said “well done, guys.” –>

–> Zambrotta: “And then Ibra got angry and almost got into a fight with Allegri in the locker room.”


Mr. Sparklee

Allegri was tha beginning of Milans incredible dropp era.


Official: Agazzi Joins Milan.

Shevchenko arafat

Milan have confirmed that they have signed former Cagliari goalkeeper Michael Agazzi on a three-year contract.


Oh my god oh my god! I hate this galliani so much always finding rubbish and non milan material!! Agazzi….Arghhhh.


Another bosman, why couldn’t they wait until after the world cup….ARGHGHGHHHHH


Perin @football-italia:

“The most memorable stadiums played in? It is easy to say San Siro – it is exciting just to think about playing there. But the stands at Genoa, so close to the field, that stadium is special.”

He said its exciting to just think about playing at san siro, for milan!! And yet this stupid galliani signs agazzi instead of perin…oh man words cannot describe how pissed of Im right now.


Sorry it’s scuffet not Perin.

kwabena Adu

Why doesn’t they just promote one of the primavera goalies?

cuore rosso

My only hopes for summer market:

Amelia Leaves!

Robinho Leaves!

I know I can’t ask for more so I will settle for this…


We could’ve done worse.
Like starting Amelia or aged Abbiati for another season.
Welcome Agazzi!
Please don’t be completely horrible!


Stats from Optapaolo:

“62.6% – Michael Agazzi’s saves % in this Serie A season, the lowest amongst goalkeepers with at least 13 appearances.”

May god curse you galliani for making milan so mediocre, it almost looks like he is signing bad players on purpose to make Milan worse and worse..


Galliani turns Milan into a circus of jokes and mess. Oh dear!

indo milanista

Its really sad to see aggazi as our first choice golkeeper….. If thats the start of our summer… Then the season will surely be worse…


Someone needs to give Galliani’s bald head a very goooood slap… Or two…