Hey Mister! This team has always been fit (by Ayodaygee)


FAN ARTICLE by Ayodaygee.

Passion has a lot to do with the heart. It pumps and pumps, bleeding at every pulsating second you watch your team play. If they lose, fine. But you know you had a connection all through the match and you know they gave their all.

Watching Udinese and Atletico Madrid play Milan was probably the lowest point of my passionate adventure with Milan. At some points during the matches all was bland and dull. I felt I could be better off doing something else. I needed to startle myself so often that there was actually a big matchup going on. It was really hard-work watching every second accumulate into minutes. It was tough.

Video: Story of Lazio-Milan
Sacchi on Milan’s situation, Galliani, Seedorf and more…

Bad! Your team lost and they did it with no passion and no attitude. But reading that your coach attributes it all to the fitness shape he met from a previous regime is entirely stupid and wrong. Mr. Seedorf, under Mr. Allegri, AC Milan were a fit bunch. In fact, Milan were fitter mentally and physically than they are now. I am no Allegri supporter because I really feel, tactically, he was clueless or just not up to the high standards needed.

Now that I have gotten your attention, here are a few facts to back it up:

1. A mentally fit team usually has the characteristics of scoring many late goals. Even when there were no late goals they succeeded in piling up last minute pressures on their opponents in aim to win a match or draw a match.

Under Allegri, we were the team that scored the most number of late goals in Italy. Recall, Siena (H), Napoli (H&A), Bologna, Lazio (H), Roma, Juve – all last season (2012/13). This season (2013/14) – Lazio, Roma, Cagliari, Parma. In fact, almost all matches from the first half season.

Since Seedorf took over it has been confusing. To hear that Seedorf claims that we were already weak physically and mentally-drained is probably the most hypocritical of statements. Take a look at Milan after Juve’s second goal in the San Siro. We didn’t even fight back. Take a look at Milan at Udinese. It was more like the team were glad to wind down the clock. Then against Atletico Madrid we were already dead after the second goal. The strange thing is that all through Milan showed no signs of a potential resurrection or re-awakening. If Milan had no pattern under Allegri, then under Seedorf we do not even exist.

2. Under Allegri we lost often but sparsely ever lost by a 3 goal margin. We lost 2-1, 1-0, 3-2 and once in a while by a 2 goal margin.

Let’s all take a glance back and try and recall your Milan ever losing 3-1, 2-0, 4-2 or 4-1. Milan was most of the time just a quality or a goal or a player or a tactic short of drawing with a team or winning a match. We were like the soldiers that accompanied the famous 300 Spartan warriors. We lacked a clear fighting (playing) tactic but we knew how to fight. Allegri knew how to motivate his players.

Under Seedorf, losing with a 2 goal margin is as normal as getting your ass whipped at home. Against Parma it was a shame, against Atletico Madrid it was pitiful. Really, Milan does not know how to fight under Seedorf.

Great teams are never fatigued knowing how to win a match in the dying seconds. Ferguson did it for years and years and Manchester United never got tired when the next match came knocking a few days later. In fact, this style popularized what is now referred to as “Fergie time.” Even Pep Guardiola teams pressed more at dying minutes. The statistics is out there, Milan ran more under Allegri. Milan pressed more. Milan scored more dying minutes goals, Milan created more chances, Milan fought more. Even the last fight that took off Allegri, Milan fought like never seen before in the last 20 minutes against Sassuolo. We hit the bar on a couple of occasions. We the fans that watched always were hopeful watching us lose.

If ever anyone has affected the fitness of this team, then it has got to be YOU!

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If the team was so fit under allegri, why were there so many injuries. Face it Allegri left the team a mess.


We sucks

kwabena Adu

Under Allegri Milan played one of the worse football I have seen in my entire life.Pack the bus tactics even against weaker teams


wait till nxt seasn b4 u start crticizing seedorf.


we have to face some realities. first of all morale is at zero level. second the team doesn’t know where this is going. what are we playing for and so on. some players are just waiting for this season to be over and move on. the team lacks discipline and chemistry. we are not a team, we are a bunch of players that got together to play a game and then meet up next week. i prefer a hard working side for the time being and a team that sees this as a chance to drop some deadwood and give… Read more »


No matter how good you perform, you will always get criticized. Seedorf should be given more time and it’s unfair. Since he started the team has been playing much better, he just doesn’t have the right players to work with.


We actually play nice football under Seedorf. But we lack on scoring goals, the ball just dont wanna get in. Only our defence is bad, so we need 2-3 new defenders. And let me tell you that we lose hope for lategoals because they are already giving everything on the pitch, and when u get 1-2 goals and u have 15 scoring chances and the ball didnt go in, of course you lose hope! I would lose hope too.


