De Sciglio trains with the group, Honda’s condition improves


MATTIA DE SCIGLIO is expected to return against Livorno this Saturday but Keisuke Honda may not be ready.

Milan are working ahead of the game with Livorno at Stadio San Siro in two days (kick off time is 15:00 CET) and they have received some good news from today’s session at Milanello as Mattia De Sciglio has returned to training with the group.

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Mattia has been out of action for almost a month as he sprained his right ankle in March and Milan have been using Daniele Bonera and Kevin Constant on the flanks. Milan started today’s session in the gym where they had a warm down before moving to the pitch to do some tactical work outside and the 21-year-old Italian spent the whole time with the group.

Meanwhile the condition of Keisuke Honda has improved but he still unlikely to be called up for the Livorno game; the Japanese international twisted his ankle last week. Stephan El Shaarawy and Andrea Petagna worked with the Primavera.

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Shams Arafat

I just hope b4 the season ends Milan play atleast one match with their best 11


I’d love to see de shiglio, rami, Zapata and abate play 3 or 4 games together, there our best defenders in my view but haven’t had the chance to play together cause of injuries and what not, plus I can’t wait to see stephan-el-shaarawy back playing


I wonder if this will bench Bonera, or if Bonera will keep playing on the right and we will finally get to see De Sciglio on the left again. I would love to see sometime before the end of the season, to see this line-up: Abbiati-Abate-Rami-Zapa/Mexes-De Sci-Montolivo-De jong-Honda/Taarabt-Kaka-El Shaa-Balo. Then of course there is Pazzo and Poli who are starters, along with talents like Cristante, Saponara and Petagna. See our squad isn’t bad. It just needs to be taken off in a better manner, getting rid of dead weight who gets too high of a salary, and more focus on… Read more »


I believe you already have the answer to that question bro… Seedorf has said it over again that He sees De Sciglio as a left back and he prefers to play him in his natural position, which therefore means, De Sciglio will take over from Constant at the left and Bonera/Abate at the right.


From what I read before he considered the right hand side his natural position and didn’t want to play him on the left because he’s right footed (which is weird considering he played alongside Maldini).
Although I hope you’re right, that we’ll finally get to see him on the left again as he’s arguably our best full back alongside Abate. It’s a shame not to use our squad to it’s fullest potential.


guy we need to take advantage of the fact that we are on good terms with st ethnies after makeing deal with aubamayang and get this guy stephan ruffier
hes good watch this vid


Yea I agree I would love to see that lineup to but in all fairness coming from a non-bonera fan, he has been putting in some solid performances at right back so I don’t see him being benched too much before the end of the season. I’d also really like to see Zapata with rami whether it’s before the season ends (don’t think it will happen) or preseason assuming we buy rami. Zapata was really improving before his injury

indo milanista

Yes thats all right…. Milan yet havent played with there best 11 now as SES and MDS see back we will see it soon only if seedorf wishes to okay them together…..


de sceglio—-rami—-paletta—siq.
———-de jong——-kagawa
——taarabt—honda——el 92
—————bal 45———–


according to report former milan coach allegri has agreed deal with spurs.hope he will sign bonera muntari birsa robinho


Yeh!! Hope Allegri takes Muntari, Matri, Constant, Birsa and co with him!!

Lollz….forza milan


I really wish Berlusconi nd Galliani can read comments here. Cos I wonder if they really know what d club needs. How on earth did U̶̲̥̅ lose Tevez and spent so much on Matri, and pls who buys an old and expired product, milan took essien and M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ qstyn is wtf! I really feel these guys can’t do dis business again, let dem cash in on d club and let bigmoney spenders turn d furtunes of d club around, if U̶̲̥̅ agree with ṃ̣̥̇̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ say yaay


And y did we miss outy on Naingolan and astori, y milan , yyyyyyyyyyyyyy, pls tell galliani nd co †̥ get astori, go steal tello now and pls never sell de sciglio or stephan, give abbiati his pension and dash sulley,essien,birsa,robinho,bonera,urby,constant †̥ charity pls
We need a lot of fresh and agile blood