Agent: “El Shaarawy wants to stay, Milan don’t want to lose him”


STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY has clubs interested in him but there is no desire to move, says his agent and brother.

El Shaarawy’s recovery continues and he’ll most likely get first team action in a couple of weeks, perhaps against Inter in the derby and in the last days, there have been talks that the likes of Torino and Napoli want to sign the Italian striker.

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“El Shaarawy is finally feeling good,” Stephan’s brother/agent, Manuel, told “He is training and playing with the Primavera team. He can’t wait to help Seedorf and Milan. He will play again this weekend with the Primavera team (which is coached by his former teammate Filippo Inzaghi), then he will decide together with the boss what to do next.

“He wants to get back as soon as possible because the Milan formation is perfect for him. Stephan wants to excel. The teams interested in him? It’s not just Napoli and Torino, there are lots of clubs who are interested in Stephan. It’s normal when you’re talking about a great player. But he wants to stay at Milan and the Rossoneri don’t want to lose a player like him. That’s the reality.”  It’s unlikely El Shaa will be on the market as his value is at a low now after being injured for so long.

Both Stephan and Andrea Petagna trained with the Primavera side today and could help them out in the weekend game. De Sciglio is also on the way back and spent some of today’s session working with the first team before going to the gym.

Translation credit: Football Italia
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They said the same with T.Silva…. But then what happen? #GallianiOUT


yea this is what worries me…they even said silva was going to be captain i think


The formation is, truly, perfect for him. Forza Milan!


this isn’t milan saying anything. this is SES’s agent/brother talking. if it was fallowing speaking then he’d probably get sold to pay for more old players lol


I will never believe him even if Berlusconi came out and says such a thing i can never have already knws that Galliani is master of lier but i can only belive them if the the head line goes(milan want to sign this beautiful playes such as VALDES,FERDINAND,ASLEY COLE,DUNN,KOLO TOURE,DEL PIERO,DIABY,MIKEL,LAMPARD,BENDTNER,MILITO.


I think that they really not going to sell El Shaarawy cause now price for him is to low and there are not to many teams rady to splash some moneey for him…But hey this is Milan with Galliani as CEO you can expect anythying from them!

Ross Oneri

Given the fact tht we made a deficit of almost 16 million I’m sure that one of our main players will be sold and I think it will be elshs/Bola/ De Sciglio or Montolivo. All fingers now from the board are pointing to Galliani, the club is loosing because of his high wages players which are very average. I was shock to dead to learn that De Jong has one the lowest wages in the club.


Where did you learn that? De Jong earns 3 million a season which is one of the highest according to this


Was that Gabriel in goal??


What they meant was that if any club should bring a high tag of money they will sell.


I’m sure De Sciglio will not be here next season.It hurts if any of the young ones leaves,but i hope they use Montolivo rather than Mario/SES/De Sciglio.

All of them must stay including montolivo…..forza milan


that’s unrealistic. Someone’s going. Some of you keep thinking that Milan can just magically dump it’s trash on other clubs like they don’t know it’s trash. A good player will almost certainly be sacrificed. Maybe even multiple. Hopefully Mario/SES/DeS stay, but I’ll be hard. Saying SES’s value is low is misleading. It’s not low in the sense of Bonera low. It’s low in the sense of low for a future star. Milan are hopefully certain to not let their golden goose go for cheap, but who knows…

indo milanista

Yes guys you are right someone should BE SOLD but why to selL SES,MDS,BALO,MONTO……
THEY WILL SURELY EARN US the nmuch needed noney
Pazzo-10 mill or above
Abate-8-10 mill
Niang-6-8 mill

this will earn us 27 to 32 million or more
I am not saying that sell these players but yes selling pazzo, abate, niang, and matri would be better then selling MDS,SES,BALO, MONTO