There’s a lack of substance in this article. I’m still not sure about Seedorf. I’m sort of leaning on two fences but I won’t go in to that. Allegri har been charge of Milan for 3-4 seasons and he has had plenty of time to mold Milan. Upon which he failed miserably doing so. There’s the Pato case. I wouldn’t blame him for the injuries even though he rushed him back at times. If he had done his homework in terms of how Pato was operating at his best, e.g. under Leonardo and partly Carlo, he’d gotten more out of… Read more »


I’d be interested to hear about the fences you’re currently on.


I am also interesting in hearing that, as it’s always great to read your thoughts and ideas.


I’ll start off with the sceptical point of view. It has nothing to due with the colour of his skin as I would perhaps prefer an Italian face representing the Milan bench. Since the takeover of Clarence, the club has been connected to several Dutch players from Erividese. I don’t mind it as I’ve been jamming about Strootman for several years, although we should be careful as the mentality of the Dutch systems to date is slightly weaker than it once was. Ajax and PSV are the clearest examples. Great youth. Packed with talents. However, they tend to overfocus on… Read more »


Totally agree with you man, I to share the same “worries” as you, but I mean, I would prefer an Italian coach who could build the team with a solid core of Italian players who knows what the rossoneri jersey really means and represents. I mean, Clarence’s favouritism with Urby is just ridiculous, and not putting De Sciglio on the left just because he’s not left footed, I mean come on, Willy Wonka played with Maldini, arguably the finest left back in the world, and you guessed it, he was right footed. So I completely share your sentiments and worries… Read more »


Exactly. That’s why I get the hatin’ chills when people make potential Milan line-ups with Mattia on the right flank. I really think he’s meant for the LB role. In regards to Urby, I still hold some hope for him to turn into an modern fullback and becoming sort of our new Serginho who can fill in when someone gets injured or we need some more explosiveness. Although, for that to happen he needs to polish his defensive work and be more ruthless when attacking in terms of running through channels and make more brave decisions. He’s so over-killing it… Read more »


Regarding the Pato and Pirlo parts, I forgot to mention that was always Allegris biggest flaw in my eyes.

He never really understood the roots of the club and the functionality of the players.

Almost as if he thought he could just come in and then learn how everything or/everyone works.

That’s the most frustrating part for a supporter whose followed this club since the age of 5 (roughly 16 years sprayed with red & black colours); seeing someone who just completely misunderstands the club and destroys it while yourself is helpless infront of a computer screen.


we just need an overhaul


This article is as bad as Allegri – absolutely uninspired and uninspiring. Allegri systematically destroyed Milan. Injuries plagued players. He let Pirlo leave to a major rival FREE for a Van Bommel who retired after 1 season. Pirlo is on his way to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and he is about to be crowned Serie A champion for the third season in a row. Ronaldinho is still filling stadium in Brazil and winning titles. After MvB left, Allegri brought another hard man in Nigel De Jong. Last season NDJ picked up an injury midway that ended his season.… Read more »


I must say that I agree with you. He’s great as a player, but I questioned Milan move to appoint Seedorf as the replacement for Allegri. Allegri is a so-so manager, I think, he’s not that good but he’a not that bad either, but replacing him with Seedorf who never had coaching experiences is a terrible move from Milan. Well, at least Allegri never said it in public that he doesn’t want 2/3 of the squad and not try to put the blame on whoever Berlusconi or Galliani for not giving him the cash for player transfers. Contrary to what… Read more »


“Milan doesn’t know how to fight under Seedorf” …so you figured that in LESS THAN HALF A SEASON a brand new coach was going to be able to rally a team that, as you admit, “lost often” to get back to Milan’s inherent winning ways? Winning is winning, but having to come from behind in almost every game is not tact. It may be fight, but you can only fight for so long, and with Allegri, we were fighting from behind for a LONG time. It’s only natural that Seedorf was able to inspire a few wins at the beginning.… Read more »


There is no different btw max and Doff, there similaraty is 1.Max plays a defensive fomation then loss/Doff plays an attacking game also loss. 2.Mr Allegri get rid of our best players e.g PA70,Dinho,Pirlo et al/we avn’t knw much about Doff on this but if he can allow Mr G to sell DSC2 to madrid then they are equal 3.during the era of Max 80% of the squad get injured at traning every hour due to fitness/Doff du nt traing to that extent. Mr G is the remote controla of Allegri/we avn’t knw may be Doff will be hand bag… Read more »

Opinion Varies

This comparison makes little sense.Pls,come again.


