Milan are sick, and there is no cure in sight (by David B)



The sickness that has been too evident throughout this year at Milan, finally overwhelmed its victim on Tuesday. Apart from a 15 minute spell around the time of Kaka’s goal, Milan looked like a team bereft of ideas, confidence & above all, talent.

Michael Essien, once the centrepiece of a superb Chelsea team hobbled around like a pensioner for the first hour getting robbed of possession countless times in his own half, most notably in the 3rd minute which inevitably led to the first goal.

The road forward at Milanello
Report: Milan to sign Alex from PSG, monitor Adebayor

Emanuelson was at sea the whole evening, constantly caught out of position in defence and panicking whenever he received the ball in the opposition half. I recognise that he is not a natural left back and it is time we stopped playing him there, or in fact anywhere. Robinho has not looked like a player capable of playing at this level for some years now and you know that when he comes on to the pitch there really is no hope left.

Then we come to Super Mario. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Balotelli, he is immensely talented and can be fantastic to watch but he has never been a reliable presence up front and never will be. Last season when he arrived, his goals undoubtedly got us into the Champions League but several of them were (dubious) penalties and Stephan El Sharaawy’s performances hugely suffered as a result of his presence.

Players that could leave the club in the summer (including on loan) according to Sky Italia (screenshot)

Everyone knows Balo is lazy. Every manager has tried to get him to work hard for the team. Every manager has failed. He is a luxury player who needs a luxury team around him, and that’s why he needs to leave Milan. The Diavolo do not have the quality of players anymore for him to thrive. If we were still in the glory days with Pirlo pulling the strings, Serginho and Cafu bombing down the flanks, Seedorf and Gattuso dominating the midfield and Kaka in his prime terrorising defences then Balotelli would be in his element. But we aren’t. Just think of the players frequently getting first team football now – Muntari, Emanuelson, Poli, Taraabt, Mexes, Zapata, Birsa – the list of mediocrity goes on. This is the sickness at Milan. The lack of investment has meant Galliani has been forced to invest in dead wood that can’t even make the benches at their clubs.

In order to balance the books we need to sell Balotelli after the World Cup, we need to get rid of Mexes and Robinho and their massive pay packets, and somehow convince Kaka to lower his extortionate salary. Italian football is going through a really tough patch financially and the last thing I would want is for a foreign investor to come in and turn the club into a circus like Manchester City or PSG. Milan need to maintain their heritage and regain a sense of the ‘family’ image, which they finally lost when Allegri unceremoniously dumped Ambrosini last Summer.

I think as loyal fans we need to prepare for the worst. There is going to be no European football next season and as a result of that, there is unlikely to be European football the following one. We need to start again and believe in Milan’s youth system which has been touted as one of the best in the world but has produced so few stars in the past decade. Given the dearth of quality centre backs in the team (and in fact, Europe as a whole) surely one of the youth players has the ability to be given a chance over the woeful Zapata and the worse than useless Mexes? We started down a great road last season by introducing ElSha, Niang, and De Sciglio, and we need to find our way back to it.

I want to see players like Iotti, Cristante and Petagna given an extended chance in the first team to prove themselves, because let’s be honest, the next two seasons are already dead.

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Well i am down too after this thing with Atlletico.Sadest thing is waching them after 2:1 that was the lasiest and most unmotivated team that i ever seen. One of the greatest teams of all times has come to here.This is rock bottom of Milan and continuing of staying there is hurtfull to the real passionate fans of Milan,because of that we can’t say: From here it can only get better. Now Silvio Berlusconi thank you for everything you gave me and the Milan fans lot of beautifull moments but in last few years I am feeling sad after every… Read more »


u guys saw in the naruto manga how gai open all 8 gates


haha you’r so crazy and funny…..moron


Why all the hate bro? Some players you mention that “needs to go” are actually decent players or have been playing decently like Zapata & Poli. I’m not sure why Zapata wasn’t paired with Rami in the UCL game vs AM. He is way better than Bonera who you did not mention. Poli is also very versatile. If you noticed in the game he covered Essien’s @ss on more than one occasion; he was both in attack and defence – you know, the old Essien role. If he gets more game time, he would do fine. As for Emanuelson, he… Read more »


I think you’re missing the point of the article. I agree that Poli and Emanuelson aren’t ‘that bad’ but compared to players of the past like Rui Costa and Maldini they are terrible. I’m also quite pessimistic about the future, I keep my fingers crossed that they will invest in youth and Seedorf will get them playing good football but when you hear that they are interested in buying 31 year old Alex I lose all hope.

