Sacchi on Milan’s situation, Galliani, Seedorf and more…


ARRIGO SACCHI believes Galliani can take Milan back to the top and thinks there should be less talk, more action.

Things are looking bad for Milan these days as they are in the 11th place in Serie A with 35 points from 28 games and they have lost four matches in a row for the first time since 2002 and they have Lazio and Fiorentina away from home next.

Many people have criticized Milan’s players and leadership over the past few days with Paolo Maldini stating in an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport, that his Milan has been destroyed and everything they’ve built has been thrown away.

il Barone: “Seedorf doesn’t want 3/4 of this Milan squad”
Maldini: “I suffer, my Milan has been destroyed”

“If I agree with Maldini’s words that ‘they’ are destroying his Milan? Paolo said some interesting things and I agree in part with them,” legendary coach Arrigo Sacchi told Gazzetta. “Although, certainly in this type of situation I think we have to roll up our sleeves. It’s difficult to know the future, but the past teaches us Milan have already been able to get out of a crisis.

“Obviously we want healthy self-criticism, but we also need patience. Milan have built their history through organization and investment among others. Don’t forget that three years ago Milan won the league. The harsh protest of the fans? I don’t understand it. It looks like a fan rants of a club that is dejected and frustrated but instead we’re talking about a club that has reached its peak in the era of Silvio Berlusconi. President Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani have built teams that have won before – one’s been considered the greatest of all time. I have respect for the fans but also for everyone else at the club.

Sacchi’s interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

“They should be grateful to the club that has won 5 Champions League trophies under this leadership. We have to tell the fans not to behave like those of less successful teams. What do Milan need to get out of the crisis? We’re at a stage where we need to talk less and start to do things. Things don’t always go smoothly, but Milan have great experience although there must be cohesion at the top. The lack of cohesion between Barbara and Galliani? I don’t know the internal dynamics.

“However, the strength of Milan has always been their great ability to have cohesion. If there’s lack of gratitude towards Galliani? Adriano is highly respected in the world of football. I have had the good fortune to work with him. He may have made mistakes, but he certainly has the expertise to take Milan back to the top. I’m sorry for the Rossoneri but it’s important to understand that you can’t always be on top. If Clarence Seedorf risks getting burned? We can’t judge Seedorf right now.

“We need patience. He’s a smart guy and I like his ideas. We need to see Seedorf’s teaching skills and sensitivity in correcting errors. When I first arrived at Milan we had some difficult moments but Galliani and Berlusconi stood firm and even the players helped me. The judgments will come at the end but it’s necessary to only have players that are ‘da Milan’.

“Milan have to take less free agent players at no cost and instead choose players according to the needs of the coach. I think the fans should have more patience. If you invest in young people, like they have, then you have to be patient. Galliani has the expertise to choose these players. We should not throw everything away now.” The Curva Sud leaders have also asked coach Seedorf in their face-to-face on Sunday to tell the club to stop signing players just because they’re free.

It seems unlikely at this point, yet still possible, that Milan will be in Europe next season. They can use the 2014/2015 term to rebuild and start a new project but it’s obvious that the fans want to see that the club has a very clear plan for the future.

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Simple. Kick out the rubbish players, even if that means paying to cut their contracts, do that. Then spend money and get in class players, and promote some of our youth talents. Don’t have the money? Sell some shares, but Berlusconi wont do that… If possible, kick out Galliani, since he has lost his touch. Anyway, Forza Milan!


If you cut a players contract, then you wil have to pay him for the rest of the peroid of the contract all at once. Which is not a smart thing to do. It is better to sell or loan out, ask the club that loans the player to pay full salary.

isaac ayala

sell star players to buy more star player. logic.

radeninho _ indonesia

I hope milan start building a young squad
they are talented players

Shams Arafat

The ABSOLUTE key sentence in this article : The judgments will come at the end but it’s necessary to only have players that are ‘da Milan’.


Yea, that’s the key word..DA MILAN, no players in the current squad have that die hard Milan attitude.. imagine the Gattuso Milan DNA, these are players you will fall in love with and even when they are playing bad you still love them…. We need players who can replicate the Milan culture


I completely agree, but here’s my issue. “If you invest in young people you have to be patient”, well whats it worth to be patient when we sell off the young players we have the moment they mature?

Milan needs to make a statement for other clubs to lay their hands off our talents like El Shaarawy or De Sciglio. We are Milan not a feeder club and as far as prestige we are on par with the likes of Madrid and Barca. A clear message should be sent that if they go after our player we will take theirs


The key is Let galliani go,maldini in and milan to promote youth, sell all the players except motolivo,balotelli,de sciliglo,el sharaawy,cristante,gabriel,and make good summer transfer.all from maldini is correct.let us as fans protest this for effective for beeter.