I see the writer’s frustration, anger and disappointment leading to pointing out on the new negatives things and make the older negative things sound better. In my 24 years supporting Milan, I’ve gone through some bad periods when Milan wasn’t that great even in the time when Baresi, Evani and Albertini were playing. We will go through this recession like we had before, we just have to be patience. Seedorf is trying to rehabilitate Milan from the worst Milan coach in history. You won’t see the result in 15 games, the team is like a drug addict trying to come… Read more »

Opinion Varies

This is a pretty good analytical article.I don’t know why people are ridiculing and kicking against it.It clearly indicates the uninspiring poor performance in the dying minutes of our games at the moment. This season with Allegri,the players show some sort of passion to get a draw or win but with Seedorf,it seems the players could care less but praying to hear the final whistle of the ref.lol I’m taking a very critical stand with Seedorf but that being said,i still think he needs time to work his way around the players to get the best out of them.So for… Read more »


i am kind of lost hers


This article is terrible and your arguments/points have no substance or anything to back them up.


I appreciate the effort, but I strongly disagree with this article.


You know I dont even care due to seedorf I have hope we will remove all of our deadwoods and for last time with our cb n lb u think that we can defeat anybody
he just needs to get his midfield n defense selection right


Allegris men were pressing harder than Seedorfs? LOL.Did u see the first game under seedorf ?verona i think.NOW THAT was pressing! Allegri would have never let that do!Thats why seedorf is often pointing to the fitness levels!because the squad isnt able to press 90 minutes.Why dont u understand that? Mentally fit? Even Matri said after arriving that conte is more than a motivator and allegri a friend-like coach.after seedorf arrived nearly everybody commentated to their new big motivation because of seedorfs speaking skills! The late goals: lots of them penalties.Lot of lucky strikes.Yeah i remember well why Allegris men scored… Read more »


Just no,wrong and bad article,sorry brother


Galliani to tutor seedorf??? lmfao


People claiming Allegri left the team a mess are very shortsighted. Maldini got it spot on – the team has been in decline since the 2007 CL win and having Silva and Ibra sold to PSG was the final nail in the coffin. Allegri or Seedorf, it doesn’t make a difference, the team needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Seedorf needs time… but if they fire him then i want either Laudrup or Inzaghi,Prandelli

Aminu Yusuf

I completely disagree. I must say even though i am 100% in support of Seedorf & beleive in his ability, i also supported Allegri till the very end. Allegri was responsible for the team fitness problems that resulted in unprecedented, regular, and consistent injury. As soon as one player recover another got injured and so the best players were never available at same time. His trainings emphasis was on strenious physical exercises rather than working with the ball. For Seedorf it is vice-versa. To judge Seedorf based on the 4 consecutive defeats (unprecedented before now) will be nothing but hypocricy.… Read more »

Pa ibra

seedorfs team are active for the first 70 mins. and allegris team are active for the last 13 mins or so. clearly you should know the fitter side.

people still dont understand that allegri is not a coach.


Your points are logical in some ways, but I think you have to be objective after all. First, Allegri had a full summer to prepare intensively (physically, tactically, technically & mentally) for his first season. Seedorf only had a couple days when he started. Giving out intense training in the middle of the season is, of course, an absurd thing to do. To judge Seedorf fairly, I believe we have to give him time until at least next mid season. Secondly, when Allegri started, he still had players with strong characters to help influence and motivate the dressing room such… Read more »


The points that are brought up in this article is actually very valid, and I think he’s 100 % right with what is stated in it, BUT Allegri had his flaws of course which are not highlighted, but that’s not the point with this article, the fact is that although at times we’ve played beautiful football (Atleti first leg, Juve and Samp) we haven’t played with the same determination and passion. With Allegri there actually always was hope of us grabbing a late goal, even though we often conceded silly unnecessary goals, although the fault is with us not having… Read more »


Probable formation tomorrow according to Milan Channel

Amelia; De Sciglio, Rami, Bonera, Constant; De Jong, Muntari; Taarabt, Poli, Kaka Balotelli.

One of Bonera and Seedorf will end up doing a favour to the other either good or bad.


de sciglio—–Zapata——-rami——–urby
———-cristiante——–De Jong———-

dave nigeria

Has seedorf stopped milan from conceding from aerial goals? Why is amelia ahead of gabriel since seedorf took over? Has milan injury problems ended? Why didn’t maldini blame allegri for milan problem? Why has seedorf stuck to one formation since he came to milan?

dave nigeria

Do you think seedorf would have won against ajax if he was the coach then?, seedorf took over and we are out of copa_italia, ucl, did seedorf №†̥ call essien personally on phone that he needed him to join milan, has conte ever won allegri at san siro?