441 Rossoneri

There is a cure in sight, and that’s Seedorf. There is a youth project going on, but it was never meant to be for Allegri. Allegri is a mid table coach, and doesn’t know the Milan History. Seedorf stated that when he left, Silvio told him he was going to be the next coach. Why would Silvio inject his money into a Man whose top priority last summer was signing MATRI? this summer, funds will be injected, the acquisition of Alex was at the request of Ancelotti. Doria will arrive this summer and alex will be his European teacher. By… Read more »


what site is the article from

Desmonrico Van Vuuren

You’re right in every way except don’t say anything bad about Kaka he’s still the best player in the world even though he doesn’t get as much goals as messi and ronaldo


with all due respect. the players that should stay is, kaka, montolivo, de jong, poli, cristante, petagna, saponara, taarabt, honda, desciglio, ESW, gabriel, raimi while zapata n pazzini fur back up. the rest i have no problem if they leave. mexes, muntari, birsa, emanuelson please go. bonera n abbiati, please retire. a world class wing back must know how to cross, n abate cant. he is the worse crosser ever. always make critical error in defense e.g 1st leg UCL against atletico n last season with juve. dont get me started with robinho. tausotti needs to go as well. he… Read more »


With all due respect to who? The writer? My dad or the fans???

isaac ayala

The article posted before this one was the same thing, but waaaay better.

By the way, Balotelli’s “presence” wasn’t the cause of El Shaarawy’s goalless streak. But rather, El Shaarawy’s lack of fitness because Allegri didn’t know how to use him. Everybody knows that.

Terrible article by the way. Just my opinion.


we need begovic next season

Hamid Tavakoli



Let’s face it milan has been horrible this year but Abbiati can’t be our starting keeper anymore.. Extend his contract keep him as backup then sell Amelia and get experience immediately… He won’t have to play cl so he can gain experience, I rate him as high as courtois.., perin is a must. Milan should definitely keep de sciglio and Abate… But definitely should go after mangala before some bug team snatches him up.. He’s truly a great young talent!


good 1 even barca want tha guy hes expected to be like 20 sum mil out of milan financies


Milan has been in decline since we won the champions league in 2007, roll on 7 years to the present without proper investment in every single department of the playing staff and that performance against athletico and many many before it is exactly what happens and that is nobody else’s fault but Berlusconi’s


Not only have milan been in decline but it’s evident that that ever since the calciopoli in 06 serie a has went down hill. The worst thing that could ever happen because serie a was the strongest league for almost 20 years. Every team suffered over that bs and to this day only one team has recouped from it and that’s juve. Sure they struggles the most for 5 years but now they really r the only team in Italy that look to be stable and have a strong team for a long time. Milan have went the wrong way… Read more »


Nope Nope… They weren’t better two years ago.. Ibra & Thiago Silva made the difference.. Ibra was bossing the whole Serie A and Thiago Silva was bossing the defence. Those two pillars taken off and the building came crumbling…! You don’t need just two players to make your team better, you need a team with depth in every department.. Milan been declining since 2007.. Zero consistency and continuity….!


The youth project should’ve taken place with all our senators in the team so the youngsters would learn from them, and keep on carrying the torch that had been passed on since Sacchi took over. Instead, all senators left (just Ambro remained who was unfairly treated like crap, forza Ambro) and in came a couple of youngsters along with a dozen mediocres. Incredibly poor managing… Not how a management for a top team like Milan should operate that’s for sure.


Everything is down to Berlusconi because he’s the man who has been taking all the money. Galliani is really a genius when funds are available but utter useless without funds because rather than taking the youth route, he goes for useless free transfers.

Seedorf is Berlusconi’s personal choice and i believe he would back him up with cash come summer. I believe in Milan and i believe in our future with Seedorf.


Hey guys, I’m from the pacific, and its soo difficult to follow All the games of Milan but i try to, the last one though felt like someone ripped my heart out and i bet alotta you must have felt the same way…good god i hope we improve…..FORZA MILAN (sigh)


Difficult to follow all the games because of time difference or viewing???


Both man 😛


Well, I can’t help with the time difference.. lol.. Nature’s got that… With the viewing, I suppose you guys have high speed internet over there, so you can always watch on hope that helps…


These people believe that the notorious youth project are people who will suffer most, Milan spoke of it when the team still had some descent results, I can assure you that this project has turned to dust in the minds of AC MIlan’s leaders, so they are hiring 31 year old defender who has seen better days in his career to be the basis of the defense.