Perfect words… some ppl here MUST read this and UNDERSTAND this…

Crisis are normal, they happen…

sulexdinho pato

Yeahh u re right..forza milan

Aminu Yusuf

Great talk by Sacchi. I agree that Milan still need Galliani for a few more yrs. He has built many teams before and can still do it. But he needs MONEY fast and here is my suggestion. Milan currently have 37 playets on contract as follows: 1. Players whose contract expires in June 2014 Abbiati Cappolo Emmanuelson Their total salary = €3.6 pa My verdict is dont offer them new contract. 2. Players loaned out Traore, Matri, Nocerno, Niang, Rodrigo Elly and Didac Villa. Their total salary = € 7.02 pa My verdict is sell them all. (Verghara is also… Read more »


why Bonera and Amelia thoo….
i agree with all but those 2


Nice analysis 🙂 Here’s what I’d do: Move from no.2 to no.5: Vila (Allegri never gave him a chance but he’s doing well in Spain and we desperately need a left back.) and Niang (the kid’s got class, he just lost it a bit toward the end, again under Allegri.) Move from no.3 to no.5: Saponara. (has hardly played and I have a feeling could be great) Move from no.5 to no.3: Bonera (the guy’s been at Milan how long? and still can’t defend to save his life. It’s time to go.) And probably Abate and Balotelli (Other clubs would… Read more »

indo milanista

Keep niang and sell balotelli niang would be sold for 5 mil and bali for 30 mil so total budget becomes 65.22-5 mil + 30 mil=90.22 mil. Now we can buy doria,perin,shaqiri,get back zalatan
thats my verdict
yes keep niang and vila and sell abate and balloteli


We must only have players that are “Da Milan” and “stop signing players on free transfers” is what keeps on being said, it has been obvious since the beginning but now I hope there’s stop to this trend… However: ” If you invest in young people, like they have, then you have to be patient.” How many young players have we invested in? For every youngster we’ve invested in it has come to the price of an additional five more mediocre players. I hope Il Barone is right that Seedorf doesn’t want 3/4 of the team and that a clear… Read more »


I totally agree, except for the Abate bit. MDS is 10000x better than him already and 8 years younger. And as opposed to all the other deadwood we have in the squad we may actually get a buyer for Abate because he’s somehow an Italy international.


Abate on the right and De Sciglio on the left works out great imo, Abate unlike more than half the squad knows what it means to put on the Milan shirt, and we need those type of players, especially in the locker room. I don’t think Urby will be sold, so if we sell Abate, it will be De Sci on the right and Urby on the left… and I think I speak for all Milanisti when I say that I don’t want to see urby play, at least as a left back, ever again. Abate is not only an… Read more »


Seedorf doesn’t want 3/4 players in Milan now, but he couldn’t make it as an excuse. He had known previously, before he decided to take the job, what kind of players exist in milan now (and i’m sure he had considered it). But It’s too early to judge him now. Four consecutive losses were bad, but we have to respect him more by giving him more chances to prove his prowess as a coach. Let him get his full season as a coach, let him decide what kind of players he really want, then we will have a more appropriate… Read more »


I’m sorry I just cannot believe that with seedorf barely having half a season to turn around results, he is already rumored to lose his job. It’s pathetic. He came into a mess and nobody is a miracle worker. if they wanted someone to lead a new project this is your guy. You can already see the change in the style of football we play and it’s a step forward. Give the guy a summer transfer market to work with and give him an entire preseason to further demonstrate his ideas. THEN we can judge.


Well said.


I understand the need to have an Italian staff at Milan. I even understand the desire for an Italian coach. However, those who want an all Italian squad do not understand Milan’s history. A.C. Milan was founded by Englishmen, over the years it has developed strong ties with Dutch football, and Brazilian football. Milan has also been active in terms of recruiting and developing African talent. Yes, we must have a core of Italian players, but if a guy can ball, he can ball, no matter where he comes from. A.C. Milan is an Italian club. It owes much of… Read more »


Well said @Aminu Yusuf and Milanista121


Galliani should leave AC Milan because he is old and we can not teach an old dog new tricks…if we replace Galliani.AC Milan Should buy *YOUNG PLAYERS WITH SPEED AND SKILL* and we should get rid of some players like Robinho,Muntari,Essien,Mexes,Yepes,Bonera and Honda…Then we can move on


I prefer not to keep rami. We can get paletta from parma. He is better than rami. Taarabt should be more evaluated. He stills need to convince us more.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Perin,Criscito,Hulk or Cerci,Astori,Garay or Bocchetti

Pa ibra

“we need to keep patiece and not act like less succeseful clubs” yea as if we have not been petience enough. and why would we settle for past glories sacchi

Milan fan

Ramu is too expensive those 7 mil. Milan should use to buy Doria. Taarbt is also questionable,7 mil is also too much,maybe if they squeeze out a 4-5 mil. ok. Perin is a MUST BUY the next Buffon. Also Santon but Milan MUST keep De Schilio,he’s the only real Milan quality and product. I would sell Zapata,Constant,Matri,Muntari,Mexes,Baloteli,Birsa/Traore(If anybody wants those two) and use the money to build a young and talented Milan,not with worn off players like essien and silvestre. Bring back Didac Vila(who was never given a real chance) give Fossati and Cristante full support and bring a striker… Read more »

