Berlusconi: “Retirement home people could control locker room”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI has said that elderly can control the players and has reportedly said he knows who will coach.

Clarence was Silvio Berlusconi’s number one choice to replace Massimiliano Allegri and he led the move to sign him despite Adriano Galliani’s inclination to put Inzaghi on the job but it appears that Berlusconi doesn’t want Seedorf anymore.

Yesterday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport gave Seedorf a 5% chance of coaching Milan next season and from interview to interview it looks like Berlusconi has begun to undermine the coach of the club he owns, like he did with Allegri.

Rami: “My stay doesn’t depend only on me, I like Seedorf”
Taarabt: “I hope to stay at Milan, I feel that I’ve grown”

“This morning I met many people at the Sacra Famiglia (retirement home), who could control Milan’s dressing room well,” President Berlusconi told the Italian media outlet Telelombardia yesterday after doing community service at the retirement home that specializes in patients with dementia (Berlusconi is doing it on court’s order after he was convicted of tax fraud).

The press believes that this was a clear indication of the little faith Seedorf is being given from the club and despite the excellent results of late, it’s almost inevitable that the Dutchman will walk after the season is over in two weeks. Berlusconi stated earlier this week that “We’ll decide together (about Seedorf) at a meeting of the board at the end of the season. Clarence has a contract that says he’ll be with us for the next 2 years.” There are a few alternatives already to replace Dorf.

Some websites have an unconfirmed quote from Silvio, who allegedly said: “I have an idea about who Milan’s next coach will be, but I won’t say it.” Luciano Spalletti, who was sacked by Zenit in March, is one of the leading candidates and he will be in Milano next week (for personal affairs, officially). Spalletti is also being considered an alternative to Antonio Conte.

Of course Pippo Inzaghi and Roberto Donadoni are also in the running for the job but if Allegri and Seedorf teach us anything, the only way Berlusconi will be satisfied with the man on the Rossoneri bench is if it’s him coaching the team.

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Has a died hard fan, it’s really hard to see this precious club go down this way.


Getting rid of Seedorf will be the biggest mistake Milan can make. Not to mention the talk of not signing Taarabt and Rami. We need a change, but it isn’t the players or the coach.


what has seedorf actually done to make everyone in management of the club hate him, has it been explained? Once milan started that winning run every report about him has been about how he’s going to get sacked… and the guy who was so adamant to sign wants him gone the most. Can someone tell me what’s going on without resorted to the obviously true fact that G+B are senile?


I think it’s time for Mr B to join them at the Home people home!


Galliani has issues with him, because Seedorf refuses to play Galliani’s recommendations mainly the Italians in the team like Montolivo, Abate etc. The root of the problem is clearly Galliani. Ask Maldini, Barbara our Seedorf. He is like a virus we can’t get rid off. It will cost us 30m+ to sack him. He made a selfish and egoistic contract that will only benefit him.


PROTEST! PROTEST!! PROTEST!!!,you Milanistas in Italy.

Shevchenko arafat

Gtfo Berlusconi and galliani please let some arab take over who will actually sign some players because you 2 are a joke.

Pa ibra

bring spalletti and ruin us once

Pa ibra

about silvio telling us the real problem they are having with seedorf or keep shut about this issue untill the season finishs then make his silly decision and hire another allegri

Pa ibra

his confusing and tiring words will not be positive for the team.

Ørjan MIsund

im starting to dislike the club i love. The managment will destroy this club before they rework the managmant. So sad. Why in the love of god would you sack a man that has done a great job? And keep one that did not? and the most strange part. is that milan managment had already given up the season when they desided to hire seedorf. They pretty much told seedorf and the fans that he would be given this half year to test out ideas and learn the role of a manager. And when he have done good they deside… Read more »


Silvio is a degenerate. Clarence is probably gonna be gone next season, as will Taarabt and Rami.
Then we’ll have to start all over. smh what a waste…