Yeah I know Milan’s been declining and we the faithful fans have been patient, in fact, we even go as far as looking for excuses for our beloved Milan, trying to convince and console ourselves and at the end of every season, we hope for a better team with a stable mentality but the truth is, we all know the final outcome.. You can’t build a house without a foundation.. Correct me if I’m wrong…! Now, two things the Milan management did over two years that infuriates, irritates, and disgusts me… MATRI AND ESSIEN.. The latter the most annoying of… Read more »


Some of these Milan players don’t even need to be sold.. They need to be AUCTIONED… Yes AUCTIONED!!!… E.g.. Essien, Matri.. Oh some of you here have forgotten he’s still a Milan player.. lol.. Muntari makes that list too.. lool.. Essien in the Milan jersey makes me skin burn…Pooof. Clearly one of those who truly see Milan as a retirement home.. Finished thing dashed to us by our own enemy.. Mourinho…!


Why isnt mediocre Balotelli in this list…he has te get out also asap!!!!


Why is mediocre Balotelli in standby???…hes ont of the first ones who has to get out also asap!!!!


Seedorf bludered against Atheletico lets tell ourselves the truth. We all saw that the 4-2-3-1 has not been working against the experienced teams, our defence is always suspect and we ought to have gone for a more balanced 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2 our defence needs a lot of shielding at the moment but the 4-2-3-1 exposes them and our attackers are finding scoring so scarce.


There is a cure: 1. Get rid of Galliani-He the main person responsible for the signing of all these horrible players-Replace him with Verona Sean Sogliano 2.Get rid of Seedorf. Clearly Seedorf is inexperience and NOT ready for a top level coaching Job-Replace him Donadoni-just look at what he has done with a young Parma 3. Get rid of players like Balotelli-cancer to any team he players for. 4. Get rid of Essien, Muntari, Urby, Mexes, Abbiati,Robinho, Bonera, Zaccardo, Birsa, Matri. 5. Investing in new promising young talent. If Verona can find them so can Milan. 6. Build a team… Read more »


There will be no fat check for them either. .


True talk. But De Jong is still needed. Cristante, Modic, Petagna, Pacifico etc deserve a chance. Think of the treatment of players like Comi, Ganz, Beretta who had potential, weren’t given the chance, and had to leave. Milan can’t afford such losses. The youth should be given the chance.


@nick: i gree with u. But right know dont hope seedorft PLAYING YOUTH. Until this summer. i dont trust him. I reed the news seedorft will be sacks if he doesn’t finish at 6th the end of season., i predict our beloved club can finished at 15th. Almost to serie b


latest reports saying berlusconi demands top 6 finish or seedorf faces the sack. funny how berlusconi demands something like that with this average team he has given us. everyone has demanded that he stops being cheap and give us some top level players but instead he sells the top players and brings in average. in these days berlusconi its called, “you get what you pay for.” dont demand a top 6 finish when you dont supply the team with top players. enough is enough


Balotelli a cancer? lol he cares more about winning than any one else on the pitch. You guys just don’t like him because he can’t carry this team. Stick Neymar, Suarez, Zlatan, hell, even Messi in this team with the other 10 players and we’ll still fail. if you stuggle keeping possession in the other 2/3rds of the pitch, you put a stupid amount of pressure on one guy to score more than one goal. if anything, Balo should leave to get away from this formation that alienates him…


Guys, the Curva Sud have released a statement. I just read it and i am really happy because they attacked Galliani. You need to see it, staggering attack on Milan management and some useless players, they are staging a protest before the match on sunday.

Forza Curva sud


Finally the Curva has awoken from their slumber.
Could you make an extract from what the statement says brother?


NOW ENOUGH! As a result of yet another disappointment resulting from this troubled season, and having already mentioned a protest in December, now we have decided that patience is over and we have identified those which, in the opinion of our fans love, are the crucial points that lead our Milan in this bad situation. Let us return for a moment last summer, and especially at the time of qualification for the group stage of the Champions League. A few days after the end of the market, we explained our concerns and we proposed some “hints” to the company on… Read more »


Beautiful… Just like I said… I have run out of patience too.. 7 years patience is just too much.. ”Most successful club in the world my a*s, that trophy room is like a candy room to Galliani and Berlusconi.. Jokers…!


Great, thanks bro. Finally, and totally agree with the players they mentioned, those are the real professionals in our team, and the other players should follow their example. They really know what the shirt is about and give their all for it. Those players should be untouchable. I do not mind keeping Bonera, he acts in a professional manner, maybe a limited player, but he plays to his strengths. Hope Seedorf keeps them all, but I would also like to add El Shaa on the list, as he gives 110 % whenever he’s on the pitch.

indo milanista

Why selling cristante ,niang,samponara and Gabriel keep them instead and sell other players…

indo milanista

Why we have to sign players like when we have young player of same capability… At least we should give them a chance…. why we bought essein when we had cristante with us and cristante is better than essein why we bought Honda when we had niana, niang is performing better than honda why are we strugling for defender when we have pacifico at least give him a chance… If we can give chances to mexes, bonera and zaccardo then why not to paccifico and i am sure he will perform better why we keep on playing abbiati and amelia… Read more »