Pa ibra

we need patience with seedorf. dont need anymore patience with galliani. curva sud must keep the pressure on


At the moment, Rami is our best CB, so I’d keep him… Sell: Balotelli, Robinho, Birsa, Emanuelson, Muntari, Montolivo, Essien, Bonera, Constant, Mexes, SIlvestre, Zaccardo, Zapata, Abate, Amelia, Coppola (in my opinion we don’t need them, or we can cash some of them like Balotelli, Montolivo or Abate; I would not sell them to other Seria A club, instead they can go to Monaco etc.) Keep: Petagna, Pazzini, El Shaarawy, Kaka, Honda, Saponara, Taarabt, Poli, De Jong, Cristante, Rami, De Sciglio, Gabriel Back from loan: Verghara Promote from Primavera: Pacifico Buy: Marchetti, Doria, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Coentrao, Conti (young fullback from… Read more »


Abate–zapata–rami– D.S.


I remember what Boban said when asked about the possibility of Seedorf becoming next Milan coach after Allegri was sacked, he said “I hope Seedorf doesn’t get the job and hope seedorf himself doesn’t wish to get the job because it’s too much to start with as a rookie”. Legends see ahead and when they talk, their words should be taken. So many times i felt Boban over-reacted to certain Milan issues but truth hurts and now we all see it. Believe it or you believe it, Seedorf cannot do this job because the starting point is too heavy a… Read more »


Seedorf will be sacked or given the coaches he asked for Stam and co.. He got his tactics right but his executions were wrong, hence the losses.. With the fragile defence, the two pivot midfield play will always be suspect.
Until we get SES to full fitness, Honda to his best and Taarabt to be more consistent, I think we should stay away from the 4-2-3-1.. This also isolates the striker.

Please our fragile defence needs shielding


One good point is that Gaillani stopped talking about Mr. X in each transfer period!

Aminu Yusuf

@ Jibola i am not aware that there are strong indications for Seedorf to be sack. It will most calamous & unprofessional thing to do. We need to support him and Galliani & Barbara MUST improve their working together. After the season Maldini can also join may be as Sporting Director to assist and learn from Galliani (who could retire in 2 yrs). I also wants Tassoti’s contract to be renew and Inzaghi to also join as assitant to Seedorf. This way the tradition is maintain yet with new ideas. I have no doubt on Seedorf competence. Lets give him… Read more »


Haha they’ve had a meeting about the situation of Seedorf and the next two games is what will save his job… Funny how they will sack a milanista in 2 months but someone like allegri it took them two years.. Also de sciglio to madrid and Balotelli to Monaco… Where is this team going? What are they wanting to fire Seedorf because 3/4 of this team he doesn’t want and they will have to spend money in the summer?.. Milan are doing nothing and only going downhill..kills me to see


Abate is just having a bad season and has been unlucky with injuries this season. And with De sciglio attracting Real Madrid for a reason amount knowing milan needs money his more likely to go


If someone from de sciglio or elsha (and maybe cristante petagna)leaves Milan is done… I just hope Maldini to come asap to stop a the sell of our only quality


I SUPPORT SEEDORF, the brand of football he is introducing into this team is exactly what this team needs. The lack of enthusiasm and extreme demotivation within these players was due to allegri’s defensive football. That is what defensive football brings into a team, especially when it is made of poor players like these. I think it would be a complete lack of justice if Seedorf gets fired, especially considering the amount of time he has been given to revive this team, compared the time that was awarded to allegri to get this team back up. Allegri was given enough… Read more »


If de sciglio leaves, it will be a disaster! This will show that there is no plan or vision and no future in this club fof years!


Forza Pirlo!


Catania has bought a new land to construct a new stadium, but Barbara has just sign a project to constuct a stadium of 60,000 capacity


Honestly, considering the reports linking De Sci with Madrid, if we sell him or any other of our young gems… I don’t even know what to say, the management leaves me speechless, I hope Clarence opposes this. What we need is a coach who takes full controll, even if I don’t want him, but what this team needs is someone of Mourinho’s calibre, with clear ideas, and don’t let anyone else boss him around. De Sci and El Shaa are for me the two players who are the most untouchable in our squad and should be kept at all cost.… Read more »


I dont trust milan board they are ready too sell DSC2 if madrid are ready to buy




Sacchi has said it all …….all Milan need now is †̥ put their in †ђξ game and do †ђξ talking onthe pitch because we need †̥ focus on our next match wit Lazio we need †ђξ three points………….Ɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ 1 more thing get rid of †ђξ old fashion players Ɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ bring in young blood in Brazil …….. FORZA MILAN