Like i said before, Berlusconi is getting more and more dement and his place at the retirement home is more than suiting, he should stay there and never come back out after his community service. Galliani should go there too and join Berlusconi. On a serious note, did he just really insult Seedorf?? Calling old and dement people more suitable than Seedorf? It is obvious that B&G have taken their decisions, it is now on us, to take our actions. I have taken my first step, I hope you all follow me and sign this petition: Let your voice… Read more »


I will cry deeply with great passion if Silvio eventually sacks Seedorf after the great job Seedorf had done,and be mad at Milanistas in Italy if they fail to PROTEST against the managements wishes. It will be very hard for me to continue to support Milan if this ever happen,i will support this club even if any Serie C club beat Milan by 10-0,than supporting this club if they ever make such an unfair,injustice,disasterous and heartbreaking decision against Seedorf,i do not blame one of the fans who commented on our facebook page that ”Let thunder strike Silvio and Galliani to… Read more »


To be honest Seedorf won’t be sacked! The reason Silvio is doing this is to draw our attention away from the fact that he won’t be signing any top players! Fester nd silvio are both snakes…. The more the fans worry about seedorf being the coach the less amount of attention on big money moves


Berlusconi is of no use. I mean zero use. I mean very zero use. I mean words cannot describe his uselessness.

If seedorf is sacked, then i’m through. We have demented idiots running this club. Rubbish! How dare silvio compare seedorf to demented old people? Outrageous!


One thing i don’t get is that the so called legends of Milan used to praised Allegri like he was jesus. Give him time, he needs more support,he has done well, Milan fans should support their manager ect. Boban, Costacurta, Tassoti and more. But not one word about Seedorf from those roaches.


After a decade long span of being a milanista, I think this season will be my last if seedorf gets fired for no just reason. I cant stomach the bullshit b&g have been giving we the fans any longer

Forza Milan

I don’t mind rami leaving. Tarrabt may be.


Berlusconi’s comments shows that he belongs to that retirement home because anyone lacking the class to respect another person isn’t smart. Berlusconi took Seedorf out of playing only to start molesting him in the press.

May the Lord deliver us from Evilsconi


I will support another club if seedorf gets sack for no reason.. I wont b part of a club that treats its legends unfairly… My simple question is what has seedorf done?..#wearewithseedorf


I will support another club if seedorf gets sacked for no reason.. I wont b part of a club that treats its legends unfairly… My simple question is what has seedorf done?..#wearewithseedorf


They wanted a Milan man, and now the rumours are about Spalletti, what affilliation does he have with Milan? Absolutely none. This is just ridiculous.
Can’t believe how they’re treating Seedorf who has done a great job, it’s clear that he has tried all the players to see who are suited to wear and honour the shirt and what players should leave, I believe he’ll make the right decision as long as he remains. Milan will remain a laughing stock if he’s set to leave. In Clarence we trust.
Forza Clarence!


So it looks like B&G have Spalletti in pole position what with his long standing Milan pedigree and fantastic Serie A achivements… Jesus, what a joke.

indo milanista

What all is going in that bald head….
Man we want a change in milan and thats not by letting our best players to go and sacking seedorf…. Tarrabt, Rami, Seedorf had been limelights of this season…. we cant afford to let them go…


Berlusconi has reached the lowest level possible with what he said of Seedorf. The club was in trouble at the end of 2013 so Berlusconi talks Seedorf into retiring and taking over Milan. Seedorf has done a masterful job with what was given to him, even if we crashed out of the UCL. Not his fault. Now Berlusconi is acting like a little girl and saying these things. Very unprofessional and a complete lack of respect. If things continue this way, the Rossoneri club will lose a lot of it’s supporters and it will be none other than the managements… Read more »


Is it just me or does it seem like these guys (Evilsconi and Evilliani) were hoping that Seedorf fails? To me, it seems like they saw that the season was over and planned to get a new coach next season, but because they were under pressure by media and fans to get someone from within the club, they decided to give Seedorf and impossible situation so that when he fails and they sack him, and the time comes to get a new coach next season, they can say, ‘Oh we tried the fans’ way and it failed, now we’ll try… Read more »

Giuda Interista

If this is true they dont want a coach, only a puppet


Berlusconi and Galiani got mad